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Finding These Seeds a Home

17 January 2018 - 02:42 AM

Upon germinating my seeds for this season, I realize that I have way more varieties than I could ever grow in a season/lifetime. I would like to find a home for some of these seeds that I won't have space for in my garden this year. PM me your addy, if you would like to provide a loving home for some of these great varieties, and they will be on their way to your garden.



Note:many of these seeds were donated to me by a fellow THP member years back, and they have all grown to be true. I'm sure he would like me to spread the love, instead of leaving the seeds to sit in a cabinet all season. 😁

Show Us Your Pubes! Group GLOG From The Rocoto Giveaway

09 January 2018 - 06:53 PM

I am starting this thread for folks who received some Pubescens seeds from me through the Pubescens giveaway. I figured it would be fun to see everyone's progress, plus have a general place to share any pics, growing techniques, and general Pubescens knowledge. I wish everyone great success in their gardens this year.

Even if you didn't receive seeds from me, and want to contribute info about your Pubescens plants this year, please feel free to share.

Free Pubescens Seed Give Away!

25 December 2017 - 09:43 PM

I am doing a free seed give away to contribute to all of the amazing peple here on THP. This give away is to spread around some seeds to people that have interest in growing Capsicum Pubescens, and intend on growing them this upcoming 2018 season.

Drop me a PM, and your seeds will be in the mail in time to germinate for the 2018 season.

US only

50 post minimum

Free Seeds Available While Supplies Last

Seeds dispersed will be from the following varieties:
Peruvian Red Rocoto (Arequipa)
Peruvian Red Rocoto (Lima)
Guatemalan Red Rocoto
Guatemalan Orange Rocoto
Ecuadorian Sweet Rocoto
Aji Largo (Pubescens)
Peru Bitdumi (Pubescens)
Giant Red Rocoto (Miraflores Market)
Aji Oro (Pubescens)
Orange Rocoto
Rocoto Montufar
Custco Hot (Pubescens)
Mini Rocoto
Red Manzano
Turbo Pube
Rocoto Oculto
Red Peruvian Rocoto
Giant Red Rocoto
Giant Yellow Rocoto
Rocoto Peru Cusco
Mini Red Rocoto
Large Red Rocoto
Turbo Pube

TheGreenChileMonster Ferments Some Sauce

19 October 2017 - 08:30 AM

Last November, right before a frost, I pulled all of the rocoto pods off of my plants. I then made a mash with rocoto pods and salt only.

TheGreenChileMonster Fires Up The Weber Smokey Mountain

18 June 2017 - 12:54 PM

I'm doing some beef dino ribs today. I like to cook them as a mix of BBQ styles. Low and slow with lots of smoke, American BBQ style. I only use coarse salt as a direct seasoning on the ribs, but I make a salmuera to baste them with, Argentine style. I'll be using my WSM. I got my WSM about 2 months ago, and I've smoked a whole lamb, briskets, chickens, salmon, beef dinos, pork ribs, and pork butts. I've become very familiar with maintaining specific temps on the smoker. This will be 250 degrees all the way til it's done.

Rib blocks untrimmed

Rib blocks trimmed of the silverskin, and excess fat.

Ribs hit the Weber at 12:45. I'm using oak, hickory, and a bit of mesquite.