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Airport X-Rays vs. Pepper Seeds

12 January 2018 - 01:22 PM

I moved to Guadalajara, Mexico and brought all of my gardening/grow gear with me. I'm ready for action!


However, getting superhot seeds here is basically impossible. The only way to do it is to have friends from the USA bring them to us in their luggage.


Since all airport luggage (checked and carry-on) is run through an X-Ray machine, will this damage the seeds?


(I planned ahead for this move and produced my own Butch-T and Ghost seeds last year. I got them into Mexico by driving my car from Sonoma. No x-rays that way. :-) Those seeds are all happy and in the process of germination. )


Moved to Guadalajara, Mexico. What should I expect from my grow?

17 November 2017 - 01:28 PM

We sold our house in California and moved to Mexico. My best seeds came with me, and I've got a spacious roof garden with tons of sun. Hopefully I'll have year-round growth and pod production, which will be something I'm not used to.


Does anyone know if that is the case? According to this map I am in "Hardiness Zone 10a"http://www.plantsdb....l-south-america


Coldest time of the year is January (Avg. low 44°f; Avg. high 75°f).


It won't freeze here, so I should be good, right? The plants may slow down in the cold months, but that's about the worst of it (hopefully.)


I've also got a custom greenhouse being constructed on the roof so that the peppers are protected from the blisteringly direct all-day sunshine. A few seeds are already germinated and ready for action...


Any advice for this Mexican adventure? I'll upload photos shortly.

Re-using potting soil mix from last year?

02 April 2017 - 04:53 PM

Before I go ahead and (potentially) do something stupid, I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions on the re-use of soil used last year. Details that may influence your response:


  • Fox Farms Ocean Forrest mix - Used last season, outside
  • Sat outside throughout the winter, several weeks of below freezing temps
  • The containers used are about 15 gallon in size, fabric
  • Roots of the plants from last year didn't reach the bottom or sides of the containers
  • I have replacement nutrients to add to the soil for this year (a bat guano-based supplement)
  • I also plan to add more perlite to the existing mix


I spent a ton of cash on soil last year, and I would love to not do that again. :-)


Thanks for any advice you may have!

"Carolina Reaper" seeds bought from Pepper Joe

20 December 2016 - 05:18 PM

I'm growing these indoors, in my grow tent. Bought Reaper seeds from Pepper Joe, but sadly, these do not look like Reapers. Any idea what they could be?


(Why am I suddenly unable to figure out how to add images to this post?)

LED lights too bright? Is this possible?

05 November 2016 - 08:19 PM

Last year I did a CFL grow in the small grow tent in my garage. It was OK, but the plants I had inside didn't produce many pods, and the tent got very hot inside.


This year I bought 2 LED light panel units (Galaxyhydro) and the plants have shown pretty rapid growth. However, I am wondering if I am dumping too much light into this small space. (The tent area is 4' wide x 2.5' deep, and 7 feet tall.)


The reason I wonder - some branches seem to be bending away from the light, almost pointing horizontally. Also, leaves are showing signs of crinkling. (See the images below.)


Attached File  grow-tent-lights-01.jpg   140.97KB   16 downloads


Attached File  grow-tent-lights-02.jpg   156.18KB   16 downloads


Attached File  grow-tent-lights-03.jpg   168.79KB   13 downloads


Attached File  IMG_9459.JPG   117.16KB   15 downloads


Attached File  IMG_9461.JPG   108.68KB   15 downloads


I also have some CFL lights in the grow tent, but I usually don't turn them on unless I am working in there, or taking photos.


Attached File  grow-tent-lights-04.jpg   66.74KB   16 downloads


Attached File  grow-tent-lights-05.jpg   102.17KB   16 downloads


- I don't see any evidence of burn, so the light isn't so intense that the leaves are being cooked.

- The temperatures have been stable and within a desirable range.

- The plants are in #5 pots, with Fox Farm Ocean Forrest soil with additional perlite added. I shouldn't be seeing any nutrient issues at this stage.

- My watering schedule has been about once per week, so I don't think it's over watering.


So the question is, can the light just be too intense/bright for these guys? I went looking around on this site trying to find out what the ideal amount of light is for an indoor grow like this, but all I could find was "the more light, the better" statements.


Can anyone shed any, ummm, light, on this situation. [drum hit]