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In Topic: Naga Viper vs Infinity

Today, 01:57 PM

Indeed. The strain has since been verified as just below 1.4 million, IIRC, but it still remains rather less stable than most as the result of being a 3-way cross of the top chillies of the time (which may, themselves have been slightly unstable).

Everything I have heard has suggested that there was a lot of PR backlash from its record and Guinness was forced to change their ways.


As I say though, the true Viper is a real goodie and I know I'm growing the right stuff because it matches the taste of the only UK sauce to use it, produced by the original breeder himself.

Also, if anyone gets a white one again, do let me know. I am most interested.

In Topic: Naga Viper vs Infinity

Today, 04:43 AM

Guinness already answered that one. Heatwise, the Naga Viper took the Infinity Chilli's top spot after only two weeks.

Flavourwise, I haven't tried the Infinity itself but I doubt it tastes good. The InfiNaga hybrid is just a slightly more chemical tasting Bhut.

The Naga Viper, however, is a favourite of mine. Mostly Ghost with a tiny hint of Scorpion-like perfumed acidic fruit and a slightly bigger one of something fresh and green that adds instant contrast in anything you use it in.

The Infinity is prized for its length of burn only, from what I understand, but I did find the InfiNaga's deep, slow burn ideal for winter warmers so it might not be an utter loss.

In Topic: Custom hybrid rasberry sauce. Any ideas?

Yesterday, 07:18 AM

Thanks for the suggestions. Just for your future reference a chipotle chili is just a smoke dried over ripened jalepeno, not supposed to make them out of green ones tho for some reason...


Interesting. I know for a fact that they do make them out of both. One's called "Meco" and the other "Morita" but I can never remember which.



If going for the sweeter route, roasted garlic and roasted or carmelized onions totally work!  I'd not go with fresh garlic or onions as it is too strong/sharp for the flavor it sounds like you are looking for.  But using roasted/carmelized garlic and onion...with restraint.....Oh YEA!


I wouldn't do that with the fruit version but it would definitely go with the Chipotle one.

In Topic: strangest ingredient in your hot sauce?

26 June 2017 - 10:54 AM

Candied/dried fruit and ginger instead of fresh. IMO the crystallized ginger works surprisingly well. Im going to try some dried kiwi this year in a jalapeno sauce or maybe a green hab sauce.


Interesting. I've not had too much experience with crystalised ginger and chilli in conjunction but the few things I've tried with both have seemed horribly bitter. Any tips?

Is it the ferment that Mike mentioned that makes the difference, with the sugars being used up along the way?

In Topic: Custom hybrid rasberry sauce. Any ideas?

26 June 2017 - 06:50 AM

I'd suggest red chipotle over green (I can never remember the mexican names) to better support the fruit flavour, rather than adding any nutty tones.

Honey sounds like a great idea if you want it sweet, consider mexican or birch varieties to compliment the dark and smokey chilli better. Or maple syrup I guess.

Molassess I'm less sure on but, if Raspberry Chipotle Tabasco is anything to go by, the less sweet pomegranite molassess definitely adds richness and depth to the fruit content.

I'd say pick a milder flavoured vinegar, personally. Or go down the route of an acidic fruit but lime feels like it would clash. Perhaps the above-mentioned orange?


Or somebody said mango. I wouldn't suggest mango with any of that other stuff but a smooth, sweet mango and citrus base (lemon? lime? pineapple? your call really), with raspberry and stong red chilli (thinking Hab but it's up to you) for a tart contrast, could make for an amazing fruit sauce. Sweetening with a lighter honey (or golden or agave syrup) may well work out very nicely and I've recently found out just how nice a touch of vanilla for smoother flavour can be.


Hope this helps.