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In Topic: Name ONE humorous or strange pepper name

05 February 2019 - 12:03 PM

Not Bubblebutt? Or would that be too confusing with the way people mispronounce Bhut?

In Topic: Pepper X

03 February 2019 - 04:00 PM

People will work with it and make delicious things with it, if given a reason, but, so far, Pepper X has proven to be neither especially good nor bad in taste, IMO. Simply different to the more common supers.

I see no particular reason to go for it on flavour grounds, over the countless other uncommon strains out there.

In Topic: Pepper X

01 February 2019 - 07:44 PM

I will say, also, that the Pink Tiger (same parents as "The Pain") didn't hit me anywhere near as hard. Its heat took after its Ghost parents. It takes a special blend of annuum capsaicinoid production and chinense production levels to really get the job done.


Do you two also find a certain soap-like quality alongside that annuum heat? From what I understand, that's another thing that only some people get and I have to wonder if the two are connected.

In Topic: Pepper X

01 February 2019 - 11:08 AM

If straight pain is what you're after, you don't even want a pure chinense, IMO. The stinging heat of an annuum or bacatum is, scoville for scoville, significantly harder to endure, meaning that chinense annuum crosses like the various Bhut de Neyede strains can be absolutely unbearable when their genetics come through a certain way. Though the soapy quality that comes with also puts me right off.

In Topic: Pepper X

31 January 2019 - 10:57 PM

Here is another scary thought. As soon as Ed releases pepper x seeds, (the "reliable" source) how many people are going to buy it? When they released the reaper, they sold 120,000 seeds at $1 a piece, in the first 3 months. How many pepper x seeds do you think they would sell? Then, how long will it take for everyone to find out they aren't as hot as expected? Everyone will have some sort of plant. They wouldn't get their money back. They could be beefing up some BMMs over the last couple of years and sell $250k worth of seeds before anyone realized they aren't 3.17 million. Look at the reaper. It has the record at 2.2 million but nobody has ever had one tested above 1.6 something. Not even the Hot Pepper Institute could do better, yet alone all the hobbyists. Is anyone complaining or suing them because their reapers aren't what they are supposed to be? At this rating, the math says that people would be equally happy with a mustard that rates 2.3 million. These people know how to use the press and manipulate people to buy into what they have. Keep in mind they just used "chocolate pepper x" in the last version of last dab, so they have 2 kinds of seeds to sell you that might not perform. Alright, everyone line up to buy your pepper x seeds!!! You know you will at least try a few packs, just in case. It's from "the reliable source"!!!😁


I don't even understand why people see Ed as a reliable source at this point. Any degree of reading around will tell you that other chilli farms have far more consistent Reapers than he does. If I'm gonna get ripped off buying Pepper X seeds, at least I can claim that I did it first by going somewhere independant and not fund his explotative bullcrap.

After all, one of you guys sent me real Caramel Reaper seeds long before Ed had any for sale so, in my mind, a legit Pepper X, should such a thing even exist, is just as likely to pop up in some random 3rd party's collection as it is to come from him.