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Today, 03:43 PM


No matter how anyone feels about the business, you gotta admit having a top selling hot sauce made from a pepper never shown to exist is AMAZING.



Coincidentally, I have a bottle of Dragon's Breath sauce, now containing actual Dragon's Breath, due to arrive and be reviewed any day now.

In Topic: Painapple

Yesterday, 06:58 AM

I know he trades them. I have a pack lying in wait for next season.

In Topic: Age your hot sauce in... seconds?

Yesterday, 06:00 AM

I am well aware that they are different processes and was attempting to explain such. I was not aware that both were used in sauce production, however, and was under the impression that most references to "aging" sauce were purely fermentation.
I am fairly sure that some still are.

In Topic: Age your hot sauce in... seconds?

Yesterday, 05:02 AM

it's claiming to age wine (and by extension, probably, hot sauce) not "part way fermenting" anything. 


Yes but what we commonly refer to as the aging of sauce is infact just prolonging the fermentation stage in which lactic acid is produced.

I have never heard of any benefit from aging a sauce post-ferment.

In Topic: Age your hot sauce in... seconds?

06 December 2017 - 10:56 PM

I'm pretty sure aging a pre-fermented wine and part way fermenting peppers are two unrelated processes. Not that I've actually checked. Yet.