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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!


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In Topic: California hot sauce expo review!

Yesterday, 05:50 PM

I tried to press him for more info on the pepper and he didn't give too much info. He did say that it was 3.189 million or 3.198 million. Something like that. He also said it was accepted by Guinness though so its just a matter of time. Its apparently a really complicated process with lawyers and all sorts of red tape.


Curious. My sources, who work with him directly, told me over 3.3 million. Could be chinese whispers I guess, or the difference between small and large sample groups. Or the difference between peak and average but, if so, that's one increadibly consistent pepper, to vary by less than five percent.


Anyway, cheers for the update, interesting to hear that it's now a confirmed record but not publicly announced. Wonder what that means. Interesting, to say the least.


Salsalady: As I understand it, only the Reaper itself currently holds a record for average heat but yes, that is how it's done now. Largely due to controvercy surrounding the Naga Viper.

Which makes it odd that the Moruga Scorpion managed to get in under the old rules but whatever.

In Topic: Best Tasting Superhot?

Yesterday, 10:16 AM

The absolute best tasting superhot I've tried was a yellow 7 pot Jonah. Really wish I'd saved seeds from the pods I received. That being said, I've enjoyed nearly all the supers I've tasted. Personally, I don't care for most brown supers, other than brown 7 pots and black naga's. Butch T's were extremely bitter as well. If I had to choose, yellow 7 pots (all that I've tried have been great), red brain strain and red and yellow bhuts.

Some nice favourites but I never found Butch Ts bitter. To me they're just an extra fruity Moruga with a touch less heat.

In Topic: Show Me Some Tail !

Yesterday, 10:07 AM

I had these labeled as Peach Bhut Jolokia, but they look more like Jay's Ghost Scorpions.


Checked the file format, they're most definitely jpgs.

In Topic: California hot sauce expo review!

Yesterday, 09:58 AM

Any more info on the 3.3 million record entrant? Also, be very careful with Ed's sauces. His Squeezin's line is made with so much cold pressed chilli oil (non-chemical extract) that the sauces are reportedly hotter than the peppers themselves.

As for the variety of pepper types, most companies over here seem to have something Jalapeño, something Lemon Drop and/or something Scorpion, in addition to those, but there is definitely an element of everyone having the same pepper pool to pull from. Sad as it is, suppliers will only grow what they can sell so, unless you can garuntee taking an entire season's stock, they aren't going to grow something just for you.

Otherwise, you have to be the grower yourself.

In Topic: The Pain - Anyone Know this Pepper?

15 August 2017 - 05:35 PM

So no pictures, I'm afraid but that was an interesting pepper.


Very fleshy, with flavour remeniscent of a Butch T. That is, slightly floral but oh so fruity and in a way that makes it clear that this is a relative of trinidadian superhots. And it has heat right away.


From even just that corked little tip, I'm getting some genuine spice. Not a lot but do bear in mind that there was at least half a centimeter of pure pod wall at the tip. I hadn't even touched the hollow part yet.


I kept going and was quite surprise at just how much of the flesh there was. It definitely wasn't thin walled like most in its heat bracket and, as I neared the centre, the floral elements picked up a little.


Nothing too majot bur enough to hint at the incoming placenta. A placenta that seemed to be something of a bare minimum. Definitely less than you'd see in your average Hab or Scotch Bonnet and no hint of any coating of the inside.


It did not look like a super internally and the placenta it did have was very much the colour and taste of Scotch Bonnet placenta. Not to be confused with the taste of scotch bonnet flesh, which I did not get from this pepper in the slightest.

But there was one major difference between this pepper's placenta and that one's. Its heat wasn't that of a chinense. It was the same sort you get from annuums, which to me comes across as almost soapy and, at least in this case, a tad bitter.


And, because the heat was so strong (it's definitely up there with supers, whether it's structurally one or not), those negative elements really took over for me. I did not eat past the first bite of actual placenta.


But I still went looking for seeds incase you guys were interested. It is, after all, essentially a superhot annuum. That's novel.


There weren't any. None at all.


I guess it was a stunted pod but still. That's pretty bad.