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Roots stuck in seed coat

14 September 2018 - 09:44 AM

I recently started several seeds and planted them out. I noticed that one (Jamaican Hot Chocolate) was growing much more slowly than the others. It developed it's first set of true leaves but stayed smaller than a dime and was not growing


Since I germinated in rock wool cubes and then planted the cubes in dirt, I was able to move the dirt away from the rock wool cube and gently pull out the seedling.


The roots were still bound up inside the seed coat! I gently pulled off the soft seed coat, stuck the roots back down in the rock wool cube, covered the cube with dirt, and watered it in. Hopefully the now unconstrained roots will be able to take hold and the plant will start growing normally.


Has anyone ever had this happen? Should this plant be considered a dud, or if it starts growing normally will it be fine?

Some general growth questions (winter grow)

07 September 2018 - 02:21 PM

I recently germinated some seeds in rockwool and as soon as they popped I moved them into 1 gallon nursery pots and put them on the roof under shade cloth.


Here's the list (red didn't germinate or died):


Attached File  August pepper list.PNG   29.97KB   12 downloads


Here's the average monthly high/low temps in Oakland:


Attached File  Oakland weather.PNG   329.46KB   11 downloads


I realize now I probably should have put these in 3-4" pots to develop a nice strong root ball, but I did not. The seedlings seem to be doing well and at this point all have their first true leaves.


I understand that over the winter, growth should be slow with the lower soil temps. I will be looking into building some type of small greenhouse, but I may not get to it.


My question is - will these plants need to be potted into something larger than 1 gallon before next spring?



Ideally the roots fill out the 1 gallon pots without getting too root bound, and are ready to be potted up into 5 gallon fabric pouches in March. If I can have some 12-18" strong plants by March, I should be looking at very early harvests and a bumper crop in 2019.


Promising outlook on winter grow (8/5 seed start)

16 August 2018 - 07:40 PM

Got a really late start on the season. Set up seeds to germinate on August 5th - used rock wool cubes, heating mat, and humidity dome and it worked really well. Consistent 82-85 temps. Each of 14 varieties got its own cube with 5-8 seeds and right now I'm 12/14 on having at least one viable seedling.


When they popped and stretched their leaves up a bit I moved the cubes into black one gallon nursery pots and buried them deep. Then I moved them right up to the roof and under some shade cloth:


Attached File  shade cloth on roof (2).jpg   123.06KB   9 downloads


I should be able to grow year round (NorCal - Zone 10a/b) and the spot seems pretty ideal for a winter grow - up against a south facing wall up on a roof with nothing to block any of the available daylight.


I'm going to leave the shade cloth up until for at least a couple weeks when they have several sets of true leaves.

Moving out seedlings with shade cloth questions

05 August 2018 - 01:01 PM

So I just started some seeds in Northern California - Gowing Zone 10a/b - and I expect 1-3 weeks for germination depending on variety.

I live in a small apartment and dont have any space to provide artificial light to seedlings once they sprout, so I will need to get them out of the humidity dome and into the late summer sun when they are still very small and fragile.

I think my only option is shade cloth. My question is, what percent should I use if the seedlings will be going directly out into a full days sun (keep in mind it will be late August/early September), and how long should they stay under before removing it? Temperatures should be in the low 80s but could be up to 100

Im thinking somewhere in the 50-70% range and that they should stay under for at least a week, but I am just spitballing. They may need several weeks with shade cloth that lets in progressively more light, though Id prefer to only have to get one to keep costs down.

Any suggestions?

Starting now in 10a/b

04 August 2018 - 09:17 PM

Have had a hectic year and living in a small apartment. Wasnt able to start anything in the winter/spring. But Ive got about 50 seeds started (10 varieties with 5 seeds each in rock wool cubes). Pretty happy with the variety I was able to come up with on a smaller grow list:

7 pot Jonah
Bahamian Goat
MOA Yellow Scotch Bonnet
West Indies Red
Serrano Tampiqueño
Jalapeño M
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Yucatán White Habanero
Chilitepin X Reaper

Not an ideal time to start seeds, but I should be able to grow on the roof over the winter, even if its slow going, and I will have a good head start on 2019.