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In Topic: The Evil K Cup

Yesterday, 09:03 PM

Get some Community Cafe' Special, it's not fresh pressed but it ain't bad either. 

In Topic: 2018 greenhouse winter Glog

22 February 2018 - 06:55 PM

It's been a while since an update but I've been busy playing with plants. The tomatoes are Creole, Big Beef, Better Boy, Early Girl, Goliath Giant Early Bush and Big Red Cherry. The peppers are Big Bertha and California Wonder. I have hots and superhots going too, pics coming later.

Here's some picks Feb 13th

Attached File  100_1616.JPG   368.27KB   2 downloads

Attached File  100_1620.JPG   408.12KB   2 downloads

Attached File  100_1618.JPG   488.21KB   2 downloads

Here's some from Feb 16th, the heat made these grow fast. All but 2 trays of tomatoes are sold already and gone.

Attached File  100_1643.JPG   409.23KB   2 downloads

Attached File  100_1646.JPG   480.65KB   2 downloads


I transplanted some Big Mustard Mama and 7 Pot Primo's today. These were started in a 392 plug tray. It was an experiment to see how they would grow and I'm pleased with the rootball on these little plants, they should explode with growth now that they've been transplanted and getting some ferts.


Attached File  100_1658.JPG   366.04KB   2 downloads

Attached File  100_1657.JPG   417.59KB   2 downloads

Attached File  100_1659.JPG   358.81KB   2 downloads


I also tilled a row for some tomatoes, here's a pic when I was done.

Attached File  100_1651.JPG   505.99KB   2 downloads


I also planted cukes and a short row of Rattlesnake pole beans yesterday before the rain that never came so I'll be watering tomorrow.


I topped a few 7 Pot Primo's in the GH growing in Dutch Buckets, here's before

Attached File  100_1568.JPG   291.05KB   2 downloads

After the chop

Attached File  100_1572.JPG   316.86KB   2 downloads

And today

Attached File  100_1656.JPG   281.14KB   2 downloads


FYI. I tried to grow these peppers through the winter to get an early crop but the freak winter we had just made them slow down too much but since it warmed up they're growing like crazy.






In Topic: How to choose culling victims

22 February 2018 - 06:13 PM

I don't cull till they're dead. I transplant all of the good looking plants then put all of those ugly ones in one pot and if they make it, good, if not nothing lost. 

In Topic: my pepper grow

22 February 2018 - 05:28 PM

Yes you started late!!


I planted 31 tomatoes plants a few days ago and dropped some bean and cucumber seeds yesterday waiting on the rain to water them in that we didn't get. Here's the row after I got it ready for plants, the soil moisture is right and makes it look good.

Attached File  100_1650.JPG   532.89KB   1 downloads


I hope we don't have another freak coldfront come through!!!

In Topic: The Ramen Lover's Thread

22 February 2018 - 12:53 PM

Man that looks awesome!!!