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In Topic: Can someone help identify this new weed?

Yesterday, 02:55 PM

Looks like velvet leaf but those get way bigger than 18". It does not look like any of the common Indian vegetable plants ive seen.

In Topic: Exotics

Yesterday, 02:49 PM


I actually wasn't able to find these at Baker Creek this year.


As a side note, you may want to cover that sheeting with pine bark or some other mulch, so as not to "solarize" your soil...  



Baker quit carrying them last year or the year before that. I managed to find a couple packs i had stashed. They are hard to find anywhere. My great grandpa grew these before my time. Dad loved them and turned me on to them. The seeds from the cukes appear to be viable although i wont know for a little while yet. My volunteer is much smaller but very healthy. I have it growing in its own 4x4 raised bed.


I will make sure to save some seeds this time. Last year i had more than i could eat so i will let some mature. Check back with me later in the season and i will hook you up with some seeds.


I grew them the same way last year. They are in a bottomless pot. The weed barrier breaths very well and water drains right through it. Its Pro-Shield commercial grade fabric. Im sure it gets warm but i had tons of gherkins last year in the same spot. The plant completely covered the weed barrier and was growing up the vinyl fencing.

In Topic: Exotics

Yesterday, 11:33 AM

My West Indian Burr Gherkins are starting to take off. These are from the Baker Creek seeds. I will get a pic of the volunteer later. These are a must try if you like pickles or cukes and onions. They work well for either. Very good producers and easy to grow also.




In Topic: crazy phenos/good taste

Yesterday, 09:54 AM

Im still searching also but with limited room for "experiments" i went with Brazilian Starfish this year and a mildish chinense called Aji Arnaucho. I know i like at least 2 baccatums so the starfish was my safe bet. I thought the Arnaucho just kinda looked cool and wanted to try another mildish chinense.


So if you like baccatums such as Lemon Drops or Aji Cito, i would checkout the Brazilian Starfish and Bishops Crown.

In Topic: The Soup Thread

19 June 2018 - 09:44 PM

The sausage doesn't go in until near the end so its adaptable.