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In Topic: I needed a table top model so....

Today, 09:35 AM

Well i checked it out and it is a model #820-0007B. Now i just need to find a suitable table for the deck.




The fire grid is has a total cooking surface of 251sq.in The fire box is around 19" x 15". Corn should fit.

In Topic: The Soup Thread

Yesterday, 11:16 AM

Had to try one of the older Korean places on the edge of our China town. I was craving a bowl of spicy seafood noodle soup. Korean jamppong is one of my favorites but i didn't feel like making it from scratch. Asian Kitchen in known for the plethora of side dishes (bachans) served with any meal. They did not disappoint mostly. The kimchi was too fresh/sweet and they did not have danmuji (sweet pickled radish) which goes awesome with spicy soup IMO.


The soup was excellent with the exception of using udon noodles. I got mine in the normal seafood version and my brother got it in beef. I really prefer it with a mix of beef and seafood but they would not make it that way for me.


Not my pic but it looked a bit like this. The table was literally covered with banchans. I cant imagine how 4 people fit all the food on one.



On a side note the place was packed with Koreans and the Korean pancakes were massive. Like medium to large pizza size massive. The pork, kimchi and tofu appetizer is nearly a meal for 2 all by itself but at nearly $16 it should be. Our bill was $25 for 2 massive bowls of soup, 2 drinks and the 15 all you can eat.bachans.


In Topic: The Soup Thread

17 February 2017 - 08:52 PM

Tom Kha chicken is great. Tom Yum noodles are really good but only one place i know of makes it with seafood. The others don't offer it at all or its made with pork. I like it with fish balls, shrimp and fish cakes.

In Topic: The Soup Thread

17 February 2017 - 05:34 PM

I used to live down the road from a great Thai "hole in the wall". If you asked for #5 spicy you better REALLY be able to handle spicy. I got the Tom Yum #5 once and it was brutal. I could eat it but just barely. I think they rather enjoyed watching me nearly die from the heat.


That fiery bowl of soup is what cured a eating problem i had for over a month. Everything i ate tasted off and chalky until that day. I could not enjoy a meal until i endured that wonderful agony. :D

In Topic: Who here has made

17 February 2017 - 05:22 PM

There is a trick to getting color correct without food coloring. Even the rack in the over needs to be just right. The glaze was about perfect imo.



3 parts honey

2 parts Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce.

1 part minced garlic

1 part reduced sodium soy sauce

I threw in a pinch of 5 spice too...literally a pinch and all my "parts" were around a tbs or slightly more.


The marinade though probably needed a tiny bit more sugar and salt or soy. As long as you got a piece of skin with the meat is was awesome. Very little heat though. If it was hotter it would have been similar to hot braised chicken.