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Today, 09:50 AM

Im thrilled with the flavor of dried panca. Mine are from CCN so i was a tad leery of the genetics. My plant is still outside doing ok. Its the only chinense outside that still looks pretty good. It has 2 green pods left on it but i doubt i will get them to ripen now.


I cant really come up with a pepper to compare them to. Its certainly unique and crazy hard to find any local source even in our little Mexico. I used about half the powder i made on the chicken thighs. So roughly 3 pods and the heat level is mild enough for almost anyone. I only did a very fast marinade because it was skinless boneless. Next time i will use skin on bone in breasts and drumsticks. Bake them crispy or toss them in the smoker on high.

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Yesterday, 07:15 PM

Pollo a La Brasa taco wiff sour cream :D



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Yesterday, 05:51 PM

Pollo a La Brasa....well sorta...im missing huacatay paste and this is baked chicken thighs on a bed of onions and some of my mild mystery peppers. Tossed the onions and peppers in EVO, my panca powder blend and a little salt. Covered the bottom of the pan.


Marinated the boneless skinless thighs in oil, a couple tbs of the powder, a tbs+ of amarillo paste, tbs of soy sauce and a little lime juice. Laid them all on the top of the onions and peppers with a sprinkle of sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. Should be ready in 45min or so.


Probably just have them with flour tortillas and some really soupy refried beans i thin down with chicken stock and crumbled bacon.

In Topic: Peppa powda blends

Yesterday, 12:28 PM

This ended up being 6 panca pods and 4 Farmers Market, 1 tbs onion flakes and 2 tsp of Kirkland no salt seasoning blend. It filled a small 4oz jelly jar. I sampled it before adding the other stuff. Nice sweet heat. Sweet hits first and the heat builds slowly. Gunna bake some chicken thighs with it on a bed of onions and mild peppers. Probably a little rosemary and thyme also.


Next year im going need to devote 1 small raised bed to 4 aji panca plants. The flavor is very interesting and probably goes well with most meats. Now im gunna have to grab a bag of powder from BurmaSpice and see if its any good. They have it on Amazon for around $12/4oz bag.

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Yesterday, 12:08 PM

90s pffftttt mine is older than that.


Equi-Flow from probably the late 70s. :D