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#1484103 The Ramen Lover's Thread

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on Yesterday, 03:28 PM

The KA ME website says one of the large grocery stores near me has the Chinese noodles. Something i noticed...The Japanese Curly noodles are very similar but only have 55mg sodium vs 200 for the Chinese noodles.









I think im going to need to track down the KA'ME Buckwheat noodles. Low sodium and all natural. Plus they should be excellent for Korean style noodle soup.




Ive seen this brand at one of the Asian markets but i cant remember which one.

#1483914 What was the last spicy meal you cooked?

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 15 August 2017 - 03:38 PM

Im so full it hurts :D Kimchi stew with super ripe kimchi, pork and fried tofu. I also added something ive never tried before in kimchi jjiggae....fresh green gochu from the garden.




#1483839 Ate my first scotch bonnet

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 15 August 2017 - 10:34 AM

The flavor of my Yellow MOAs is definitely more enjoyable than the orange habs i grew last year. Sweeter and more fruity, Just a better balance of heat and flavor.

#1483471 Cutting the cheese

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 13 August 2017 - 11:45 PM

I havent tried all them yet but.....


The farmhouse extra mature cheddar i would swear is Barbers Reserve in a different wrapper. Its distributed by somerdale.co.uk and they distribute Barbers also. There is no age on the package but i would be amazed if its less than 18 months. The nutritional data matches Barbers also....Very tasty English sharp West County farmhouse cheddar. At roughly $4/190grams its a good value.


The Cabot Catamount Hill is not what i would call a cheddar but it is soooooo good. Its far more like a Alpine cheese and a very good one at that. Its very similar to the Cabots Alpine White but tastes much more like a Gruyere. Really nutty with a nice semi firm texture bordering on that of a aged Swiss. I didn't taste anything remotely close to cheddar or Parmesan. It melted awesome on some Triscuits with bacon bits and a slice of jalapeno.....Really a must try if you like Gruyere or Swiss.


The Hatch Gouda is just wonderful. Just killer melted over Triscuits or whole grain chips. Nice amount of zip too but not what most of us would consider hot. My brother destroyed it before i could make a grilled cheese with it. I was not able to get a brand off of it but will try again next time im at Whole Foods.

#1483102 What was the last spicy meal you cooked?

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 12 August 2017 - 11:40 AM

Fried chicken gizzards with homemade red jalapeno and super chile hot sauce. A little Korean pepper flakes in the beer batter also. The gizzards were simmered first in stock, rice wine, celery and a little soy sauce. Chilled overnight then battered and fried.


VERY tender gizzards!!!



#1482594 All about Salt

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 10 August 2017 - 10:04 AM

Have you ever looked at how much sodium is in an Oreo or Cheerios?


1 cup of Cheerios has over 160mg of sodium....why?

1 Oreo has over 40mg of sodium...why?


I can eat an entire loaf of my homemade bread and take in less sodium than 2 slices of nearly any commercially made sandwich bread. Obviously some things simply will never taste right without a good shot of salt. Chilli and curry for example must have enough salt to taste right to me. Hot sauce needs some but there are several with extremely low sodium that taste great.


As an adult im quite capable of salting my own foods or using products like miso or fish sauce to add salt and flavor. I dont need over 2000mg of sodium in a bowl of ramen unless it has french fries in it. :D

#1482576 Curry Thread

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 10 August 2017 - 08:55 AM

Yeah, i pretty much like them all. A Indian restaurant not far from me makes the most delicious goat curry. Its super similar to Jamaican goat curry but hotter than the ones ive tried at restaurants. If i had to pick a favorite it would be a 2 way tie between Thai and Indian with Jamaican a close 2nd.


A fairly simple beef Panang is really hard to beat for a lower mid heat curry with a ton of flavor.

#1482574 Using Ascorbic acid for flavor?

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 10 August 2017 - 08:42 AM

When i make a quart of sauce i add upto 1/4 tsp of ascorbic acid. It does help retain the color. Its a natural antioxidant.

#1482393 Lu Lu Seafood on Olive

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 09 August 2017 - 02:10 PM

This place has been around for years and is famous for the Dim Sum brunch on Saturdays. Ive been there for Dim Sum many many times and never had a bad experience. Ive only eaten there a couple times for lunch and i usually had the Americanized lunch specials like Hot Braised,


Well today we went with the intent to eat some more authentic Chinese food. Dan Dan noodles and Sichuan beef noodle soup ($8,78each). Plus a side of tofu skin rolls in oyster sauce.....Man are those suckers good. Ive had them before during Dim Sum. 3/$4.98...kinda pricey for those but they are good and made fresh.


I am stuffed. The bowl of beef noodle soup is simply massive and blood red. Absolutely delightful spicy tender beef chunks in a hot oily broth. Not sure what the greens were but they might have been water spinach. My brother got it and i just had a few samples of it.


I had the Dan Dan noodles with beef and was not disappointed although it could have used more sichuan peppercorns. The waitress seemed surprised i noticed. We told her when we ordered that WE like spicy after a warning from her..."You know this is spicy right?"....Oh yeah...we like spicy. :D


Mine was less soupy than these pics off of Yelp but otherwise its was on point. Hot chile oil and black vinegar on the side HELL YEAH...thats what im talking about!!!



Hard to find a good pic of the Sichuan beef noodle soup besides the menu pics WHICH btw looked just like the bowl we received. This was quite a bit hotter than the dan dan noodles and the spice blend they used was just top shelf.....Im getting this next time.



BTW dont forget to get a pineapple bun and an egg tart for desert. I was way too stuffed this time so leave some room for desert. There is no pineapple in them. Its just a sweet bread with a top crust that looks kinda like a pineapple skin.





#1482366 Curry Thread

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 09 August 2017 - 10:40 AM

Try the S&B hot or xtra hot sometime. It will surprise you. The hot is pretty common even at large grocery chains but the xtra hot is more of a specialty item. I prefer the medium and kick it up with Korean gochugaru. They add some heat but also add a really nice flavor.


I have used coconut milk with the S&B. It turns out pretty good for a mildish curry. I haven't bought any since finding the Mae Ploy and Maesri pastes though. The Thai pastes are cheaper and the flavor is way more intense.

#1481965 Curry Thread

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 07 August 2017 - 11:43 PM

How does Japanese curry compare to other types of curry? I've had Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and Jamaican curry and all are delicious. Only seen Japanese curry on Pinterest though.


Japanese and Korean curry are very similar. Some use apple for sweetness (Vermont style). It has nowhere near the intense flavors of Indian or Thai curries. Its more of a comfort food. I would suggest trying S&B curry roux (Medium) if you want to get an idea of Japanese curry. Its usually pretty simple. Carrots, onions, meat and maybe some potatoes poured over rice. The S&B curry roux is not a powder, its a brick that looks like a thick chocolate bar. You break off pieces and add them to the stock during the last part of cooking. The stock will thicken into a gravy.



Ottogi is a Korean brand. I like to add some coconut water (not milk) instead of plain water, fish sauce and a good helping of Korean pepper flakes to mine. Fresh green Korean peppers are also kind of nice in it. Maangchi has a video on making curry rice with the Ottogi curry powder. My version is a little different than hers.


#1481550 Orange Hab Varieties

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 06 August 2017 - 03:44 PM

The orange habs at Fresh Thyme Market looked just like Spartacus hybrids too....They were wickedly hot compared to the typical shaped orange habs at the bigger grocery stores. The "typical" i grew last year though were brutal for orange habs. IIRC they came from BloomIQ

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#1481445 What are you planning to grow next year?

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 06 August 2017 - 10:01 AM

New additions

Aji Melocoton

Sugar Rush Peach

7 Pot Yellow but from another source than CCN.

Scotch Bonnet Yellow....P, Dreadie if i can find the seeds/plants

Biker Billy jalapeno



Aji Cito

Lemon Drop

Mucho Nacho...Bonnie plants and from my seeds to see if they grow true

Chichimeca jalapeno from my seeds....want to see if they grow true

NuMex Lumbre

Numex 64 or 64 Heritage


On the table

Sandia Select

Thai Giant Orange....still struggling to get ripe pods on the ones i have now

Caribbean Red or Red MOAs

Beni Highlands...loved the production but i may not have room for them next year


#1481441 My Ajis

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 06 August 2017 - 09:43 AM

I hope you get ripe fruit by the end of the season. Its one of the peppers ive avoided just because im concerned about the need for a long season. The Aji Amarillo is one of the reasons i want a small greenhouse.

#1481435 The Ramen Lover's Thread

Posted by ShowMeDaSauce on 06 August 2017 - 09:15 AM

Around here a bowl of Korean ramyun (ramyeon) is around half that but a bowl of Jjamppong noodle soup is right around $11-13 because at a good place its made with fresh noodles. It really chaps my ass when the bowl arrives with udon noodles in it. They are not bad, its just not the correct noodle for the soup.


Nongshim has really good ramyun noodles but you must try Prima Taste from Singapore. Both the regular and whole grain air dried LaMian are killer. Im still trying to find a local source for just the noodles. They are listed on the Prima Taste website.