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Me thinks my MOA red might be a tad hotter

12 June 2018 - 11:53 AM

I didn't get outside in time to get better pics today. Bright sunlight makes it kind of a pain with my old camera. I just cropped my pics from yesterday instead of resizing to help with quality. These are MOA reds from MWCH. One plant with only small pods sofar looks about right. My 2 others look different. 1 looks A LOT different.


This is my largest plant and is nearly double the size of the others. It also forked very early and very low on the plant too. The fork is so low it looks like 2 plants but im 100% sure it is not.


Anyway, these look like some kind of super hot or super hot cross to me. None of the other chinenses ive grown before had this long shape. There are quite a few more on the plant too and they all look like this.



This is the other one. I guess its pretty close in shape but it looks more gnarly than the MOA yellows i grew last year. The rest of the pods on this one are too small to make a guess yet.




This really isnt a complaint at all. I mainly wanted a red chinense with nice flavor when i ordered them...although.....i wasn't really wanting anything much hotter than a bonnet. I needed other seeds and just added them to try a MOA red.

High drainage grow mix

12 May 2018 - 09:44 AM

A local composting place has a peat free mix. They call it SLC Grower's Mix in bags or Peat Free Mix if bought in bulk. They claim several local greenhouses and nurseries use it. Well, at $6 for a 2 cubic feet bag i had to grab a couple. If nothing else it will be a good soil amendment for the ground plot.



40% aged pine fines

40% compost

20% rice hulls

a little fertilizer and pH buffer (starter charge they call it)


I filled a 7gal fabric pot with it. Added about 2cups of worm castings and a small handful of Alaska 4-6-6 fish and kelp pellets. Another smaller hard pot i used about the same mix but it also has a transplanted Vietnamese coriander with a good sized "ball" of Pro-Mx Ultimate still attached to the roots. I watered the snot out of it and it sure does drain fast. I filled the small hard pot until the saucer was full of water. That plant loves to stay wet.


I haven't moved a plant into the fabric pot yet. I want to see how damp it remains by around 3pm today...Roughly 24hrs since i filled it. I have a bale of Pro-Mix all purpose just in case. Im pretty certain a saucer will be a must for this mix once the temps climb. Its supposed to be around 90F today so i guess i will get a good idea.



What am I?

09 May 2018 - 02:25 PM

Based on these pictures of the ingredients.



Im using a yellow onion but you get the idea.




Grilled country style ribs in case the pic isnt obvious. Its sooooooo much better grilled first.





Not traditional to the dish but i like a little of this in mine.





And last but not least.


Tursusu Biber from Fords

29 April 2018 - 11:53 AM

Has anyone tried these and how hot were they?



The guy who is bringing me a couple Antep Aci Dolma seedlings is bringing over one of them too. They are most commonly pickled in Turkey.


Redneck shade cloth

28 April 2018 - 11:42 AM

I just had to grab these at the local feed store. They were a whole 25 cents each. The guy called them peanut bags and they are pretty big. They will easily fit over a typical tomato cage. I think im gunna go back and grab a couple dozen of them so i can double them up if needed. I got 2 just for grins.