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Drip pans/saucers

25 April 2017 - 10:46 AM

Normally i only use them for really thirsty plants like cukes in containers. This year i have 12 in a drip system in buckets and i will have upto 6 more in Walmart bags. I also have a couple with only coco coir/perlite in the buckets.


What do you think about drip pans or saucers? Let them run off or use something to catch a inch or two of water? Keeping pots from drying out too much doesn't seem to be a issue until late July and August. Ive never used grow bags but my gut is telling me they would benefit more if the bottom stays wet? The bags will have a coco, perlite and compost mix to try to keep them somewhat lighter than the buckets.


I was thinking about a 1.5 bushel laundry basket to catch a little water and some support for the bags. Also to help move them around a little easier if needed.


Over run with Ajis for 2017

22 April 2017 - 09:42 AM

Ending up with more lemon drops from seed than planned so this should be fun. Everything from Chileplants were plants,


2- Scotch Bonnet Yellow MOA ..from Chileplants

1- 7 Pot Yellow... from Chileplants

2- Early Jalapeno...from Chileplants

1- Mucho Nacho Jalapeno....Bonnie plant from Lowes

2- Lemon Drop from Chileplants and at least 17 seedlings from last years plants.

2-Aji Cito...from Chileplants

1-Thai Giant Orange..from Chileplants

2- Beni Highlands...from Chileplants

2- Gochugaru...from Chileplants

2-New Mex 64...from Chileplants
2- Super Chili Hybrid....from Chileplants

1- Tabasco....Bonnie plant from Lowes


10- Lumbre....seeds from Midwestchilehead.....100% germination rate BTW

10- Sandia Select...seeds from Midwestchilehead


12 plants in drip irrigation pots. Im still trying to decide which but they will all be the plants from Chileplants since they are not cheap

1 MOA and 1 Lemon Drop in test media of 3 part coco coir and 1 part perlite. Fertilizer will be CNS17Grow and a little worm castings

Upto 6 in Wally World bags...this might increase

1 of the bag plants will get the Ecoscraps coco based potting mix

Others in various pots on the deck

As many plants as i can get in the 64sqft ground plot....this one is all compost and Alaska fish and kelp pellets tilled into the soil....So more or less organic


ATM im using mostly Ecoscraps compost soil, Just Natural Mushroom compost, minimal amounts of peat moss and my last bag of Black Kow. First time trying the Ecoscraps stuff but it looks good sofar. I will probably get more of the good mushroom compost if needed.


New fertilizer for me is the Alaska fish and kelp pellets 4-6-6 with 7% calcium and a small bag of worm castings.

Is it "ok" to admit you like

19 April 2017 - 04:09 PM

El Yucateco occasionally (considering the cost). That the red isnt too bad for a mild red and the Caribbean is strangely addictive in a sweet wing sauce or the smokey Black Label kinda grows on you even though it seems milder than the rest.


Would you admit to mixing the Black Label with some A1 steak sauce or PickaPepper?


I know i never would. :D

Havent grown from seed in ages but.....

17 April 2017 - 05:04 PM

I got 5 Lumbre coming up (seeds from Midwestchilehead) and 5 lemon drops from last years plants. Im thrilled to say the least. Still waiting on the Sandia Select to pop up. They were in the same tray as the Lumbre.


Day 7 (All started on April 10th)

10 Lumbre and 5 up sofar

10 Lemon Drop and 5 up sofar

10 Sandia Select....nothing yet


Im stoked because i loved last years lemon drops and wanted to make damn sure i got the same plants as last year. Last years Anaheims were somewhat disappointing but now if all goes well i will have 3 new kinds if the Sandias come up.


I really only needed a couple more plants, like 2 each. The extras im giving away as gifts.

Tell me about coco coir

13 April 2017 - 05:03 PM

A hydro shop up the street has coco coir available in small blocks and i would like to try it in a couple of my buckets with drip irrigation. The Tidy Cat litter containers are about 18" tall and about 11"x15". I want to fill 2 of these containers with this test grow media. So its close to a 5gallon bucket.



I have

3-4 bags of mushroom compost

About 25lbs of Black Kow....getting more when it goes on sale again.

Really good soil that already has a lot of Black Kow, coffee grounds and compost in it.

A little less than half a 3.8cu block of peat moss.


Obviously i need to make some holes in the buckets. Ive got a 1" hole saw bit so i got that covered. I don't have any perlite of vermiculite atm. I do have some sand but not a whole lot atm.


I still have plenty of time but what sounds like a good potting mix ratio with the coco coir? The small bricks they sell expand to around 8 liters.