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Lumbre sauce from dried pods.

03 December 2018 - 11:25 AM

I have some extra lumbre and gochu pods i sun dried. Ive been banging around the idea of a sauce. Probably heavy garlic, a little pear and possibly a dash of chipotle powder. Might need to kick up the heat a little with either ghost or reaper powder. Not to make it really hot but im not sure how mild these pods will be. Only shooting for cayenne sauce type heat levels.


Considering a ferment but i want to pasteurize these pods first just in case. I dont really have enough for a 2nd attempt if it gets an infection.


Ive got a few ripe jalas in the freezer too and of course i nearly always have a starter culture on hand if i wanted to go the ferment route. Im just a little concerned the pods will lose most of the nice smell they got from sun drying.

Which Scorpion pepper sauce?

26 November 2018 - 04:14 PM

My Market carries Melindas, Daves,, Tropical Pepper Co. and maybe one brand from Trinidad (Matouks?). Although im not sure if they have any of them in the Scorpion. A local specialty shop has Gringo Bandito Super Hot Scorpion sauce on sale. Need one for a gift. Preferably not overly salty and HOT!!


The Gringo looks good on all accounts and its on sale for $5 a bottle. Just trying to decide if its worth the extra drive to check it out


How many ways can we do chili?

18 November 2018 - 04:03 PM

Korean with 50/50 ground pork/beef or even pork belly fried up crisp. Gochugaru and heavy on the garlic? Served with a multi grain, rice and bean side. (Japgokbap)


Middle eastern with ground lamb and beef. Little bit of chickpeas and beans. Aleppo and Urfa biber for the heat. LOTS of onions and garlic. Mmmm with fresh warm pitas or Naan. Maybe some crumbled feta on top or a dollop or yogurt/sourcream?


Chinese with minced or ground pork and beef mixed. Maybe some diced daikon and steamed long grain rice or NOODLES!!!!...Nah cant do noodles that would be more of a chili mac. :P


Peruvian, heavy on the aji panca. Canary beans and maybe quinoa on the side? I dont do hominy but maybe some corn and potato in it?

Coincidence or is there something to this?

11 November 2018 - 11:35 AM

For part of last year i did some half assed tests with a few small plants inside. Just to see how they would react to a few things. Of course i got just a little bit of gnats until......I put a thin layer of worm castings on top of each pot. Not only did they respond well to the castings but the gnats/bugs vanished.


I just started up potting them. Ive got 2 rocotos done and in the window sill. Nice dose of Happy Frog nutrients, kelp meal and crab shell in a pine fine/compost/peat mix. Topped them both off with a thin layer of worm castings. ATM i have 2 happy looking rocotos including a very nice little pod on one of them. :D They seem to enjoy that coolish window sill.

End of season hot sauce

07 November 2018 - 01:42 PM

I got about half of a quart ziplock bag worth of pods before they went bad. Mostly Dreadies, 2 large Miraflores yellow rocotos and a couple mini reds. I have plenty more bonnets in the freezer but looking at this small last batch they are screaming "SAUCE ME". Should be enough for a couple woozies and the rocotos will add some body to the thin flesh bonnets.


Considering going sweet on this one. I seldom make a sweet hot sauce but i do love it on grilled wings.