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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


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In Topic: Paqui chips

24 May 2018 - 04:09 PM

Make powder, add to chips, best way to go and not be disappointed. 

Have a good Trip :)

Ah well, it sounds like they're not too hot.


I already have my shaker of ground superhot powder packed in my car bag but I don't care too much for getting that stuff on my fingers. Maybe a solution to that problem is bring a nitrile glove to wear during chip time  :clap:

In Topic: Best Burger you've ever had in your life?

17 May 2018 - 02:47 PM

Awesome  :cool:


sounds fantastic  :onfire:


did you get a chance to snap any pics ?


Nah, I didn't take any pictures. Next time I cook steaks I'm gonna do them in cast iron on the grill and will take pictures then.


I'm thinking that will be an excellent way to cook steaks too. I like to watch the cooking shows on PBS. A while back the one with the two well-fed blonds that teach each other how to cook did a steak in cast iron that they preheated in the oven before they slapped it onto the cooktop. The steak had an awesome sear and it must have been great because you'd think the two ladies creamed their jeans with all the moaning they did when tasting. 


Anyways, we don't have the commercial ventilation system to get away with stuff like that in the house so I'll do it on the grill.

In Topic: Best Burger you've ever had in your life?

15 May 2018 - 08:33 AM

i might be bias  ;)  but, my re-creation of the amazing Juicy Lucy burger did win me my last crown eC0Ngox.png   :dance: 

 was so epic we haven't had a throwdown since  :P

wing challenge yes, but not another throwdown yet  :mope:



here's a link for your drooling pleasure  :drooling:  :drooling:  :drooling:








Hey GIP,


I just wanted to tell you your awesome cast iron tip proved out great for me. I made two huge sloppyburgers for us yesterday. They were made of dry aged, grass fed beef combined with finely chopped sweet onion, ho'made BBQ sauce, salt & pepper and a bunch of shredded cheese. I used two cast iron fajita skillets preheated to 500° over a gas grille and cooked them 8 minutes per side. I used additional slices of provolone melted on top and put them on grilled kaiser rolls. The burgers were were perfect and the dogs absolutely loved the drippings! Thanks again.

In Topic: Iíve been gone for a few years: Where do you get powder from?

15 May 2018 - 06:38 AM

I buy single kilos of reaper powder from PepperLover. It's good stuff.

In Topic: Best Burger you've ever had in your life?

07 May 2018 - 04:43 PM

A smoked salmon burger I once made.


Ha, I just got finished putting salmon burgers together to cook tonight.


My wife has been gone on a business trip so I'm fixing her a kickass good meal. Sides will be sweet potatoes cooked in butter and olive oil with a ton of onions and garlic and an avocado salad.