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In Topic: advice on Carolina Reaper

10 January 2018 - 11:30 AM

The seeds don't have much heat. It's the placenta. Use a small tweezer to pull your seeds and leave the placenta.


Take a small slice of a reaper and eat it. This will provide your answer.


Go read some of the grow logs from people up your way. I refer you specifically to randyp of Iowa.

In Topic: Hello from Alabama

31 December 2017 - 08:45 AM

Welcome from LA.

In Topic: Capsaicin vs. pain neurotransmitters - Calling all chile alchemists

25 December 2017 - 10:55 PM

I got me a bottle of 99.995% pure DMSO a bit over a month ago. I played around with it on a less painful problem than my back and found it to be very useful in relieving effects of several month old ankle injury. It really does seem to have strong antiflam properties on its own.

Last week I mixed up a half gram of capsaicin with 5 ml DMSO in a 10 ml roller bottle. The very first observation was interesting in itself. When I dumped the DMSO from the pipette onto the capsaicin, it dissolved immediately. It happened in less time than it took for me to shift my focus from squeezing the bulb on the pipette to the capsaicin pile in the bottom of the bottle. This seems to indicate a great affinity between substances and made me hopeful it would pull the capsaicin in deeper than the emu oil.

I did some stripe testing on my arms to feel the heat and it was significant and long-lasting. I painted stripes down veins in my inner forearm to see it I could feel it enter the bloodstream and go systemic. I wanted to know if there was anything like a full-on niacin flush. Nope, never happened.

Today my wife painted a small area of my back closely surrounding the damaged vertebrae. This was a much smaller area than the pain patch mimic and a much less tedious procedure since the DMSO goes through the skin like grease through a goose and dries in no time flat. I felt free to walk around without a shirt while ensuring nothing touched my back. I had her soak the area twice again with plain DMSO to help ensure the capsaicin was driven in as deeply as possible. This may have been overkill.

After 1½  hours I got into the shower without the usual alcohol scrub. A nice thing about this method is there never was any pepper gas effect during the treatment period or during the shower cleanup. The unexpected effect from this treatment was going from a mild warmth and tingle during treatment to full on heart of the sun heat as soon as the hot water hit my back. Right now, 4 hours later, it still feels rather like lying bareback on a car hood on a clear August afternoon.

It appears the DMSO does a masterful job of driving the capsaicin very deep. Much deeper than the emu oil and with a much simpler and much cleaner procedure. Once the intense burn mellows out, I think it's gonna feel very good for a much longer time than usual.


Now that this review is written, I think I'm gonna cozy up with a nice glass of sipping whiskey and a large ice pack :hell:


Edit: The burn lasted about 8 hours and was intense. Today it feels great. Not a trace of pain in my back.

In Topic: help

13 December 2017 - 09:15 PM

I have reaper plants that produce a similar phenotype. Are your peppers beastly hot with a sweet and citrus taste? Do they have a lot of oil inside?

In Topic: Frozen Pepper seeds

08 December 2017 - 03:56 PM

The doomsday seed vault, deep in Norwegian permafrost, stores seeds at  −18 °C (−0.4 °F) but they are dried.