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#1547895 Itīs gonna be a low of 48F tonight...Can i leave my līil chile plants outside??

Posted by Bicycle808 on Today, 07:25 PM

PS-- thanks for the prompt response and advice, everyone!

#1547892 Itīs gonna be a low of 48F tonight...Can i leave my līil chile plants outside??

Posted by Bicycle808 on Today, 07:18 PM

     You're fine. 40s and low 50s are bad for long periods because growth will slow down a lot, but if it's warming up during the day they'll be fine.

     Just don't plant out while it's still getting that cool at night. Prolonged slow growth can lead to disease.


Yeah, it´s gonna be mid/high 60s tomorrow.  I´m tying to get these plants as much time in the sun as i can; i am thinking if i leave them out overnight, when i check them at noonish, i´ll just leave them out longer if they´re not showing signs of stress. 


According t the danged weather.com site, itś only gonna be under 50F for 2 hours (6-7a) so I think i´ll roll the dice.

#1547875 Itīs gonna be a low of 48F tonight...Can i leave my līil chile plants outside??

Posted by Bicycle808 on Today, 06:30 PM

B/c i don´t wanna bring them in. Just a buncha little plants in solo cups, hardening off on my deck.  I was hoping to leave them out overnight and throughout the morning, and bring them in tomorrow around noon.  That would be my plan if the overnight temps stayed at 50F or above.


What´s the smart move here?  If I bring them in tonight, i won´t have time to bring them back out tomorrow until after noon....

#1547801 Hybrids

Posted by Bicycle808 on Today, 02:51 PM

If you're looking for an example of a ghost and hab then look no further than the Carolina reaper. The original cross was ghost pepper and red habanero, then selectively bred to what we know it as today.


#1545034 Smoked hot paprika

Posted by Bicycle808 on 13 April 2018 - 11:07 AM

Smoked chiles are not the same as chipotle. 


Please read the original post more carefully.

I had great success last year smoking jalapeno peppers using dozy/punky maple To make chipotle .....

So, to review... Captaincicum has already tackled the task of smoking Jalapeños to make Chipotles.  (The use of maple might be a departure from the more traditional pecan or applewood, but thank goodness this world is not as limited and narrow as one THP member´s preferences.)  Th next project Captaincicum wishes to tackle is hot smoked parika, and s/he is seeking suggestions as to what varieties might be a good and accessible choice to grow.

Iḿ following this thread, as I am curious, too.

#1544455 Fake Pepper X seeds missing

Posted by Bicycle808 on 10 April 2018 - 08:08 PM

I saw on the Primo site that he's selling Creeper powder....


I'm thinking he's keeping a real tight lid on it until he's got it where he wants it, in terms of stability, and any kind of testing and all to see if it's gonna be a contender.  Can hardly blame him, considering that one popular Reaper origin story...

#1544294 Fake Pepper X seeds missing

Posted by Bicycle808 on 10 April 2018 - 12:15 PM

If anyone wants/needs fake Pepper X seeds, HMU.  I'll pack you some Early Jalapeños and/or Orange Habs, in little ziploc bags.  I´m also willing to tell you some boring, unbelievable, and easily- disproven stories about the seeds if you´d like, but that´d cost extra.  It´ll be fun!

#1542424 Best tomato for pizza sauce?

Posted by Bicycle808 on 04 April 2018 - 01:12 AM

Found some Cento San Marzano's in the hippy store but no dop certification. Guess the pizza maker threads have some insight on this topic:




This reminded me of the Hatch Labeled Chile's. Soil, climate, growing methods. Interesting topic. Cheers!

FWIW, i am a short bike ride away from the Cento HQ.  I live in South Jersey, which is about the best place one can live, geographically speaking, when it comes to US pizza.  Some might argue, but they´re all wrong.  (Unless you´re talking about Central Jersey which, if it exists, is the optimal location for US pizza.)  


Use your favorite plum/roma-style tomatoes for you pizza sauce.  If you must use little tiny tomatoes, use grape tomatoes, not cherry tomatoes.  The best plum tomatoes will make the best tasting sauce, but consistency is at least as important as flavor, and your other seasonins will have a huge impact on flavor.  But NOTHING can correct the poor texture/consistency of a sauce crafted from the wrong tomatoes.


Just my $.02. 

#1542356 Carolina Reaper Has the Record Again?

Posted by Bicycle808 on 03 April 2018 - 09:40 PM

    Not to take a Cleveland steamer on your thread, bud, but...     Does anybody around here really care about the Carolina Reaper anymore? Pepper drama is so 2012.


     Honest question. I'm asking for a friend.

Retro-themed drama is so IN right now, though.


Personally, i like to take an opportunity to piss, moan, kvetch, and act outraged any time i can.

#1541904 Fake Pepper X seeds missing

Posted by Bicycle808 on 01 April 2018 - 10:31 PM


I think he might actually have been referencing this statement on the Guinness site:


"His record-breaking Carolina Reaper - which is a cross between Sweet Habanero and Naga Viper chillies - took ten years to perfect."


Ed has made conflicting statements about the original cross in various interviews, including a claim that it was a cross between a red habanero and a "Pakistani Naga", but now we indeed seem to be back to the Naga Viper claim.


Funny thing is, the Reaper won the title in 2013. If it had taken "ten years to perfect", that would suggest that he did the original cross in 2003, which to my understanding was long before the Naga Viper even existed. So... time travel confirmed?  :rofl:


I suppose nobody knows for sure-- i suspect that Ed´s been living a lie so long that even he has lost touch with the truth-- but the theory i subscribe to is that Ed never made a cross to ¨create¨ the Reaper.  I think that Troy crossed a 7SR with a Naga Morich, gave some early-generation seeds from that cross to Ed, and what Troy ended up selecting from that same line eventually became the Primo....while at the same time, Ed spent more time on bogus origin stories then he did on setting particular traits or stabilizing the line, but he brought the Reaper to market anyway.


But hey, at least he´s mastered time travel. 

#1538797 Bahamian Goat vs MOA Scotch Bonnet

Posted by Bicycle808 on 19 March 2018 - 09:31 AM

Plus one-grow both.

I agree with Jase; the MOAs have more of an annuum quality to their flavor profile. Still a danged good chile. I think TFMs are my top favorite yellow Bonnet, but I love the Foodarama/Beth Boyd and the Dreadies.

IMO, Bahama Goats are sorts similar to Bonnets on a lot of ways, but they don't quite fit the classic Yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnet classification. I'm growing Goats this year as a supplement to my Bonnet project, but I'm not counting then among the Bonnets.

Ps- another classic, delicious, similarly Hab-level on terms of heat chile is the Yellow Fatalii. To me, that is a must-grow pepper. Heat is around the same, but the arc is way different from a Bonnet or Hab. Fataliis come out hot almost right away, whereas a Bonnet will build on ya. Bonus with the Fatalii is, the plants produced a shit ton of pods.

#1537293 Bad peppers

Posted by Bicycle808 on 13 March 2018 - 09:25 AM

I've never liked the flavor of dried chile de arbol in anything I've ever had them in

I´ve never had an opportunity to try fresh de Arbols, but i´ve had dry pods and powder.  Personally, i like de Arbols in a somewhat limited tex-mex context, but i will say that the flavor of the dry pods.powder is very unique and i can see how some folks might really dislike it. They kinda taste like hay smells, with some nutty tones, as well.  Decent heat level for an annuum. I like to use them as a complement to other chiles and various herbs/spices.  I also make a sauce with de Arbols, onions, garlic, cumin, and sesame seeds.  A very disinctive flavor to these.


But i can totally understand how someone might hate it.

#1536727 Most Anticipated Variety

Posted by Bicycle808 on 10 March 2018 - 10:18 PM

I´m just psyched in general and, where i´m at now with just a bunch of tiny seedlings and some doing noticeably better than others, i find i´m mostly enthused about the more virile individual plants...


That being said, i´m pretty stoked by some of the new-to-me varieties (Mako Akokosrade, 7 Pot Primo, and--i shit you not--Guajillos.) I´m also enthused about some of my favorites from last year coming back, particularly some of the Bonnets, Yella Fataliis, JPGS, and of course Brainstrains in multiple flavors.


Mostly, though, I´m interested in some of these fascinating varieties i got from THP members and other hobbyist growers.  I got Zapotecs and Forbing Nagas from Gary aka Windchicken, some promising Bonnets from Lee aka Fauxton, and some huge Habs i got from a fella i met on a FB chile group.  I´m really thankful for the community of growers for this kind of stuff; without this amazing networking opportunity, i´d probably be growing Cayennes that i´d purchased as Reapers off of Amazon.... 

#1536355 I think I need to up my pepper game.

Posted by Bicycle808 on 09 March 2018 - 06:02 PM


#1534537 Pepper State?

Posted by Bicycle808 on 04 March 2018 - 12:29 PM

Yeah I can't participate in the poll until there's an "all of the above option," but this is definitely a goddess for courses kinda thing. I guess I tend to prefer applications where I am using raw, fresh pods to cook with, but there are situations where the dried pod's character is entirely altered from the fresh version, and only the dry/powdered will do in a particular recipe. An example would be chili con carne, where in likely to use both fresh poblanos and dried Ancho powder.. Plus about a dozen other chiles in various states, too.

They say that variety is the spice of life; I prefer some variety amongst my spices.