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Big leaves: a good thing, or na?

05 June 2018 - 04:54 PM

I noticed that many of my chinense plants that I started from seeds have some Dookie-big leaves on them. Like, some are almost the size of my hand. I always thought that was rad and I noticed they are find more on my plants that are truly thriving (more vigorous growth, more leaves on risk in terms of both number and volume) but I think I recall reading, either here on THP or elsewhere on the workshop wide internetwebs, that this is actually a sign of some kind of deficiency-- either light or nutes or some specific wavelength of light.

The thing is, I cannot find the thread but I find this hard to believe based on my own observations with the plants i'm growing. But I noticed that the plants I for from the nursery tend to have smaller leaves than the ones I've started, so I figured I'd ask y'all...


Rain and planting out

26 May 2018 - 07:24 AM

Ok, so i live in 7b. This is my second year growing. The plan was to plant out right around Mother's Day but my busy work schedule and the frequent rain have conspired to prevent this. I had planned to plant out today "no matter what," but it is likely to rain this afternoon, and it is sure to rain overnight and most likely during the day tomorrow.

We had a similar weather situation last year. I was entirely panic stricken and i postponed everything due to the rain. Took too long to harden plants off, took too long to get them in the ground... The delays really set my grow back a lot. Once i did plant them, the rain took its toll on some leaves, but all plants survived save one, and eventually produced pods.i swore I'd never repeat that mistake, but we've seen even more rain this May as compared to last...

Should i just bite the bullet and put these things in the ground today? If not all of them, some of them? I feel like I'm squandering opportunities over here...

Itīs gonna be a low of 48F tonight...Can i leave my līil chile plants outside??

22 April 2018 - 06:30 PM

B/c i don´t wanna bring them in. Just a buncha little plants in solo cups, hardening off on my deck.  I was hoping to leave them out overnight and throughout the morning, and bring them in tomorrow around noon.  That would be my plan if the overnight temps stayed at 50F or above.


What´s the smart move here?  If I bring them in tonight, i won´t have time to bring them back out tomorrow until after noon....

Bike808 2018 GLOG

09 February 2018 - 09:37 PM

I am starting this GLOG now to kinda give myself a kick in the azz and make sure I document my grow this season. This will be my second real grow; I learned a whole lot last year, but I'm realizing that I still have much to learn and I still feel a bit of of my element.

The plan, this year, is to continue growing in beds at the Community Garden, and build up some beds in my yard as well. Last year, I grew on some bags at home, and two beds at the Community Garden. This year, in hoping to take over three needs at the Garden, and really expand on my garden infrastructure in my tiny yard. My wife has sort of caught the gardening bug, too, so I'll regrettably have to share space with her and her tomatoes and zucchinis and what not. Other than that, though, I think it's going to be a good year.

Some key differences I am planning this year, a compared to last year:
-starting earlier. Last year, I started my seeds on, like, frigging March. This year, is promised myself that I'd start in January, and I got pretty close, having started all of my chinense on February 7. I intend to start the annuums in a few weeks, once I have the chinense moved along.
-last year, I grew to much hot shit, which made it hard to share with friends and family, and for to be a little bit fierce for me, too. This year, I promised to not grow too many Super Hot varieties, and instead concentrate on Hab level and below chiles. Based on what I started so far, I've succeeded in growing more Hab and under chiles. But, I've still elected to grow way too many Supers and Hab plus stuff. Just can't help myself, I guess.
-last year, I feel like if wasted a lot of time and effort messing with jiffy pots and such. This year, I plan on going right from the paper towels to solo cups. I'm not there yet so, of that's a stupid idea, someone PLEASE tell me asap. FWIW, I experimented with a dead end sacrificial seedling in like August, and it seemed to work really well...
-last year, I didn't give my plants nearly enough room. I overloaded my needs, and used 5 gal fabric root pouches. As a result, the plants in the beds were a big jungle, completing with escorted for sunlight and making harvests difficult. My plants in the bags, I think, suffered from not having enough root space. And also from shitty soil (more on that later...) This year, I'm still likely to overcrowd the plants as compared to what is conventionally accepted as good spacing for chinense, but I'll be planting out at less than half the density as compared to last year. I'll also be moving up to 7gal pouches for all the excess plants that I don't have actual room for LOL.
-soil is giving me a headache. I'll be building a lot of new beds, plus a lot of fabric bags, so I'll need a good mix to get things going the proper way. I realise I'll need to decide a slightly different mix for the bags as compared to the beds. I'll be starting a separate thread, seeking advice on that, but of course if anyone wants to offer insights here, that'd be appreciated, too. I've been reading a lot on the subject but instead of getting clarity and confidence from the research. I'm just feeling more overwhelmed.
-Hardening off. Last year, with train and aphids and general overprotective parental instincts, I took far too long to harden these plants of, which really set my grow back significantly. So, I am resolving to get these things hardened of ASAFP this year.
-Last year, I had a run-in with aphids. Ultimately, i&i survived, and arguably triumphed, but I'm still feeling a bit gun-shy about those little vampiric pricks. I week like the hardening of process ended up saving me, as it introduced predators to who they azzes, but I suspect all that Neem oil helped too. But, basically, I reel bullied by aphids and I'm hoping to get some moral support about that as soon as possible.

I guess that's it for now. Sorry if that's all boring content. But, the main point of this initial post was to make some public resolutions so I can hopefully hold myself accountable and get things closer to "right" this time. Once i get home to my computer, I can link to my GLOG from last year, post up some pics, cut and paste my gross list, give shout outs to THP members who shared or traded seeds, etc. On just stick at work, and figured I'd set this thing of now, to get the GLOGball rolling.

Thanks for reading...

Orange Thai--- help me steer this thing

03 January 2018 - 10:40 PM

Do i wanna grow the large one or the small one??  I don´t care about the size of the pods at all; i´m just concerned about the flavor. Which one is the good one?


Muchas gracias.