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What's up, HomeGirls? (Mexican Oregano)

01 January 2019 - 11:29 PM

Hey, sweetie...

Anyone got a lead for good Mexican Oregano seeds? I'm looking for Lippia graveolens. I am not currently interested in growing the Mediterranean shit (Origanum vulgare.)

I'm thinking about growing something other than chiles, for once.

When should I start my baccatums?

01 January 2019 - 09:09 PM


If I plan on starting my Supers in a month, and my other chinense in six weeks, and my annuums in like March or someshit, when ought I be starting these Lemon Drops and Brazilian Starfish and Bishop's Crowns and such?

I'm in NJ. Zone 7 something or other....

Thanks in advance!!

Bike808 getting Dirty in Jersey

29 December 2018 - 07:04 PM

Well, it's that time of year where old fashioned folks are making resolutions, and I want to resolve to work on my GLOG consistently in 2019. 2018 was a great year, despite some considerable setbacks. I managed to grow far more chiles than I could ever hope to eat, so I gave tons away. In the end, a few disappointments aside, it was an overall successful season.

The same cannot be said for my GLOG. I neglected the fark out of my 2018 GLOG. This year, I want to post at least once a week, no matter what.

At this point, I don't want to post lists or anything because I have a herculean season ahead of me. See, I intend to overhaul my yard, build some beds, order up some topsoil and compost to fill then, amend the soil with all kinds of other Bullshit, and have all that done before it's time to plant out. Of course, before then, I'll need to have started all my plants and I'll need to know what I'm looking at in terms of density and (dis)organization. Hmmmph.

But, long story short, I'm learning from past mistakes. Only using the right kind seed starting soil. Going to be more diligent with my seeds as I sow them, to avoid leggy-azz seedlings. Harden off early but slowly, and methodically. Try to figure out fertilizers, and maybe develop and enact a strategy as far as that goes, rather than randomly dumping Alaska Fish Ferts on my plants whenever the whim hits me. In summary, take another step towards becoming a real gardener.

So, yeah, I plan on planting less densely this year, so I need to figure some shit out, but a GLOG ain't a GLOG if the first post doesn't include some name-dropping as far as intended varieties. This year will be my usual: far too many Yella Bonnets, a bit too many red, orange, and chocolate Bonnets, various Superhots of the Seven Pot and Ghost/Naga groups, some low heat Habs, many Jalapeños (strictly Zapotec this year), mild to mid Mexican kitchen staples, random other shit, and I have some baccatums to try out this year. (I bought a Bishop's Crown plant from CCN in 2018 and I'm stoked to try others now...)

Oh, and Fataliis. Plenty of those little yellow treasures. The best.

Thanks for reading. Oh, and if anyone wants to be my accountabili-buddy on this one, i'd appreciate it. Just making reminders in case I neglect my GLOG again, LOL...


in search of OG Cappy-stock Red Brainstrain seeds

30 September 2018 - 02:14 PM

I grew Red Brains from ccn and from WHP this year. I had grown from ccn last year as well. Loved the experience, but i feel like i wanna get the "real deal" if i can. Hoping for more uniform pods, hopefully bigger in size, and i suspect the heat isnt as huge as the original strain, either.

Will gladly pay via MO, check, or PayPal. Willing to trade in theory, but my seeds list just ain't that cool. Send me a pm if you got Cappy Brain seeds you'd part with...

Let's talk trash about Serranos

26 July 2018 - 05:47 PM

So a little while back, when I had thought I was done starting seeds for 2018, someone posted a "what's your favorite pepper?" thread and I was surprised to see how many THPers claimed Serranos as their favorite. I'd grown Hot Rod Serranos (fwiu an F1 hybrid) last year, and I used to grow piles of Serranos at work, and I always liked'm, so I figured "why not?" I ordered seeds real quick, got them started, and now I've got a bunch of pods hanging on 9 plants ...

Now, i have no legit gripe against the Hot Rods, and I'm growing 3 of those, but F1 hybrids aren't necessarily my style, such as it is, so I wanted to dick around with other Serranos as well.

So, I'm growing 3 generic, plane Jane Serranos, 3 Serrano Tampiqueños, and the 3 Hot Rods. So far, I've only gotten ripe Hot Rods, but I've got some initial impression of the things...

The Hot Rods are supposed to be extra early and quite productive. So far, they are living up to those expectations. All 3 plants have as many pods on it as they can support... They were the first to set pods, and their pods were first to ripen. But, they are the least fuzzy plants by far, and the plant structure is pretty much generic annuum...

The generic Serranos are, by far, the fuzziest. They grew tall, but also bushy. One of these has a bunch of pods on it, one had a respectable amount, and the third is the biggest plant but is lagging far behind the other two in terms of production.

The Tampiqueños are pretty fuzzy, but not so fuzzy as the other Serranos. They grew fairly short, but ridiculously bushy. They basically started out extra leggy and grew almost gorizontally, but then several branches shot up from the main stem and each plant looks like a little Grove made up of several plants. I love the plants' structure. However, they are lagging far behind the other two...

Of course, once I get to sample a bright red pod of each, I'll probably decide based on that. (Actually, I have enough seeds in reservem Ethan I'll have another year or 2 growing all three before I have to make my mind up...)

But, as of right now, I like the Hot Rods for their productivity, the Tampique of for the way the plant itsekf grows, but I'd crown the generic jawns as King b/c, seemingly, they are the best of both worlds. But... We gotta wait til I eat these things...