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#1586704 Stetto-grow 2018: Takin' another run at it.

Posted by stettoman on 11 October 2018 - 10:31 AM

Sorry about the up and coming freeze. No fun there.


Got snow shoes for the mud? ;)


Heh, you know I do....Question is, do you?


So my season's over, right? I bring in my Aji Amarillo, which actually started to ripen pods in mid-September (right on schedule) and my Aji Mango, which is loaded this year for a plant no taller than about 12", and a whole slew of Rcotos; Turbo Pube, Rocoto Rojo, Large Red, Giant Yellow, Ecuadorian Red, etc. and so forth. Around 11 plants. The ones I put in the studio downstairs, under lights, lost their leaves in two days. Only the Giant Yellow seems unaffected.


The plants in the window sills upstairs? Thriving. Still flowering, and the Aji Oro finally has a pod on it that doesn't look to be falling off. It was when inspecting that Aji Oro this morning that I noticed a tiny spider on one of the nodes. I looked closer and discovered that I have an aphid colony taking up residence.


My first aphids.




I have Neem Oil, which until today I thought I'd never have to use. I also intended to cut the plants back for winter, and we have a naturally occurring population of those ladybug aphid killers from local soybean fields. I probably got the aphids from those dammed soybean fields, now that I think about it....


So anyway, I have a small cache of seeds taken from the few honest to Gawd ripe peppers I got to pick before the freeze, so my planting next season will hopefully be mostly second generation Zone 3 Hardy. Except that everything was open pollinated, so....... :scared:


Working on chokecherry/Rocoto jelly this week, gonna taste good!!


Oh, and Scott---Remember that '98 Ram you fixed for me from 1500+ miles away? Clutch blew up about a month ago. I'm in a 2011 Ram now, got me a 60,000 mile warranty to go with it.... :D

#1586503 Sandwich of the Month

Posted by stettoman on 10 October 2018 - 11:09 AM


I shall endeavor.


To persevere. 





It's a piece of hard rock candy......Not for eatin', jes' for lookin' through.....

#1586502 Synchronized ripening

Posted by stettoman on 10 October 2018 - 11:01 AM

Me with the Paprika as well, will get one or two initially, then a bunch. My Rocotos are doing a domino-ripening act, and if I'm patient I can pull them all at once.


I don't remember ever seeing any all-at-once ripening trigger tricks that worked, or I'd have much more colorful harvests in Zone 3....

#1586183 [Oct 8] What are you working on this week?

Posted by stettoman on 08 October 2018 - 05:09 PM

Sadly starting to get ready for our first real snow fall of the year....I honestly cannot believe how miserable the weather has been the past month, it went from +26c one day the next it dropped to +5 and has been hovering around that ever since. It was well below the seasonal norms even for this area as we normally have longer winters then the rest of the province. [/url]

Welcome to Zone 3, brutha! Lousy late Spring, equally lousy early Fall.

This has simply been a shit season for some of us. Be happy it's not the norm....I sure am.

#1586147 [Oct 8] What are you working on this week?

Posted by stettoman on 08 October 2018 - 10:42 AM

It's finally Rocoto/chokecherry jelly week.



#1586123 Show Us Your Pubes! Group GLOG From The Rocoto Giveaway

Posted by stettoman on 08 October 2018 - 07:47 AM

THIS is why I need an extra month of growing season...




I do believe I will plant many more Turbo Pubes next season. They're about twice the size of the Aji Oros I grew last year. The Large Red in the foreground is the most prolific of all my neglected Rocoto babies, it will be very interesting to see how this one does next year in a much larger container.

#1585384 TheGreenChileMonster 2018

Posted by stettoman on 04 October 2018 - 10:13 AM


#1585369 Show Us Your Pubes! Group GLOG From The Rocoto Giveaway

Posted by stettoman on 04 October 2018 - 09:32 AM

I'm hoping my overwinters produce like that next season. I had to bring them in, expecting upwards of two inches of SNOW tonight and tomorrow, got down to 25 degrees last night. Just a shitty, shitty Fall.


Here's where they'll hopefully thrive for the next six months:




No windows in this room, I read a post where someone (Malarky?) mentioned that his Pubescens liked the artificial environment, and these girls could certainly use some thriving.


My Giant Yellow hasn't produced a pod all season, but look at the blossoms!!




There's no way I could trim these back.


A question: I have the timer set for 12 hours of night/day, equator style. Is there a better setting?


I have 4 other Pubes upstairs in south facing windows, including the cutworm victims from earlier in the season, both have pods on board.

#1585083 Stuffers

Posted by stettoman on 02 October 2018 - 02:59 PM

Your very welcome my friend !  When did you start them ? Should of had red ones by now even up the minny . Go ahead and freeze em' eat em' they still be tasty , just may lose some of the heat , no biggy  ! Theres next season !  


Frank, these things are MONSTERS! They all got started March 1 this year, and I think I would have had a bumper crop if it weren't for what turned out to be one of the least pepper friendly seasons I've ever seen here. Very late Spring, inconsistent temps and moisture, everything flowered in fits and starts, but the Anuums seemed to bull their way through it, just slower than normal. Then we went from late summer to VERY early Fall in one stupid night. I rescued these at the last minute.


About a quarter of the pods I've cut open were riddled with mold, the worst being the Aleppos. That isn't normal either. This all goes to my intent on having a greenhouse, where I can have more control over environment.


I'm doing a savory gravy-based wild rice filling for these peppers tonight, trying to pin down the right cheese. I'm thinking asiago...

#1585047 Stuffers

Posted by stettoman on 02 October 2018 - 11:49 AM

i don't have experience with these two varieties, but they look tasty to me.

i'd say eat em up, let some continue to ripen on the counter in a paper bag  check them periodically ,

they should freeze like any other thick walled annuum.


i too want a greenhouse  :think:

i have not tried this method of saying 'a green house next year'

whenever any opportunity to mention a greenhouse next year, arises   :clap:  i like it 



also happy belated birthday man   :bday:   





Gonna eat the two above tonight, along with a hack antipasto. https://www.delish.c...squares-recipe/


The greenhouse tac is a last ditch effort to make it happen. I try to say it in front of The Darlin' Bride whenever I can get away with it without sounding whiny. I even suggested a 3 season porch that could do double duty....


Thanks on the bday wish, I was in heaven all day, roasting Big Jims. Gawd this house smells good!!

#1585026 Stuffers

Posted by stettoman on 02 October 2018 - 09:41 AM

Thanks to Moruga Welder I had the pleasure of growing a number of Mediterranean varieties, including the giants; Antake and Antep Aci Dolma.  


Our short season in Zone 3 was miserable short this year, a hard freeze hit us last week, so what I got for both varieties were almost completely green.


I'm going to save these for stuffers, as you can see in the pic some of them are going to ripen "off the vine", but the bulk are stubbornly green. I have a question for anyone with the experience: Is it worth it to go ahead and freeze the green ones for later or are they not palatable until ripe? I know Bells are better ripe but the green ones are considered good as well, I'm wondering about these "foreign" pods....


Antake on top, Antep Aci Dolma below. I believe that if the season was just a month longer the AAD would have dwarfed the Antakes, but both are yuge...




A greenhouse next year. If I say it enough it will come true, yes?

#1584648 2018 - The Farm

Posted by stettoman on 30 September 2018 - 09:37 AM


People harvest seeds WAY too damn early and then wonder why they get shitty results.


The pod has to be near (or at) rotting before the seeds are viable.


The stems should be totally dessicated before you pull them from the plant. If the stem is still green, they aren't ready. Not nearly ready.


I understand the necessity of a pod to be fully developed for a seed to be fully viable, but to the point of rotting? Then perhaps I've been wasting my time on mine.


A note: My wife brought home a bag of YUGE red bells from Costco this summer, hydroponically grown, truck produce, so who knows how long before they'd been picked. I dried some seeds for over a month, then as an experiment planted five of them in a peat pod. Two weeks later, five very healthy sprouts had popped. I actually expected none.


Is there a database charting the state of a ripe pod to the viability of seed by pepper specie and variety? Or are you specifically relating to Jalas?

#1584345 Show Us Your Pubes! Group GLOG From The Rocoto Giveaway

Posted by stettoman on 28 September 2018 - 10:03 AM

Well, dammit. For better or worse, I have a plan for next year, greenhouse or no.


I've decided to make room for ALL my container Pubes, overwintering the lot. I stumbled onto this site, http://www.rocoto.com/Overwintering/ and am expecting larger and earlier harvests from these plants next season...I also intend to cultivate more plants, start them earlier and devote more attention to what makes them go. I don't know if Joe is on here, but thanks a lot for the inspiration. The Rocotos were doing just fine in that regard all by themselves!


Anyhow, our Fall is sucking immensely this year, frost/freeze cycles are going to come and go with more regularity, so I'm thinking that, instead of playing the in-&-out game with these container plants for the next month, I'm going to just put 'em under the damm lights and get it over with....

#1584233 Stetto-grow 2018: Takin' another run at it.

Posted by stettoman on 27 September 2018 - 04:41 PM

OK, the trailer kids are set to hide in the garage tonight. They'll likely be spending the night in here until I figure out space in the house, as the garage is neither heated, nor mine (the Darlin' Bride's Journey owns it)...



#1584232 2018 - The Farm

Posted by stettoman on 27 September 2018 - 04:37 PM

Trent, please start growing Rocotos. I'm lousy at it, though I'll never stop trying...


I would like some Aji Oros, please, and to that some Rocoto Amarillo, Turbo Pube and a Giant variant.


...for starters....


You are good, absolutely good at it...