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Chokecherry, maybe rhubarb too...

07 December 2018 - 04:39 PM

OK, definitely rhubarb too.


Hey, I've chatted with Reggie/WarrantMan a little concerning winemaking, and so far I know just enough to throw a couple of the words around as if I know what I'm talking about. Where I live we're blessed with an abundance of wild fruit and a couple of rhubarb bushes (yes, bushes). I've talked for years about getting into winemaking, and the bumper crop of chokecherry this season has me doing just a little more than talking, to the point where the Darlin' Bride has expressed a desire to buy me a "kit" for Christmas. Well cool....


Except neither of us really know where to start, there seems to be 735 "kits" of various capacities and inventories of parts and a price spectrum that kicks our asses. I know from Reggie that I'd need 2 carboys, which means an additional purchase because NOBODY sells a kit with more than one carboy...In fact I haven't seen an all-inclusive kit yet, though the verbage in almost every ad claims "everything you need"....I'd ask Reggie direct, but he does the po'boy method, I don't scrounge so good...


I think that all I really need is a brand name or a vender that avid hobbyists trust, I can take it from there. I'd like the first experience to lead to a second one....


Wild fruit types we got growing all over:









...and the rhubarb, one of the best self generating edibles out there.....




Deseeding Rocotos

13 October 2018 - 04:38 PM

Just a quick question: I'm deseeding some ripe Turbo Pubes and Large Red Rocotos, and have dutifully left these pods on the vine until they are VERY ripe (soft and just slightly wrinkly).

Question: About a quarter of the harvested seed is not black, rather a dark tan to dark brown. Should they be sorted out and tossed or are they viable? They appear as healthy as the black ones, just not black.


02 October 2018 - 09:41 AM

Thanks to Moruga Welder I had the pleasure of growing a number of Mediterranean varieties, including the giants; Antake and Antep Aci Dolma.  


Our short season in Zone 3 was miserable short this year, a hard freeze hit us last week, so what I got for both varieties were almost completely green.


I'm going to save these for stuffers, as you can see in the pic some of them are going to ripen "off the vine", but the bulk are stubbornly green. I have a question for anyone with the experience: Is it worth it to go ahead and freeze the green ones for later or are they not palatable until ripe? I know Bells are better ripe but the green ones are considered good as well, I'm wondering about these "foreign" pods....


Antake on top, Antep Aci Dolma below. I believe that if the season was just a month longer the AAD would have dwarfed the Antakes, but both are yuge...




A greenhouse next year. If I say it enough it will come true, yes?

Container plant saturated-Another dumb ? from YOUR Stettoman...

26 September 2018 - 04:07 PM

There's a simple, for all I know go-to remedy to this in my head, so maybe I'm going to answer my own question...


I dug up and transplanted a robust Large Orange Thai from the 8th acre last week, and after a day of dying it once again became robust. The medium I planted it into was a mix of the soil it came out of, a large dose of Schultz potting soil and about 6 cups of Miracle Gro Perlite (which means, of course, there's ferts in it....).


I had left it out for a week, including a day of solid, soaking drizzle, which unfortunately saturated the plant. I brought it in to dry out, but the medium is loathe to release all that moisture and the plant is beginning to wilt again...


My solution is to use a long, thin screwdriver and perforate the shidt out of that soil, thus aerating the medium and giving the roots some access to air. I just last week shocked the shinola out of it, I don't want to put it through any more drama....


...though I haven't ruled out trimming a lot of the tops and giving the plant less work to do....


As you can see, she ain't petite...



A Greenhouse Database Would Make My Tail Wag!!

22 August 2018 - 12:20 PM

I can't believe the massive number of manufacturers and distributors and retailers of something so demo-specific as a simple greenhouse kit!! My brain has done glazed over!


Anyone know of a place online one can make a confident decision? Besides Amazon there are only a few dozen farm equipment sites out there, all telling me what I want to hear.