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Here ya go....

12 July 2018 - 10:49 AM

A mutant to ponder and wonder at. I'm sure several of you have gotten something like this at one time or another...




Yes, it's on a pepper plant. I already know the type.

No, there are no others like this on this plant.

I do not expect this to survive long. Note the thick, yellowing stem. It knows it's days are numbered.

If it should survive I will post updates.









No True Leaves; A Tragic State?

07 April 2018 - 08:40 AM

My grow is moving along splendidly, out of 40-some plantings only 5 failed to germinate, and I'm already whelmed by Red Solo Cups.


My tale of woe comes of a Numex Big Jim planted March 1st with all my other kids. All but the most recent sprouts (Rocotos, go figure!) have true leaves emerging. But not this one. The cotylidons are very healthy and vibrant, but it's not even showing a node, much less a leaf..




I only planted three this year, usually I grow 20 or more Anaheim types, but my palate has grown...These are the siblings of the poor anomaly above:





What's a poor mother to do....?



A very quick Rocoto question

10 March 2018 - 03:54 PM

OK, here 'tis:


When I pulled some rather large seeds out of a frozen Rocoto Amarillo this morning, I noticed something I've seen in most if not all of the packets of Rocoto seeds from members here: a good number of "mini" seeds, seeds that look identical to the big ones, only teensy, perhaps teensy-weensy.


WhaddoIdo? Chuck 'em?


Or are they just as much seed as the bigguns?


I guess I'm curious more than anything else. This pepper was loaded for seed.....

Stetto-grow 2018: Takin' another run at it.

26 February 2018 - 04:19 PM

It's going to be a sweeter, milder year for me this time around. I've got myself Rocoto happy, and thanks to my new friends enablers here at THP I have a plethora (you go El Guapo!!) there will be no shortage. I plan a repeat of some winners from last year, if you recognize your penmanship/packaging style, well, you just pat yourselves on the back.


My seed-to-medium day will be on or about this Thursday, March one, 6 weeks early for zone 3 but 3 months later than the Aji Amarillo and a few other choice seeds I planted last year.




This is the bulk of the peppers, but not likely all. I overwintered a couple of PaulG's Aji Amarillos and a nummy Aji Mango from Geonerd, and they're already living la vita loco in a south facing window. I plan a backup seedling to both of those. 


Thanks to the damned Moruga Welder there's a lot of pepper stuffing in my future, and a special thanks to the Greenchilimonster for all these wonderful black seeds! We may have the Darlin' Bride weaned off those nasty bell peppers yet!

The Evil K Cup

22 February 2018 - 05:12 PM

I broke down & bought the Darlin' Bride a Keurig at Christmas. No thing, I still got my French Press and access to a friend's roast (he does batches in a small cast iron skillet over the side burner on his outside grill. I gotta get me a small cast iron skillet!), but every once in a while it's just too easy to toss a K Cup into the Blasted Keurig.


I'm looking for a palatable K Cup. She's easy, if it has hazelnut in it, she likes it. So for economic reasons I have a repeating order of Caza Trail that comes @ .38/cup from Prime every month. I've tried it, it has a weird aftertaste that the Darlin' Bride claims she can't taste.


So I'm seeking recommendations for a 'Stettoman Reserve' in a K Cup. I bought a 10-pack of Wallenford that goes down so nice, but those Jamaica Blue Mt. brews are damned pricey. I'm not asking anyone to come out of the closet to admit they drink pod coffee, hell, if they weren't so damm convenient I wouldn't be asking.


But there's only 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (or so) coffee pod outfits out there anymore. I'd like to know who makes that very best, aromatic medium (light would do, the Wallenford is a light roast that a foam formed for in the mug) without doing the homework myself....



...you see, I'm very...uh...lazy. Yes, lazy will do.....