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Blossom abnormalities

13 August 2017 - 04:14 PM

This is a blossom on my aji mango, with some...uh...overexcited sexual accoutrements?




Even the pistil is swollen. I didn't see any others like this, and there are dozens on the plant that have the classic appearance.




I'm curious to see if this even has a chance of producing an equally ambitious pod....



Is There a Nutrient Deficiency Here, Or is it Normal?

11 July 2017 - 08:26 PM

OK, yeah. Total noob working with a lot of these species of peppers. But every night virtually all my pepper plants, potted and dirt-borne, look to "fall asleep" Then they all perk right back up at first light and go about their day.


I didn't read about this in the brochure. There's no leaf drop, yellowing, anything to indicate stress. This is normal? Don't fix what ain't broke?




Aji Mango, 8:15 pm




Aji Lemon Drop, same time




PDreadie Scotch Bonnet, again--8:15 pm




ALL my plants are doing this, from Aji Amarillo to Trinidad Moruga Scorpions. Then they lift their little heads in the mornings and go on about their day....


Nitrogen? Viagra? Nothing, it'll be all good in the morning?


Here's where you guys chime in, and thanks.

An interesting mystery...for me

19 April 2017 - 04:57 PM

PaulG very kindly sent me a large assortment of aji Amarillo seed way back last November, and I planted a bunch from two different baggies, one marked F5 and one marked aji Amarillo Peruvian 2015.


Two of the plants that grew out of the aji Amarillo Peruvian I do not believe are, and I didn't get real suspicious until blossoms opened. I PMed Paul and he has no idea, so you guys get to take a stab at it.


The suspect:




Note that this plant is producing WAY more flowers than any of the amarillos, and the flower stems droop significantly:




The blossoms themselves are half the size of amarillos and bear no petal artwork whatsoever. Also the obvious: Purple on the inside. PaulG thinks a cross, perhaps a Bhut-Jolokia, me? This is my first exotic grow, guys... :high: I'd have to make it up....






Oh, and like I told PaulG, my apologies for the camera work. We can't all be Geonerd or Dragonsfire or Pepper-guru or JHP or......  :violin:


But thanks for any input!!

Mutant Monsters From Peru....

02 April 2017 - 09:02 AM

It was suggested in my glog that I post a shot of this here, perhaps someone has insight.


I have a number of aji amarillos, three of them I allowed to set pods ( I'm in zone 3, dirt day is 2 months off) to see if they'd do well. Well, they are, though not proliferantly. Two of the plants each have 4-5 pods, with more blossoms setting, but these two in particular each has one of these:




I've had bell peppers do this on occasion, develop a "Siamese twin", but I have no clue what causes it. 


Any input/guesses/funny captions are welcome....



Aerating the back 40

22 February 2017 - 12:26 PM

I've bragged/complained about the primordial ooze in my 8th acre garden, it is a fine, high-organic silt, jet black and when wet you WILL lose a shoe in it.


I haven't really done much, added 20-year composted turkey shit one year, threw a couple 60 lb. bags of sand at the low end with the hope of lowering viscosity and increasing drainage (this soil will hold water for just about ever). The sand was pretty much overwhelmed before it had a chance to do anything beneficial. That's how fine and rich this stuff is.


This year, what with all the various manner of peppers going into that dirt, I'm considering improving drainage with either perlite or peat. I could use a little helpful input. YES, I've had good harvests with anaheims and the aji lemon drops I've grown, but they started out very very slow, as if the shock of a denser medium stopped the mechanism to grow and proliferate. I wonder if better aeration could improve on the harvests I now get.


The black ooze is approximately 12 to 18 inches deep before hitting a solid and much deeper floor of pure clay, hard enough that I can't get a spade more than a couple inches into at a full swing, obviously adding to the retaining quality of my muck.


So, thoughts?