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Yesterday, 09:26 PM

I mean an estimate on average amount of pods a season. Sorry, I didn't specify. Lol

Between 12 and 200.

In Topic: Sliced super hots for nachos? Any Ideas?

17 June 2018 - 09:52 PM

Man...try anything and everything you can get. Thinly sliced fresh peppers are my favorite, from mild to superhot. A lot people aren't into the raw, chinense, fresh flavor, but I f**king love it. Floral, fruity, or otherwise, fresh peppers are where it's at for me.

So, yeah...it's hard to say exactly. Just try anything you can get your hands on. As far as superhots, last year I was really enjoying 7-Pots and King B.O.C from the garden.

In Topic: Best peppers for powder???

16 June 2018 - 10:16 PM

I can see it not being for everyones palate. What turned me on to it was the uses in Mediterranean cuisine but then I started adding it to my competition chili recipe because of the raisin undertones that it adds. I always heard of guys adding actual raisins to their recipes and when I found a dried flake that actually had raisin like qualities to it, I started using it and it works great. I love it in white sauce for pasta too. I think the reason you might find it leathery is because a lot of the commercial stuff from syria and turkey is only partially dehydrated leaving it somewhat "oily" in texture. I dehydrate mine all the way.

I've had both commercially made Aleppo and Urfa Biber recently, and the Urfa Biber is definitely what you need to be using. It had a lot of that raisin, tobacco like flavor I think you're looking for. I haven't had home grown Aleppo yet, but the mass produced stuff doesn't really taste like anything at all.

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02 June 2018 - 09:38 PM

I was wondering if others were having a similar situation! Most of my current pods (about 3/4 of them) are really smooth and kinda misshapen, but there is one that looks okay - wrinkled at least. I assume once things get going everything will tighten up and become more uniform

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Yeah, I never judge a plant by the first handful of pods it puts out, sometimes they're just small and misshapen. This is not always the case, but it happens sometimes. And late in the season too, during winter...I'll get a few 7-pots that look like habs....maybe I should play a prank on someone with those

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02 June 2018 - 09:31 PM

Prove it