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Bottling in Plastic

30 October 2017 - 06:49 PM

I'm trying to find some direction about bottling hot sauce in plastic bottles.  I've searched a bit, but everything seems sort of vague...at least for the home producer.

Most of the sauces I make are on the thicker side, compared to the vinegar heavy sauces at least.  The 5oz woozy bottles I use work okay, but it seems that they're just too thick to effectively use the orifice reducers.  But then without them, people often have trouble getting any sauce out without that delayed pour, then splat...much more sauce than they wanted.


Anyway, I want to use some squeezable bottles, kind of like what sriracha and yellowbird use.

Is it safe to assume that as long as I can sanitize them properly, and then fill them hot and invert(I know some plastics can't take 180F, I'm trying to figure all that out too), then it will be the same as using glass?


Here's a couple bottle types I was looking at:





Well...if any of y'all have any kind of experience with this, I'd be grateful.

Official Primo seeds! Finally!

29 August 2017 - 07:17 AM

Just noticed this in an email from Troy Primeaux.


It'll be nice to get them straight from the source for next years grow!
And it's probably about time to re-up on that Swampadelic sauce...I don't know how I go through something that hot.


Off pheno Peach Wasp

07 July 2017 - 09:08 PM

So, I'm growing one Peach Wasp plant.  It's doing great, one of my biggest, most prolific plants.  Saved the seeds from a pod I got from TexasHotPeppers.  I decided to grow it because the flavor and heat are outstanding, and it is definitely one of my favorite looking peppers.



They just started to ripen up this week.  I thought they were going peach....but they just kept going.  The heat and flavor are there, and they might look even cooler than the peach variety!

They are not quite red, I left a couple of these on the plant a good few days after they reached this color, just to see if they were going any further.  It's sort of an orange-red/red-orange, I guess.

So, Red-Orange Wasp....Vermilion Wasp?  That's got a nice ring to it, hah




Anyway....anyone growing these this year?  Or has anyone had their Peach Wasps throw off any off phenotypes?

Not sure if it is a cross, or just an unstable variety.


...and sorry for the not so spectacular cell phone pics, it was hard to get a good shot of their color.  I'll have to line some up next to some other peppers for comparison.  and by the way, those are some Kathumby Yellows is that last pic, delicious...


Coyote Zan White - when is it ripe?

14 June 2017 - 08:23 PM

So, I'm growing a few white varieties this year, and it seems a lot of what I've read about ripens to different shades of white.

Anyone have experience with different white pods.

My Coyote Zan Whites were looking ripe, but I'm thinking they'll get a little whiter.  This pic was taken 4 days ago, so they seem to be slightly paler, but its hard to tell...and I already ate that one on the bottom.



But I'm about to have a few dozen of these things to deal with.

and what's with the name?  I know I read somewhere that it was being called Coyote Zannia/Zanna White.  And Zanna means fang in Italian.  It's funny to think about varieties like this getting passed all around and names getting changed slightly.


Also, off the top of my head, I think I'm just growing 2 other white peppers:  7-Pot White, and Snow White.

What about some Oak Aged Hot Sauce?

03 May 2017 - 08:55 PM

Anyone ever make barrel-aged hot sauce? I've read many times on here about how people like to let sauce age(usually after fermentation) to develope and mellow flavors.

And we all know about that Tabasco stuff that's apparently fermented for years in oak barrels. But I don't know how that adds anything to the flavor once it's diluted with all of that vinegar.

Anyway...I've got some toasted French oak cubes that I got a few years ago when I was still homebrewing. (Though I actually intended to torch them and infuse in oil to finish off sous-vide steaks at a restaurant I was working at.) You can buy all different types of cubes, spirals, and barrels(though these are pretty pricey).

So, I just have a small pack of these sitting around, and I think it'd be a great idea to let them sit in some sauce for a year or so. It'll have to be later this season though, as I'm about to pull out the rest of my frozen pods to dehydrate and powder.

Does anybody have any ideas on what kind of sauce this would work well with?
Maybe a certain type, or color pepper?
A fruity, or savory sauce?
Definitely fermented.
But should the oak go in during the beginning of fermentation, or after the fermentation is mostly finished, just to age?
Room temp, or in the fridge?
Should the sauce be cooked afterward, or kept raw?

Sorry if that's a lot all at once(though there are plenty of variables I've probably left out). But I like to brainstorm...so I'm just starting the conversation. I'd love to hear any of your ideas if this interests you! So maybe by the time I've got some fresh pods and am ready to make some sauce, I'll have a better idea of what I want to do.