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Chocolate BrAiN sTrAiN 7 Pod

30 June 2015 - 03:27 PM

As most here know I am helping stabilize a newer variety of pepper the Chocolate Brain Strain 7 Pod.  I have over 170 CBS plants which is the only pepper variety I am growing on my property this season so all the seeds will be good too.  I am selling seed packets of 15+ seeds for 7 dollars paypal shipping included, and small flat rate boxes of Chocolate Brain Strain pods with collectable seeds for 21 dollar Paypal.shipped priority mail.  For all the hot sauce maker out there I will be able to fill medium flat rate boxes as well with advanced orders.  And if you just want to try some of my homemade BrAiN sTrAiN fermented hot sauce I have a dozen or so bottles available.  For all your Chocolate Brain Strain pepper needs I am just a PM away.  Thank you for your consideration.





The Spiciest Chili Peppers on Earth

20 February 2015 - 11:15 AM

Fox News article released today that ranks the 5 spiciest peppers and I tend to agree with the ranking.  Third place ain't to shabby!



Cappy's 2015 Chocolate BS

11 January 2015 - 02:49 PM

It has been several year since I have started a grow log like a newb but I enjoy this time of year starting plants.  My name is Cappy and I first discovered the Seven Pod in a seed trade from Sara R. in Trinidad in 2008.  That year I had a grow log and documented my grow of an extra brainy seven pod and the Brain Strain 7 Pod was born.  Since that time I have shared seeds with anybody and everybody who asked for little more than the cost of shipping.  I did not try to profit or chase the world hottest title, that goes to CARDI and the creator of the seven pod.  I am just a grower of limited means with a closet with a grow light and a backyard in a residential neighborhood.  What I am is proud of my contribution to the pepper community and the opportunity to shared this pepper with the rest of the world.


Last year I received some seeds from a very generous Trinidadian friend here in the states by the name of Judy.  I have dreams on making a chocolate version of my yearly hot sauce BrAiN sTrAiN.  There have been both red and yellow versions in the past so 2015 will be the year of the chocolate BS.  First round of seeds were sown last weekend January 4 and today I have my first seedling so here we go!

Brain Squasher Pumpkin Stout 7%

29 September 2014 - 02:26 PM

I was in browsing a local home brew store and had a conversation with the store owner about hot peppers.  He said that a local brewery he is friends with is looking for some hot pepper for a batch of beer.  I left the store leaving a bottle of hot sauce and a few peppers and my contact info.  About a week later my phone rings and it is the owner of Holy City Brewing and he tells me about a spicy pumpkin beer he has in mind, I tell him about some of the peppers I grow and we agree to meet up at his place of business the next Monday.  I show up with a large flat rate box stuffed with hot peppers and we talk and sample a few right there off the bar.  We then sample the uncarbonated pumpkin stout and he asks me how many peppers he should use for a 700 gallon batch, I said all of them.  I agreed to exchange the peppers for samples of beer and left the brewery with tons of free stuff(beer).


The today I get a tweet saying the are debuting the first Pumpkin Beer this Friday at HCB!! Brain Sqausher Pumpkin Stout brewed for the lowcountry...http://www.holycityb.../brain-squasher


If your in Charleston this Friday Oct 3. please stop by I will be there minding my pints and quarts!

Cappy pruning and cloning 2014

25 June 2014 - 10:28 AM

This is going to be sort of a reverse grow log since all my plants are outside and its the beginning of summer.  This thread is about pruning my truest plants that exhibit the right pods characteristics since in todays world of pepper growing there is more and more variation in seeds that are traded.  I also want to utilize my indoor grow room when I'm not overwintering or starting seeds in the spring.  This whole idea started because I store bought 2 Better Boy hybrid peppers and have been constantly cloning them and now have over 30 tomato bushes.  Cloning peppers will keep strains pure and true to the plant the cutting was taken from.  We had a localized thunderstorm a few days ago the made crop circles out of my garden and after I propped the plants I noticed a Cumari do Para was broken at the base.  I went ahead and made 9 cuttings and dipped in root stimulator and in to a peat based mix and under some floros.  The tomatoes were easy peazy with 100% success but after 3 day the Cumari is wilting but still alive.  This will be a great way to trim my unweildly outside plants that have perfect looking pods and bring a small exact copy of that plant inside under lights.


Yellow 7 Pod


Bubblegum 7 Pod


Cumari do Para I took cuttings from



garden shots