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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


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Vodka... what's your choice.

28 April 2018 - 12:55 PM

Good gloomy typical Wa spring weather.

Planning on Cocktails soon...Canadian Ceasars on the menu.

I have had the usuals...Smir, Absolute, Grey G, Skyy, Finn.

Before I go plunk down a few bucks on the old standbys, any recommendations on something else to try?

Not into fufu flavored stuff.

Peppers from store bought seeds?

18 March 2018 - 12:43 PM

My local Safeway started carrying a few off the norm peppers.


Decent pile of Monzano peppers, so I grabbed the best looking one.


Can you get these to germinate?  can you sow directly with fresh seeds or need to dry first?



Slow release ferts.....what are you using?

25 February 2018 - 11:33 AM

I traditionally never used slow release fertilizers in my potting mix.


This year I plan on doing side by side with a few extras of the same plants i have....one will get slow release ferts the other will get organic liquid ferts of my choice as needed.


So what's everyone using for "Slow release mix in soil ferts" appreciate info for peppers if that matters.

Dieman Pepper Berry

14 January 2018 - 10:21 AM

After some searching I stumbled on Dieman Pepper Berry, native to Tasmannia.


Some interesting health properties from the berries, leaves, even the bark.


Anyone have info or SEEDS available?  Any info or tips on trying to grow it away from it's native climate and environment?


Quick search shows seeds take 6-9 mos to germinate.



Masher's 2018 community grow

13 January 2018 - 05:15 PM

Hello all, thanks for looking in. I hope to do a better job this season updating through the busy months of summer.


I will be dialing things down this year and concentrating on less strains since i have enough XXX powders to last many years.



Just put seeds into my soaking solution - 2 tsp clonex liquid to 1 gal H20.


Current seed list 2018, all gifted from THP members or from pods I grew last season also from THP members.


PaulG - PDN x Bonda F6....Two phenos (reg and late season purple as the label indicated)


Devv - Brainstrain - THP Growdown (Supplier Pepper-Guru)


Hogleg - Red and Orange Rocoto 


Wiriwiri - Short Yellow Tobasco and Guyana Tragedy


Unknown? - BBG7 Red (possibly Texas hot peppers? Moruga welder?)


Unknown? - BBG7 White F2


More rocotos...waiting on seeds


Seed house via the web - Stavros pepperoncini for pickling, 3rd year collecting/drying seeds.


Seeds will soak 24hrs, then into rock wool plugs to wait for hooks.


Lighting will be T-5's as space allows...will move into 600W & 1000W  hid room as/if needed.

Ideally I will get a small green house up this season so i don't have to use hid lighting.


good luck everyone  :dance: