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Aji White Fantasy - how do I know when it's ripe

27 July 2018 - 05:18 AM

Just that, really.  The pods started off a pale green / creamy colour and turned white quite quickly (when not even full size.)  Other baccatums seem to take a really long time to ripen so I just wonder how long I need to wait for these ones to be fully ripe and is it possible to tell?


I have an Aji Champion in the next pot and they started setting pods at a similar time, so I'm thinking of waiting until the Champion pods go red and then assume the Fantasy will be ripe at the same time.  Is that reasonable?

Deformed leaves

29 January 2018 - 10:39 AM

This year is my second "proper" chilli grow; I did reasonably OK last year.  I'm growing 12 chinense varieties from seed and all the rest of the seedlings look "normal" except these two.  The first pair of true leaves look normal but the second pair looks deformed - narrow and twisted.  Since I took the photos, the third pair of true leaves is starting to form and also looks deformed.







They are Brazilian Ghost.  Grown in the same compost in the same conditions as the other plants which look absolutely normal.  I can't see any pests.  Could it be a seed-borne disease (e.g. virus) in which case I need to get rid of these plants before others get infected, or is it normal for them to have narrow twisted leaves?


I'd appreciate any advice / suggestions.


P.S.  They are in Biobizz Light Mix, watered with luke warm tap water (soft) which has previously always been OK for my chillies.  No fertiliser other than what is already in the compost.

Not Scotch Bonnet

31 October 2016 - 06:01 AM

I bought this plant as a seedling from the garden centre labelled as a scotch bonnet with the description about being shaped like a ... well, you know.  After reading a couple of threads on here about misidentification of SBs, I've realised that these are definitely not them.  I looked again at the plant label and it has a picture on there which is pretty much what I've got, i.e. not SBs either.  So mine is true to whatever it's supposed to be, but it's no bonnet.  


Does anyone know what it is?  It's hot, but I wouldn't know how to describe the taste, as I'm very inexperienced.


The pods are about 5cm / 2" long, at a guess (I haven't measured.)






P.S.  Can anyone tell me how to make a post without random words coming up as links?


Planning for 2017 - advice needed please

28 October 2016 - 02:30 PM

If you could grow only one or two of these... which ones would you pick and why? I'd love to hear your opinions.

* Carolina Reaper
* Chocolate douglah
* Moruga Trinidad scorpion
* Trinidad scorpion
* Red 7 pot
* Chocolate habanero
* Habanero Paper Lantern
* Bhut jolokia
* Chocolate bhut jolokia
* White bhut jolokia

I'm also thinking of these less hot ones:
* Aji lemon drop / capsicum baccatum hot lemon - are these two the same thing? I have a packet of each. I really like the sound of lemon drop, but are the plants too big for windowsill growing?
* Ring of Fire cayenne - supposed to be a bit hotter than a normal cayenne, relatively easy to grow and quite prolific, so I'm thinking of growing this for general culinary use.
* Golden cayenne - also hotter than a normal cayenne and looks pretty!

I also have seeds of some ornamental annum such as Filius Blue and Numex Centennial, which I might try in patio pots outside.

When making your recommendations, please bear in mind that I am fairly inexperienced and restricted to growing in pots on a south-facing windowsill for the foreseeable future. Also I live in the hills of the north of England so have a short growing season and generally cool climate. I would like to try at least one superhot, perhaps two.

I had already ordered seeds before finding this forum with all you knowledgeable people, so I've probably got all the wrong things. If there's one thing that you think I absolutely must grow that's not on this list, then please say that too. But ideally I'd like to stick with what I've got, as I already have more varieties than I can possibly grow in one year. I'm hoping the seeds will save for future years.

Thanks in advance!

Hi from Yorkshire

25 October 2016 - 12:27 PM

Just joined as this seems to be a good place for tips and advice.  I'm pretty much a complete novice; I first grew chillies a few years ago as a one-off, and have grown a few more this year, kind of by accident - I went to my local garden centre for tomato plants and came out with chillies (as well as tomatoes.)  Nothing wildly exciting: habanero paper lantern, scotch bonnet, a bushy super-chilli type (unlabelled,) gusto purple, and I've also grown some cayennes from seed.   Still waiting for the paper lantern to ripen - not sure if they will now.  The scotch bonnets have only just started turning red.  They are all in pots on a south-facing windowsill in the house.


I've found myself getting obsessed with them; I think it's the close relationship established with going in and tickling the individual flowers each day for pollination...  I've ordered (from a commercial supplier) a few different seed varieties for next year.  Hoping to overwinter a plant or two; fingers crossed!


So far, as well as using them in cooking (I can't cope with them raw - as yet, anyway) I've made chilli jam and am currently experimenting with varieties of chilli vodka (chilli, ginger and lime is my favourite so far).  Also planning chilli oil but a bit hesitant because of the risk of botulism.


Has anyone noticed that chillies seem to be able to go into suspended animation between pollination and fruit development?  On two of my plants (gusto purple and the bushy prolific one) they had a flush of flowers, which I pollinated, but they didn't develop fruit.  After I harvested other fruit on the plant, there were no more flowers, but the ones that had been pollinated (and the petals shrivelled) weeks previously, suddenly started growing into chillies.  I thought that was weird, but perhaps it's well known.  Is it just on capsicum annuum?