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In Topic: Basic Vinegar Recipe?

09 January 2017 - 09:43 PM

Thanks APG and welcome to THP!   :)
This stuff I use the vinegar only - like to add to soups/stews/dishes/dressings that need a little punching up or hot/tang balance.  Love it splashed on hashbrowns and in bean dishes too.  Normally I pack the jar pretty tight, so not many peppers come out (they get et if that happens).  I then refill the jar with more vinegar as it runs out, 2-3 times usually, and then most of the ooomph has gone and it gets emptied and refilled (usually do this every summer/fall as the new crop comes in).  
If you were to blend it all together you'd have hot sauce (refreshing elixir of beauty and light) which I also make and love, but this recipe is intended to use the vinegar on its own.  :)

Thanks Fire I'm excited to be here, I've already found tons of useful information all over the site. I will definitely give this a try on my Tabascos. I just had a big batch finally ripen and was wondering what I should make with them this time. This will be my first season growing anything hotter than ghost so the super hots will get it too when they come in.

In Topic: Basic Vinegar Recipe?

08 January 2017 - 01:21 PM

The most basic recipe:
Find a bottle with a tight fitting lid.
Cut your peppers into small enough pieces to fit in the opening, and stuff the bottle with the peppers.
Pour hot vinegar into the bottle, shake it up to release air and top it off with more vinegar.
Allow to cool and then age for at least a month, up to three months.  Refrigerate after opening.

Wow that looks very easy and looks great. Once the sauce is gone is there any use for the leftover peppers? Or do you eat them as you use it? What would be the main difference in flavor from doing this or just blending it all together? Thanks for sharing!

In Topic: Germinating tepin seed

06 January 2017 - 12:29 AM

Don't give up on them if they don't sprout right away, mine sprouted after about a month. I've heard that it's because the seeds need to be broken down by a birds digestive system to grow in nature.

In Topic: Nutrient Issue or mites?

06 January 2017 - 12:19 AM

The plants turning purple is most likely from the iron in your water. I added some to all of my plants and all of the seedlings were purple a day later.