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#1582876 Being Crafty

Posted by MikeUSMC on Yesterday, 04:22 PM


Holy shit, this is good, TGCM!!!
Aslin Gose w/ Blackberries & Apricots

#1582871 Being Crafty

Posted by MikeUSMC on Yesterday, 04:07 PM

No glass? Even now that you've got somewhere to wash it and hang it up?! :shocked:


#1582864 Fermenting Peppers 101

Posted by MikeUSMC on Yesterday, 03:54 PM

I totally agree with you RM.   I've been gone from the forum a while....but I still check in on the "Fermenting 101" posts periodically.
 It warms the heart to see how the fermenting recipes have evolved and overall interest grown since this thread began. (that's a lot of hot sauce!)
A heartfelt tip of the hat to you old friend.

RocketMan AND Chili Monsta are back?! :party:
:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

#1582863 Being Crafty

Posted by MikeUSMC on Yesterday, 03:52 PM



#1582805 Fermenting Peppers 101

Posted by MikeUSMC on Yesterday, 10:28 AM

Do you have any thoughts on whether a lower, slower ferment creates "better" (or different) flavors in your sauces?

No, sorry. Never even thought about it, honestly. One thing I will say though, is that I'd definitely START the ferment at a "proper" temp (75*ish) to get the process going ASAP. Ensure that all of the oxygen is pushed out of the jar before you start experimenting with letting the temp drop. Purposely starting a ferment at a low temp seems risky to me. Seems like you'd be gambling that yeast/mold wouldn't show up. Especially if you're doing a "Wild" ferment (collecting LAB from the air). Then, I'd definitely make sure it was started at a "good" temp.

Then again, I could be totally wrong ;)
I've been wrong before, haha

#1582801 Being Crafty

Posted by MikeUSMC on Yesterday, 10:07 AM

Palate cleansing sour!

I just had that Two Roads sour the other day, TGCM. Loved it. Was expecting it to pour pink/red though lol

#1582800 Being Crafty

Posted by MikeUSMC on Yesterday, 10:06 AM

Collective Arts. Guava Gose

Nice! How was it? Color looks killer; haven't seen it here yet :mope:

#1582786 Fermenting Peppers 101

Posted by MikeUSMC on Yesterday, 09:03 AM

Trying to find the answer as to whether or not a ferment should be placed in darkness

Every article I've read says to keep them in the dark, Nancy :cheers:

Here's one:

"Cover the Jar with a dark kitchen towel. Lactic acid-producing bacteria (LAB) (the bacteria that do the work of fermentation) flourish in the dark, and light kills them. UV Light in the amounts that penetrate the Jar seem to be beneficial to yeasts, and is to be avoided. Yeast, while not necessarily harmful, really interferes with the flavors and texture of a ferment. Wrap the Jar with a dark kitchen towel, or another light-blocking material, and set it in a location in the kitchen where the sun does not shine directly."

I always keep mine in the small cabinets above my range/microwave. Another bonus to keeping them there is that there's an electrical outlet up there already. I keep them on a seedling heat mat, in the Winter months, to keep the temperature up ;)


#1582785 Kitchen Nightmares - Pookie gets a new kitchen

Posted by MikeUSMC on Yesterday, 08:54 AM

Of course you probably could have brought Scovie and Mike in for a weekend and banged that out feeding them killer pizza and beer.

:rofl: Haha! Funny because that's the only "currency" I accept when I do shit at my friends' houses around here ;)

Congrats on the new kitchen, Boss! Looks great! I couldn't imagine having to go without a kitchen for as long as you did, but it looks like the wait was well worth it! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Like everyone else said, that backsplash is killer, and I really REALLY like the "hardwood" floor tile! :party:
CONGRATS!!! Looks awesome!

#1581954 Being Crafty

Posted by MikeUSMC on 14 September 2018 - 06:41 PM



Where you at, t0mato?! ;) Cheers!
First time I'm having this. I like it much better than "Lunch"

#1581903 Being Crafty

Posted by MikeUSMC on 14 September 2018 - 12:33 PM


Courtesy of The Warrant Man!
Hope you're safe and dry down there right now, Reggie!

Happy Friday, boys

#1581883 Making a Sauce with Nuts

Posted by MikeUSMC on 14 September 2018 - 08:21 AM

If you are going to sell "legally" your process authority will help you make sure your recipe is safe. I say go for it. Why give up so easily when you haven't even seen if it is possible?
All you have to do is keep your homemade creations refrigerated until you know if this is possible commercially. Whip up the sauce you are talking about and find out.

Totally agree. I wasn't trying to scare you out of the idea, TV_LI_111. Like Edmick said, I'd just be cautious trying to bottle it (especially for SALE) before your P.A. let's you know if it's safe or not, that's all.

Boss is giving you good advice; run the recipe through the PA, and see what kind of feedback you get. Worst case scenario, you're out a little bit of money for having them test it. On the other hand, it could work out just fine, and that sauce could be a homerun, and you end up making you millions ;)

You're not gonna know unless you try :cheers:

I guess my main point is: not enough hobbyists do enough homework on basic food/canning safety. "I saw it on the internet" doesn't mean it's safe (I'm not implying you're saying that!). People think they can just tweak recipes left and right... then the 'tweaked' recipe gets tweaked.... then THAT recipe gets tweaked, and so on. Next thing you know, the recipe has been 'tweaked' into a slice of f**king meatloaf, jammed into a woozy bottle, and people are trying to HFH the f**king thing :rofl:

#1581880 MikeUSMC 2018 Grow

Posted by MikeUSMC on 14 September 2018 - 08:01 AM


Decent little pull from yesterday. Into the freezer they go until I've got enough to start making big batches of sauce. All the brown pods (Douglahs and Choc SBs) will make a trip through the smoker soon ;) Still not decided on what I'll do with the Red Douglahs; probably jelly though

Finally got my first couple of ripe White Bhuts too. Such tasty pods! Sweet, with a hint of apples. Only variety that hasn't ripened for me yet is the Aji Chombo

Thanks for looking

#1581879 Hi, Iím RocketMan and Iím a Pepper and Hot Sauce Adict

Posted by MikeUSMC on 14 September 2018 - 07:52 AM

Whats up THP, I tripped over one of TBs amps back in 2016 and fell off the board for a while. Im back😎

Can't even say how happy I am to see you back here, RocketMan! I didn't join THP until after your "sabbatical" ;) , but I've got people like you, SmokenFire, salsalady, OldSalty, Buddy, and ChiliMonsta to thank, for getting me into the world of fermenting!

You're a WEALTH of knowledge! Looking forward to picking your brain, dude :)
Welcome back, man! :cheers:

#1581744 Being Crafty

Posted by MikeUSMC on 13 September 2018 - 04:40 PM