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Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers

14 October 2017 - 12:46 PM

Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers
1046 Broad Street
Meriden, CT 06450


You've probably seen this place on the Travel Channel. Birthplace of the Steamed Cheeseburger. Yes, steamed (don't knock it til you try it! ;) ). About 15 minutes from my house, and known by us locals as "Ptomaine Ted's" :rofl: They've come a long way, and they actually wear gloves when they prep your food now :) https://www.merriam-...ionary/ptomaine

Honestly, I've never actually heard of anyone getting sick there, and the grub is amazing. Just came back from Ted's and it's the best hangover food I've ever had. I wish they were still open 24hrs (they used to be, back in the day)

Ok, enough yappin'.....
Tiny little shack on the side of the road
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They put the meat and cheese in these little rectangular trays and pop them into the steamer. I couldn't get a good pic of the steamer door open because the guys that work there are so damn fast
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Best damn cheese pull you've ever seen.....
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No French fries here. Home fries, homie!
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Hit up Ted's if you ever get a chance! You won't be disappointed ;)

Cape Cod Restaurants/"Baahs"

11 July 2017 - 07:46 PM

"Land Ho!"
38 Main Street (Route 6A) in Orleans, MA (Cape Cod)
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Great food and drink!

"The Cape Cod Reuben." I guess they're pretty well known for this sandwich, and I can see why! It was absolutely fantastic!
Fried fish, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, coleslaw on pumpernickel. Served with a bag of chips and a pickle
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Washed down with (local) Hog Island IPA
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Haven't been here in almost 15 years, but the food and atmosphere are still great. Really laid back. Tank top and board shorts to slacks and a Polo shirt, they don't care. License plates and signs and stuff all over the walls and ceiling. A little pricey though. Me, my wife and 3 kids: 4 beers, 2 glasses of wine, 6 glasses of milk (for the kiddos ;) ), 3 entrees, 2 kid's meals, and a "Land Ho!" T shirt ($20) = $175


MikeUSMC 2017 Grow

29 June 2017 - 08:14 AM

A little late in the season to start a glog probably, but I figure if I want to trade seeds with some of you guys at the end of the year, at least you'll know I'm not full of shit when I say I have stuff to trade ;)

Anyway, I had a pretty rough start this year. Started my seeds mid-February, then proceeded to fry half of them when they dried out from being in the living room with my pellet stove (Doh!). After that, my two overwintered plants (a Manzano and a Rocoto) turned into aphid magnets. Those promptly got chucked outside in March (I think?) to freeze and die a cold, miserable death. Of course, the aphids found their way to (what was left of) my seedling tray, but I got those under control.

Ok, enough whining. I'll try to get you guys caught up.....
Last year, I grew about 30 different Scotch Bonnet plants, which caught the attention of Superhot Sim and Trident, who are also huge Bonnet fans. We ended up doing a seed trade last year, so a lot of my seeds this year came from my chilehead brothers from across the pond (in the U.K.) :cheers: Thanks guys!

Here's my 2017 list (this will be my 4th year growing), which is a little smaller than last year due to a lower back surgery I had about a month ago. All is well, I'm on the mend, and back out in the garden :)

-Numex Twilight x3
-7 Pot Douglah x2
-Chocolate SB x2
-Scotchbrain (F4) x2
-Cappuccino Scotch Bonnet
-"Yellow" Scotch Bonnet
-TFM Scotch Bonnet
-Tobago Scotch Bonnet
-M.A. Peach Scotch Bonnet
-M.A. Daisy Cutter x2
-Bahamian Goat
-Aji Mango
-Aji Jobito
-Orange Blob
-Chocolate Bhutlah (DM)
-Mammoth Jalapeño x2

Here's some pics from earlier in the year:
March 30, 2017
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April 16, 2017- First look at the sun
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I always grow in 5:1:1 mix (and add in CRF granules) in 5 gallon buckets. Here's a couple shots of my 5:1:1 "Graveyard" in the woods behind my house, and the new stuff ready to be mixed.
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Attached File  IMG_4570.JPG   115.03KB   28 downloads

May 21, 2017- All potted up
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What a difference a few weeks makes ;) (Pics taken this morning)
I'm also trying CNS17 (3-1-2) instead of DynaGro this year. It's just so much cheaper.
Attached File  IMG_4561.JPG   172.33KB   32 downloads

Chocolate Scotch Bonnets on the right, Douglahs on the left
Attached File  IMG_4562.JPG   179.8KB   26 downloads

Numex Twilight (biggest plant in the middle). I had 2 Belingrath Gardens plants in that pot last year, and now there's a TON of volunteers popping up. Almost looks like ground cover, haha. Gonna leave 'em just cuz ;)
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Another Numex Twilight out front. Getting some volunteer Twilights in that pot too, but I'll probably pull those
Attached File  IMG_4567.JPG   185.51KB   26 downloads

Besides the Twilights, the only pods I have so far are a couple of 'peños...
Attached File  IMG_4563.JPG   85.47KB   27 downloads

...and a couple of small Poblanos
Attached File  IMG_4564.JPG   71.19KB   28 downloads

5 Tomato plants for Mrs. USMC
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Thanks for looking, everybody :cheers:

Embedding videos on iPhone in "Desktop" mode?

15 June 2017 - 09:43 AM

Like the title says, on iPhone in Desktop/Full Version (or whatever) mode, not "Mobile" mode.

I understand there's more "options" when you're logged in on a PC (from what I've heard, anyway). I think Boss said that the "Full Editor" isn't actually as "full" on a mobile device, but...

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to embed a video (from YouTube). It's not as simple as copying and pasting the link - "https://".... (I've tried). But, it's funny because I've had people quote posts I've made with the link to a video, and in their quote, the video shows up embedded.

Any idea why, or can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Maybe it's just not an option on an iPhone because there's not a "full" editor (?)

Thanks in advance!

I'll try one now:


Edit: ^See? It's just the link

Cutting Board/Block Maintenance

03 May 2017 - 03:43 PM

I got my first "Boos Block" cutting board (20x15x2.25", hard maple) a few weeks ago. Inside the wrapping, it said that it was already treated with their "Mystery Oil" and Board Cream. The first time I used it, I washed it (by hand) with light dish soap, let it dry, carved a brisket, washed it again, let it dry, and put it away.

They (Boos) say that, a minimum of once a month, you need to retreat it with the oil and cream. Here I am, a few weeks later, and I've been oiling the thing for two days. Light coat, probably 3x on each side and edges so far. I guess you're supposed to oil it and let it dry overnight, then oil any dry spots again (with a light coat), then wipe off the excess the following morning.

My situation is: this is my first time oiling it, and I've already gone through a full 12oz bottle of oil, and probably another 3-4oz of a second bottle, with no end in sight. I can tell that it IS absorbing it (some parts look darker and shinier than others), but there are still some dry spots, so I think I have to hit it again. Tonight will be my third night applying oil, and I've yet to see any "excess" oil pooling up to be wiped off, although it is darkening a tad.

Is this common for the very first oiling? Seems like a lot of oil already, no? 16oz? Or am I just being impatient?

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance