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MikeUSMC 2019 Grow

29 January 2019 - 03:13 PM

Finally got around to soaking seeds this morning :party:

Still not sure what the final quantity of each of these is going to be, but most of these will be multiples; x2, x3, and some possibly x4. I'm aiming to keep it under 40 plants, total. This will be my biggest Grow to date, and my 6th year growing :)

Starting from seed, and will eventually be grown in 5 gallon buckets, in 5:1:1 mix, either using CNS 17 or Dyna Gro liquid ferts. I'm still undecided on which ferts to use; I've had great success with both, but CNS is soooooo much cheaper! ;)

-7 Pot Douglah x4
-Chocolate Bhutlah DM
-Bahamian Goat x 3
-D3 "Giant" Goat F4 (D3monic)
-"OBEAH" (bumpy, lobed pheno from Genetikx) x2
-Reaper (big tail, from TGCM) x2
-Farmer's Market Jalapeño (TGCM)
-NuMex Twilight (several, out in front of my house)
-Scotch Bonnet, Papa Dreadie, select (Trident)
-Scotch Bonnet, Papa Dreadie (TGCM)
-Scotch Bonnet, MoA x2
-Scotch Bonnet, TFM x2
-Scotch Bonnet, Cappuccino x2
-Scotch Bonnet, Chocolate x4

(^ all quantities subject to change)

Also split an order of plants with a buddy of mine from Cross Country Nurseries, to be delivered the week of May 6th:
-7 Pot Brainstrain, Red
-7 Pot Brainstrain, Yellow
-7 Pot Primo, Yellow
-Peter Pepper, Red (I had to, lol)
-Sweet Cherry Stuffing pepper x2 - I plan on stuffing these with prosciutto and provolone, and jarring them in oil :party: (gonna have to stay in the fridge though :mope: )

Gonna be quiet in here, for a little bit, until it's time to take some decent pics, probably. Plant out isn't usually until mid May either, so.....

Anyway, wish me luck, and thanks for looking, everybody!!!
Best of luck, and happy growing to everyone this season!!! :metal:


Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub (wanted) NOT MARINADE

31 August 2018 - 05:44 PM

Title says it all. Anyone have a "go to" recipe for a Jerk dry rub? For wings, ribs, whatever. Even just to sprinkle on a burger or something. It'd be nice to be able to grab a spice shaker out of the cabinet, instead of having to break out the blender for a marinade every time. Just something quick.

There's a million recipes online. Let's hear yours. Thanks in advance

Ready? Begin.....

(Pro tip: there ain't no cayenne pepper in an authentic Jerk recipe, no matter what the Internet says ;) )


MikeUSMC 2018 Grow

11 February 2018 - 06:06 PM

Well, I'm about 2 weeks behind when I usually start, but I've been too damn busy lately. Once again, 'scaling back' my grow to about a dozen plants just ain't gonna happen, no matter how many times I tell myself that ;)

My 5th Season is underway, and
Here's my list for 2018:

These will be in 5 Gallon Buckets (backyard). I also plan on isolating A LOT of these plants this year.
- 7 Pot Douglah x 2
- Chocolate Scotch Bonnet x 2
- OBEAH (Genetikx)
- 7 Pot Cinder (F2?) (Bhuter)
- CGN 21500 (Bhuter)
- TFM Scotch Bonnet
- MoA Scotch Bonnet (MWCH)
- Bahamian Goat (MWCH)
- D3 Goat, Giant pheno (F4) (D3monic)
- D3 Goat, #4 (F3) (D3monic)
- D3 Goat, Peach Mild #2.5 (F3) (D3monic)
- Scotchbrains (G.I.P.)
- P. Dreadie "Select" Scotch Bonnet (Trident)
- P. Dreadie Scotch Bonnet (TGCM)
- Carolina Reaper, big tail pheno (TGCM)
- Ecuadorian Red Rocoto (TGCM)

10 Gallon Containers (backyard)
- Giant Yellow Rocoto (TGCM)
- Large Red Rocoto (TGCM)

Ornamentals (front yard)
- Numex Twilight
- Numex Twilight (Overwintered Bonchi)
- Chinese 5 Color x 3

Same as every other year, I'll be using 5:1:1 mix in 5 gallon buckets. I'm still undecided whether or not I'll use CSN17 or Dyna Gro ferts yet; I've had success w/ both.

I plan on presoaking the seeds tomorrow night in a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution, then letting them hit the dirt the following day. MG Seed Starting Mix w/ additional perlite into a 72 cell tray. Same mix into Solo cups. Then, 5:1:1 in 1 gallon containers. Then, 5:1:1 into (final) 5 gallon buckets

Special thanks to everyone who contributed seeds to my grow this year!
Thanks for following, and best of luck to everyone's grow this year! :party:

Here's the link to my 2017 Grow, if anyone's interested:

Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers

14 October 2017 - 12:46 PM

Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers
1046 Broad Street
Meriden, CT 06450


You've probably seen this place on the Travel Channel. Birthplace of the Steamed Cheeseburger. Yes, steamed (don't knock it til you try it! ;) ). About 15 minutes from my house, and known by us locals as "Ptomaine Ted's" :rofl: They've come a long way, and they actually wear gloves when they prep your food now :) https://www.merriam-...ionary/ptomaine

Honestly, I've never actually heard of anyone getting sick there, and the grub is amazing. Just came back from Ted's and it's the best hangover food I've ever had. I wish they were still open 24hrs (they used to be, back in the day)

Ok, enough yappin'.....
Tiny little shack on the side of the road
Attached File  IMG_5570.JPG   93.46KB   50 downloads
Attached File  IMG_5569.JPG   85.16KB   50 downloads

They put the meat and cheese in these little rectangular trays and pop them into the steamer. I couldn't get a good pic of the steamer door open because the guys that work there are so damn fast
Attached File  IMG_5558.JPG   60KB   49 downloads
Attached File  IMG_5559.JPG   64.79KB   50 downloads
Attached File  IMG_5561.JPG   77.82KB   50 downloads
Attached File  IMG_5562.JPG   72.67KB   50 downloads

Attached File  IMG_5565.JPG   84.53KB   51 downloads

Best damn cheese pull you've ever seen.....
Attached File  IMG_5566.JPG   76.51KB   51 downloads

No French fries here. Home fries, homie!
Attached File  IMG_5567.JPG   69.95KB   50 downloads

Hit up Ted's if you ever get a chance! You won't be disappointed ;)

Cape Cod Restaurants/"Baahs"

11 July 2017 - 07:46 PM

"Land Ho!"
38 Main Street (Route 6A) in Orleans, MA (Cape Cod)
Attached File  IMG_4642.JPG   60.64KB   58 downloads

Great food and drink!

"The Cape Cod Reuben." I guess they're pretty well known for this sandwich, and I can see why! It was absolutely fantastic!
Fried fish, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, coleslaw on pumpernickel. Served with a bag of chips and a pickle
Attached File  IMG_4643.JPG   72.18KB   57 downloads
Attached File  IMG_4644.JPG   52.95KB   60 downloads

Washed down with (local) Hog Island IPA
Attached File  IMG_4641.JPG   48.78KB   57 downloads
Attached File  IMG_4647.JPG   42.51KB   58 downloads

Haven't been here in almost 15 years, but the food and atmosphere are still great. Really laid back. Tank top and board shorts to slacks and a Polo shirt, they don't care. License plates and signs and stuff all over the walls and ceiling. A little pricey though. Me, my wife and 3 kids: 4 beers, 2 glasses of wine, 6 glasses of milk (for the kiddos ;) ), 3 entrees, 2 kid's meals, and a "Land Ho!" T shirt ($20) = $175