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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards ACCEPTING ENTRIES!


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#1506338 Karoo 2017/2018 glog

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on Yesterday, 01:45 AM

Wow, beds look stunning! A busy garden is a happy garden!


Keep it up, TBG.

#1506335 what is the hottest pepper in your mind?

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on Yesterday, 01:15 AM

Why would they use an unripe pepper when the ripe ones typically contain the most heat? Doesn't make any sense


If they've got a sauce that contains the *new* world's hottest pepper, then lotsa people want to buy it. It debuted on the Hot Ones series, and thats when interest formed. But interest dies down over time, so they had to get the sh!t to market, pronto. So, they pick the peppers unripe. But now, the peppers are ripening, and so's the sauce. Its all about the $$$$$

#1506308 My pepper journey

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 21 November 2017 - 11:18 PM

Looking good!


Good luck with it all!

#1506247 D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 21 November 2017 - 07:40 PM

Keep me posted on this! I was going to start my experiment in early January probably as ill have to wait until most of the harsh winter days are over. Not sure what my whole zone is, I'm sure its just a Google answer away.

Would be awesome to get a few people doing this to share results


I should start getting fruit around January. If you want, I could cross a few varieties (or try to anyway) and send you the product seeds, so you could grow out F1 right away, when your season starts. And then when it ends, mine starts, and so on... we could have 8 generations done in 4 years. Anyway, I've got a list of what I'm growing this season in my glog, so if there's any crosses that interest you, let me know!

#1506124 Hello

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 21 November 2017 - 03:46 AM

Not long till fruit! :party:


That's quite the fast growing variety!

#1506123 Cool/funny/interesting/epic/best Names For Peppers

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 21 November 2017 - 03:44 AM

So, I've seen suggestions/comments/ideas/thoughts on this here, there and everywhere, so why not have a thread for it?


So what's a good name? Lets here them!



I'll start off with one I've mentioned before:


                                                                             The Andromeda Strain.



I'd imagine the plant would have very black foliage with small white pods, like stars in the sky, sorta. But it would be killer hot.








#1506122 Cross-breeding?

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 21 November 2017 - 03:37 AM



Don't see why they wouldn't work, but you'll have a sh!t tonne of variation in each of the original two crosses, as most of the parents are crosses themselves, so a lot of mixed genetics, and then, once you finally get each of them under control, you put them together and it becomes a case of out of the genetic frying-pan and into the genetic fire.


Sounds great!


You'll be able to "create" a whole range of different "varieties", there will be enough variation in pod shape, size, colour, heat, plant growth patterns, you'll be able to furnish an entire grow with just the products of this experiment!


If you're up for it, you're gonna have a ball! If you do go ahead, you should start a glog on here, I for one would be very interested to follow!



And a tip for ya:  As NECM said, you're looking at 16 years. However, if you use an indoor set-up, you could halve that time period. Or if you grow them really quick, say, 5 months from sowing to harvesting first pod, it would only take 6 years and 8 months (ish) for the full 16 generations. But that's highly unlikely




You'd be hard pushed to find enough indoor space to grow out a large portion of the variation between phenos. Because we're talking lot of space. Like I said, a full grow.





TL;DR    Cross should work, you'll have a lot of different phenos to have fun with, and if you have a sh!t tonne of indoor space, you could do it in 8 years. + You should do a glog for it.





Good Luck, TBG.

#1506101 D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 20 November 2017 - 10:53 PM

Hey D3monic, I'm sure interested in getting into cross breeding and had a question you might be able to answer.


I've read it is possible to cross hot peppers with bell peppers but I've never seen it done.

I am super interested in trying to breed a variety of peppers that are quite large in size like bell peppers - but have heat to them like ghost/scorpions/reapers do. I make my own hot sauces like I'm sure a lot of these forum users do, and would love to have a plant that produces very large hot peppers to supply my constant need for super hots.

I'm looking at trying a few Bell X ??? myself this season. I'd imagine it would definitely be doable, but would take a few generations, and some potential back-crossing. But what doesn't?

#1506089 TBG's First Chilli Blitz! (2017-18)

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 20 November 2017 - 09:36 PM

Hey, TBG, looking very nice down there!


Had a great time catching up on your grow.  Glad you discovered

the drainage thing with the solo cups.  I'm with Karoo - I use a box

knife to cut 3 or four openings in the bottom lip of the cup.  So much

easier than drilling, which I did once before deciding it was a pain in

the heinie!  Then use another uncut cup for a sleeve, which I remove

the day after every watering to avoid roots circling into the sleeve cup.

Thus, no need for trays.


I got a kick out of your formula.  Since the branches fork into two branches

usually, your formula for the number of forks above the first fork could be 2n, at each 'level', 

where n is the number of forks. If you count the first fork as 'zero node', for the

first fork, 20 = 1, for the second, 21 = 2, and the third, 22 = 4, etc. The number

of forks so far would then be 1 + 2 + 4 = 7.  The total would then be a series,


[20 + 21 + 22 + 23 + ... + 2(n)], a sum of the powers of 2, or  2(n+1) - 1


For the 6th 'forking',  1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32,   2(n+1) - 1 =  2(6+1) - 1 =  27 - 1 = 64 -1 = 63

For the tenth: 2(n+1) - 1 = 211 - 1 = 1024 - 1 = 1023.  That's a lot of nodes where buds can form!


That gives you the number of forks where buds can form.  However some plants

have more than one bud at a fork node, so number of buds would be higher, 

in that case.


Just having some math fun  :rofl:


You mentioned that you are staking minimally.  Have you thought about a french weave?  

I've seen some examples of that on the forum.




Thanks for dropping in Paul, glad I could offer some entertainment. :D


French weave? I'm going to go look that up right now, haven't heard of it before. Cheers!

#1505786 TBG's First Chilli Blitz! (2017-18)

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 19 November 2017 - 02:45 AM

Some great photos there TBG and plants all looking great.


I see you battling with hosting again ... me too.


Trying this one now - https://cubeupload.com/


Yeah haha, thanks once again! iforce is good, but the pics are so damn big, it makes loading the threads a nightmare! I'll give this one a go.



Hey tbg cant remember if you u covered it in earlier pages but where did u get the shade house grow tent? Bunnings job?


Things are lookin sweet by the way


Cheers! Yeah, got it from bunnings, this would be it:




Overall I'm pretty happy with it, the size is good, although I had to add a few shelves when I had all the plants in there, it also holds up pretty well in the weather, considering we've had a hailstorm and its still intact, and it hasn't gotten blown away in the wind since I first put it up, but that would be due to the old tent ropes I attached.  Temperature wise, it doesn't hold warmth too well, but it does multiply the warmth when its in the sun; on a 20-25 day, temps in there (door closed) get around 45, probably would get higher if I let them. On a nice warm, 25ish day with the door open, its usually 30-35ish inside, unless there's a breeze. But then on an overcast, cooler day, its only marginally warmer, or the same temp as outside. 


But, it does the job I want it too, and it looks like it'll last long enough to get at least two seasons of use out of it! Don't think it'll be very useful in winter though...





Thanks all for stopping by!


Still been raining, so no progress in the ground as of yet.

#1505785 2017 Inaugural Southern Hemisphere Growdown Throwdown Aji Amarillo

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 19 November 2017 - 02:34 AM

I have some tiny buds appearing on both the potted and in ground Amarillos in ground is 29cm tall vs 31cm for the potted one. The potted one has a lot more side growth too. No pics of the buds as they're so tiny I couldn't get the camera to focus! Here's some greenage pics though. This warmer weather has really got all my plants going and it's so damn exciting!

Potted side growth
In ground
In ground side growth

And an overall pic of my pepper patch!




Very nice drathag, looks like yours is roughly at the same stage as mine.


I feel ya with the bud-picture struggles, I was only able to get a decent shot of them a week or so ago!


We're going to have to put in our all to take down the King of KAOS. ;) :D

#1505493 TBG's First Chilli Blitz! (2017-18)

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 17 November 2017 - 03:06 AM

Took a few photos today, so figured I should put em up here before they get outdated.


More pics, less talk for this update.




Aji Amarillo No.1



Side-growth is notably thick.



Herbs cruising along.



Shot of plants on shelf, I'm pretty pleased with how they're going, quite healthy.



Pricked out beans into pots before they hit the garden bed.


Tomato is cruising.

That Aji Lemon is not an Aji Lemon, its a Peter Pepper Yellow, but still love the triple stem regardless. 


Flower bud on Cayenne X Bhut 

The other Cayenne X Bhut is being protected.

Aji Jobito X BBG7

Trinidad Scorpion CARDI

D3's 7 Pot Burgundy X CGN 21500

This will serve as a comparison shot in a few months time. I'll take another from the same spot in the future.

Rainy and stormy last couple of days, and meant to continue for another 4. So no planting out into the newly prepared beds yet...
Thanks for joining me on this adventure!


#1505491 D3 Pepper Products

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 17 November 2017 - 02:58 AM

Sauce sounds great, but looks better!


Label really compliments the colours, very aesthetically pleasing. 


I think the alternative doll would scare people out of eating the sauce :rofl:


Keep up the good work, although I don't really have to say it, do I? You'll do it anyway ;) :D

#1505345 2017 Inaugural Southern Hemisphere Growdown Throwdown Aji Amarillo

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 15 November 2017 - 10:21 PM

Continuing, No. 1 is starting to take off with the side growth.




But the top is much slower...


But its got some good protection!
No. 2 Is going for a different style of growth for some reason

More bushy than No. 1
And a comparison shot.

Plant size appears to be proportional to pot size?
I still haven't decided which one to choose, not that I need to any time soon. I prefer the growth of No. 2, but having No. 1 already throwing buds makes it attractive. I'm planning on putting No. 2 in ground, so No. 1 will probably have a longer season, as its portable and can avoid the frost, which makes it even more attractive, but I could also put No. 2 in a pot if I wanted. And then there's the spare one.... But I think I'm leaning towards No. 1.
Good going everyone!


#1505342 2017 Inaugural Southern Hemisphere Growdown Throwdown Aji Amarillo

Posted by ThatBlondGuy101 on 15 November 2017 - 10:08 PM

Nice to see some greenage pics coming through.


Now lets get some poddage pics before christmas.


Keep on growlin guys


Mine seems to keep getting bigger and bigger without actually growing. Kinda annoying, but at least its doing something...


Took a few pictures the other day, so time for a slight dump, but it won't let me put more than one in this post, so this could take some time...


No.1 is now 40cm+




Hopefully continues next post!