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very specific cloning question. prizes will be awarded.

27 April 2017 - 02:11 PM

so I have a VERRY unique strain of black raspberry that has been growing in my yard organically for more than twice as long than ive been alive (I'm 36). when I was a little kid we used to keep like an acre of just a berry patch but after my dad got sick and then died there was no one around to take care of them and the lawn service just decided to mow them all down one day ( I could have killed a bunny I was so mad). well ive moved back into the house a few years ago to take care of it and the yard and stuff and was able to save a few plants back then and have them growing in spots that are impossible to get a mower to now, my question is as follows....


ive tried cloning them but the methods I remember from previous cloning projects didn't work, Ive tried saving the seeds and replanting them but that didn't work. does anyone know anything about cloning raspberry plants from healthy established plants? or do I just need to fence off an area and let them do their thing for 10 years? if someone can give me a successful method to replicate these plants quickly I will mail them a big bottle of the hot sauce I plan on making with it...


these are not just plants I can go buy replacements for btw, the family that owned the property before me actually commissioned someone from Europe in the early 1900s to live here and adapt them to our climate and he lived on the grounds and kept crossing berry plants for more than a decade until he got it right. they taste like nothing else I can find, and I want to share them with the world but the plants are making that difficult... HEEEELLLPPP

can having a fan on too long actually hurt a plant?

26 April 2017 - 04:56 PM

 so I put on fan on my plants a few weeks back (on low) and they are fine and healthy looking but theres this occasional thought I keep having where I'm wondering if leaving the fan on too long (10-12 hours) isn't actually letting them develop a strong stem because they are spending too much time moving in the wind. anyone have thoughts on this? I'm assuming its just anxious mother syndrome or whatever the gardening equivalent is...


and due to the bloated and over opinionated nature of the internet a google search gives me contradictory answers so that avenue is pretty much pointless any more...

i keep getting asked for some of this

21 April 2017 - 03:27 PM

so i keep getting asked for this by everyone who has the balls to try it... its a pineapple ghost pepper sauce (and a lot more excellence). i just bottled up 24 of those silly woozy bottles from stock that has been aging in my fridge for 2 months.  anyway, my question is where do you purchase more than 24 of these at a time, because im going to waste a shit tonne of money just shipping seperate orders of 24 bottles...



cant wait till this is done

19 April 2017 - 06:18 PM

pickled some awesomness today...    habanero, jalepeno, anaheim, fresno, shredded lime peel,  and sweet onions from portugal...






I should have stuffed it more but I wound up with an overflow jar...  meh.

interesting germination result

12 April 2017 - 03:46 PM

so i decided to perform a little test yesterday and see what happened when i soaked some serrano seeds in tea that i couldnt get to germinate normally. i happened to be out of chamomile but i did have a chamomile mint blend so i decided to try it. less than 24 hours later i had tails coming out of more than 50% of the seeds that were soaking.   i found this odd because i soaked 40 of these same seeds in regular water a few months ago and transplanted after 2 days to seed starter mix got 0 results and gave up after 2 months.


needless to say, I'm happy with this new result even though they will be wayyyy into the growing season before I get any pods. but oh well, I learned something so it was worth it.