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Help with id

24 May 2017 - 11:27 AM

Was supposed to be dorset naga. But I. Thinking not...




accidental aphid control technique

30 April 2017 - 04:31 PM

please forgive me , i am new here and also a new chilli grower. This may be a well known solution.


Iv been using the sticky tape way to control the aphids on my chillies , it works really well, but you are always going to miss one. But tonight i was hit by some inspiration. The Story..... We have a naughty cat, this cat will wee and spray all over the house....really annoying and really smelly. We found it really difficult to trace effected area, until a friend told me to use black light. So i bought on ebay a small led type black light torch for a few coin and set about finding in the dark where the bugger had been. Worked well, wee shone up and area cleaned.   Think you can guess what i did today, and yes , aphids show up beautifully !!!!    so easy to find , problem sorted!!!!   here is a pic, although photo does not do it justice.!!


Im going to have so much fun hunting them now lol.  Hope this helps people and sorry if this method is well known already.



help ! is this a deficiency? or me?

30 April 2017 - 08:52 AM

these are naga chilli plants ,i think dorset .   im getting on one plant some yellowing leaves on the bottom, on another plant well look at the pics....




 erm having a prob with pics


First timer, am I doing OK?

20 April 2017 - 05:04 PM

Hi all, what an excellent forum. Fell in love with chilli's so desided why not grow some. Growing anything is new to me and I decided on my favourite... Naga. I'm in the UK... The story so far, so any pointers would be great. I had a naga left from the supermarket. So left the seeds I a little water in a dark place. After 7 days I potted with all purpose compost in small pots(end of December) . 8 seeds, 7 took! I used an electric propagator they grew fast. I also then bought some seeds in January from local gardening store naka jolokia. 3seeds only one took. Iv treated them as my baby's had a few small issues. One has odema and 2 have had small slit holes on the leaves. Manganese? They are now huge! Repotted 2 times. And are flowering and signs of pods! So happy. Iv found one aphid with wings, but that's it. They are still in doors on the windowsill. I'm using chilli focas to feed them once a week. I find I need to water every 1.5 days. The naga plant from the garden store naga jolokia, is much smaller than the others, different leaves and texture, I'm wondering what it actually is? Some questions, am I doing all the above ok, do they look healthy? And anything else I might need to know or do would be great. Will post some pics just now..... Thank you