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In Topic: weirdest issue i've come across - any thoughts?

Today, 09:10 AM

Awesome info all around, i've learnt a lesson for the future. Just to bring the post back to topic, i've decided to pull the plug on the plant. The alternate nutrients haven't had an effect and I dont think I have the time to play with it any longer. Thanks all!


Toss it outside and see what happens

In Topic: Dragon's breath...2.48m scovilles?

Today, 09:04 AM

"We make it a rule to taste every new type of chilli that we grow. As soon as we tried Dragon’s Breath we knew it was hot!"



In Topic: Grrrrr.... Complete Rip-Off!

Yesterday, 09:56 AM


In Topic: Is there any reason i cant....

23 May 2017 - 05:35 PM

The biggest difference with vegetables is always vine ripened. HUGE difference.


If you want to grow organic for what you perceive as a better flavor or just because you like it that's absolutely fine, more power too you.

I have a problem when you push organic as "healthier" than conventionally farmed foods. And if you try to scare people away from eating conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables, then we're going to have a big problem.

In Topic: Lighting & General Indoor Grow Info/Help Wanted!

23 May 2017 - 05:30 PM

T8s can last quite some time and does NOT need changing every year,you are only running your lights once a year for like 8 weeks so you can get multiple seasons out of your t8s. 


Great point! My experience is 8 hours a day year round in a poorly ventilated aquarium lid over a heated tank. Those suckers drop the red off quickly in that environment.


I'm also interested to read about "florescent rebranded as T8." I assumed this was the case for all grow lights?

I'd love to see some PAR graph comparisons