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Today, 12:42 PM

oh my god mouth watering.

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Today, 09:49 AM



     My guess would be a hornworm caterpillar. They have really good camouflage and hide during the day. Try to look for one after the sun goes down. They are sneaky, but really fun to kill. 


Came here to search the pest guide for Tomato Hornworm and only found this post.  I hate those big ugly bastards and wanted to come vent.

In Topic: Water only when drooping?

Today, 09:40 AM

Wilt-watering is a great way to ensure drought stress, which is going to make your pods that much hotter

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Yesterday, 10:19 PM

what is that? I never heard of it before.


In Topic: New to TheHotPepper site

Yesterday, 10:02 PM

Will share some pics of my garden as it grows 


Get a GLOG going!