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Real quick: what is this damage?

01 December 2017 - 11:27 AM

I said virus, my buddy said cold damage. It looks like insect damage, but we're very sure there aren't any insects (these plants are pumped full of imidicloprid).


Any idea?fW9dJ9e.jpg

Three more 2018 All-American Selections

20 November 2017 - 12:36 PM

In July I made a post about the 2017 AAS winners and included Onyx Red, which had just been awarded a 2018 AAS award.

As of Today, three more 2018 All-American Selections have been made for hot and sweet peppers, for a total of 4. That is a big year for peppers. The winners are below.


Red Ember F1 (Cayenne)



Red Ember produces a large number of rounded end fruits on durable, medium-sized plants. Judges described the thick-walled fruits as spicy, but tastier than the traditional cayenne, with just enough pungency for interest. The variety is an earlier producer, so its well suited for shorter growing seasons.


Breeder: Johnny's Seeds. BUY SEED


Roulette F1 (Habanero)



We've been seeing sweet heat-less habaneros coming out for a few years now, but to my knowledge this is the first one bred with all the resources of a large seed company. This variety of sweet hab was bred by Terry Berke at Seminis, so the variety was trialed at various locations all over North America before release. Gardeners will be delighted with the earlier production of large, uniform fruit and a very high yield. One judge noted that each plant easily produces 10-11 fruits at one time and up to 100 per season so there are plenty to eat fresh, cook with, and enjoy! 


Breeder: Seminis Vegetable Seeds, SEED NOT YET FOR SALE




Mexican Sunrise F1 (Hungarian)



This was a regional winner for the Southeast and Southwest. Mexican Sunrise Hungarian Pepper F1 brings to the garden a full spectrum of colors from lime green to yellow then orange and red as the fruit matures. These earlier maturing conical pendant shaped peppers produce a thick-walled fruit that can be eaten at any stage. The fruits are semi-hot, attractive peppers which can be used for ornamental purposes as well as for processing, pickling, and fresh preparations. Vegetable gardeners are sure to enjoy this pepper with its attractive fruit, early maturity and high yielding plants that look great in any gardenscape.


Breeder: Seeds By Design. BUY SEED maybe its this one? seeds by design uses the same picture for this variety but they don't list it under the same name...

Gorizza's Hot Sauce 2017

05 August 2017 - 12:21 AM

Started with ~5 gallons worth of peppers, most of which are pictured below:




Then mixed up 7 sauces. Mostly cooked stovetop with EVOO and salt then packed with ACV and (my first time using) Xantham Gum.


The Sauces:

  • Habanero Mustard and carrot
  • Scotch Bonnet & Yellow Moruga with white wine, white pepper, and celery
  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and tomato garlic
  • Chocolate Douglah and blackberry
  • Bhut Jolokia and strawberry
  • Misc. Bhut crosses & Jalapeno with sugar, white pepper, and celery
  • Habanero berry


Maldivian Heart x Purple Bhut

22 July 2017 - 09:26 AM

This year Puckerbutt sold F4 seed (from F3 plants) of an "experimental variety" called CP 120 - Maldivian Heart x Purple Bhut https://store.pucker...-purple-bhut-f2


Here is the official picture from Chris Phillips:






I germinated several seeds and am growing a plant at my house, and gave one to a friend. I saw his plant for the first time yesterday and was shocked to see that they are segregating for pod type!


This one is mine, with the Jolokia pod type:




And this is his with the Habanero pod type, those pods are HUGE:



Obviously I'm saving seeds from both.


2017+2018 AAS winners

18 July 2017 - 05:24 PM

The 2018 AAS winners were announced recently, and although no varieties won in the "pepper" category this year, an ornamental pepper won in "flowers"


Takii Seed's "Onyx Red"http://all-americase...epper-onyx-red/






Because there was no AAS thread for last year (at least not in the search) I'll highlight last years winners as well


There were 4 AAS winners in "Pepper" last year:


PanAmerican Seed's "Aji Rico F1"http://all-americase...epper-aji-rico/



Clover Seed Co's "Chili Pie F1" - http://all-americase...pper-chili-pie/



Clover Seed Co's "Sweetie Pie F1" - http://all-americase...er-sweetie-pie/



PanAmerican Seed's "Mad Hatter F1" - http://all-americase...per-mad-hatter/









So what do you think? Have you had these varieties? Grown them in different Hardiness Zones? Are you more interested in getting seed now that they are AAS winners?