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Yesterday, 09:05 PM

... anyone else have to Google what a growler is...? Lol

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Yesterday, 08:50 PM

Third pic is Bahama Goat Pepper from the amazing White Hot Peppers. Had to grow it after seeing the great reviews here on THP. Unfortunately a lot of my tags faded away and I'm not exactly sure what some of the peppers are.

Happy early birthday 😀

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Yesterday, 08:33 PM

I'm rootin' for it, too!!! How is your grow coming along? Did I miss your glog?

I haven't glogged, but the grow is coming along pretty good. I usually worry I won't have enough to make sauce then I end up with an abundance... Not sure yet if I'll have enough planted just yet though so... I keep planting! Haha

Here's some quick pics [emoji5]69ac2a9487fb6582ed7c91321484f95e.jpgb0ceefaeb16977e91c25b96348dfffc2.jpg3170591bef2bdabf48d8084ce3c6611d.jpg

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Yesterday, 08:21 PM

Grow little bada** pepper, grow!