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In Topic: Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

Today, 07:41 AM

Yeah the one month shots are crazy. And I too like looking at tomatoes, mine are bout 2-3 inches tall right now!

In Topic: Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Today, 05:59 AM

I hear ya, so the bishops crown don't have that flavor? Or you just still grow them? I have 6 bishops crown, and probably 9-12 of the different colors of sugar rush. Hopefully I like em.

In Topic: 2018 - The Farm

Today, 05:57 AM

3am math, lol

In Topic: Walchit's Glog 2018

Today, 05:52 AM

El-p kills it, have you heard "run the jewels"? It's killer Mike and el-p, and they go super hard

In Topic: Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Today, 05:51 AM

I've heard people say that cilantro tastes soapy? Is it like that or is it a different taste?