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#1522340 New Lights

Posted by MNXR250R on 28 January 2018 - 11:45 PM

Hey Sizzle.  Based on what you have going, I personally recommend more BLUE in the spectrum. If you could, swap two of those RED LED's with two blue.  I know those things cost a lot but too much RED and you'll have  a "little shop of horrors" on your hands.... kidding !!


Blue for vegetative growth and red for flower( that is a generalization of course). That doesn't mean that you can get by with just BLUE's for growth and just RED's for flower.  You should balance the Blues'and Red's. More Blue's than Red's in the growth cycle, then change to more Red's than Blue's during flower and fruit. I ideally you should shop for "full spectrum" LED's and just run those from start to finish.  You can get a full spectrum LED for pretty cheap these days.


But if you win the lottery and have more cash to play with.... I'm going to recommend a Light Emitting Ceramic, or LEC.  I have a 315W in a 4x4 tent, and I am amazed at how well the plants do in that light. Plus, it's only 315 watts for it's fairly easy to control the heat.  Heat is a killer !!! (and so are those little Aphid fuc^kers).  Sorry for the implied expletive.


Happy Growing !!









#1521360 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 25 January 2018 - 09:55 PM

Well it is a Happy New Year,..... isn't it ? 


I've been working on the new grow. Same tent, same lights, but a new layout. Instead of trying to grow three plants in the 2.5ft x 2.5ft tent, I've cut it down to one single plant. I ran out of space trying to grow more than one in this size tent.


I moved the "maintenance bucket" to the outside of the tent. Make for easier access when changing nutes, and I won't have to open the tent so often.


I chose to grow the Jalapeno in this tent. This is the pepper that I eat more than anything else.  I grew some really hot peppers just to say that I "Grew a Ghost" .... but those peppers just don't appeal to me. I can snack on Jalapenos while watching a movie. I can't do that with a Ghost (although I have Ghost Pepper flakes that I add to just about everything except Cheerios).


Nothing else has changed from the original setup. I have a 315W LEC light, a nutrient chiller, vent fans, humidifiers, etc.  I did add an Arduino based controller system to turn on/ff heaters, fans and humidifiers though.


To start the seeds, I used rock wool. It took 1.5 weeks to see the plant emerge, and another 1.5 weeks for the plant to start growing the true leaves. Damn slow growing even in a constant 80degF and 50% RH tent.


Rock wool dries out pretty fast, so to keep it from drying out while I'm away I've added a nutrient pump on a timer to pump nutes from the reservoir up to the plant. I'm using Hydroton clay pellets just as I did in the original setup.


Nothing else to add except this..... I will never... ever... ever..... bring a plant from the outside into my grow room. 


Happy Growing !!





New Tent Setup




New Jalapeno.jpg

#1519185 Time to start over

Posted by MNXR250R on 19 January 2018 - 07:32 AM

Very nice plants !  Two things that popped into my head while catching up... 


One.... why ADD ferts ?  


Two.... I had some trouble with flower drop on a hydro Reaper back in November. While I can't say scientifically what cured my problem, I can think of two major adjustments I made in the tent. The temperature inside the tent and the nitrogen in the nutes I was feeding. My plant was growing like crazy and dropping flowers until I made these two changes. Once I made the changes, the plant literally stopped growing upward, and started fruiting. Pollen flying everywhere !!!


But it ended up a sad story.  Aphids ended up taking over the grow, and I had to terminate the project.  Today I have a Jalapeno growing in that tent !!


Happy Growing



#1518484 working on my Arduino automatisation

Posted by MNXR250R on 16 January 2018 - 04:21 PM

floricole, very cool idea.  Be like having a garden on a spaceship with nobody aboard. 


That ACE editor background color would dive my eyes batty !!  Do like the idea of having multiple files open for edit.  I'm using Atmel Studio, and I just found out that I can "split" the screen so that one file is broken out into two editing pages/panes. VERY cool !!  Don't have to constantly scroll between two parts of the code anymore  :dance:


Got my ATMega set up now. Nothing permanent though. Still in test mode.  So far the system has one task, and that is to keep the tent at 80degF. Heater on at night and exhaust fan during lights on. Simple but effective for my germination project. So for three days now the temp inside of the germination dome (which is inside of the tent), has been between 80-80.2 degF.  Me thinks me very happy !


Have the DHT11 running too, but I don't have anything written for it yet. Should be a week or so before I get the humidifiers running.


Good luck !!







#1515981 working on my Arduino automatisation

Posted by MNXR250R on 04 January 2018 - 11:09 PM

With all of the work you have ahead, I'm not sure you'll have time to grow peppers !!! ?   Kidding of course :)


I've use Arduino for robotics and it can be a LOT of fun.  I had one project that used a digital compass, but I couldn't get past the 0/360 crossover with any degree of.... grace  :P   Other than that I had a fairly autonomous bot that would move without hitting anything.


Perhaps instead of a WDT, you could just perform a "restart" at sunrise or at a given interval.  If the code is solid, the WDT timer may not be needed since the function of the system doesn't involve any real danger. Just a thought.


Awesome Tech !!!   Good luck on your project.



#1510584 Growing through winter

Posted by MNXR250R on 11 December 2017 - 07:22 PM

I'm guessing that the day-time temps could get up high enough from solar energy.  I'd be worries about the night-time.  If it drops down to or below the 60F mark, the growth will slow quite a bit. If it get into the 40's, you could have a very very slow grow on your hands. Plants should "survive" with the heaters you have.


I wouldn't worry about the day-time light cycle as peppers don't care about it much.  Temperature is the key.


Looks like a setup that I should have in my back yard  :party:   Jealous !!!



#1510279 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 10 December 2017 - 04:20 PM

Well the end of the year is here, and today I have to shut down my indoor grow.  I've been battling Aphids for the last 6 weeks and I can't take it anymore.  They have completely taken over the tent... both tents.


I plant to fully clean the grow room and the tents, then let everything sit idle for 6-8 weeks. I hope that this will get rid of those little bast@rds so I can have a good grow next time around.


Here is what I was able to take from the Reaper.... the only remaining plant. Every single pepper is green.  They have quite a bit of heat, but they also have a floral flavor. Not terribly appealing to me.  Might be useful in a salsa though.


 Until next time !!!!







#1510262 ok here we go..so please tell me if i missed something

Posted by MNXR250R on 10 December 2017 - 03:52 PM

Definitely need more light.  Looking "leggy" for sure.


Introduce them to the sunlight slowly ( look up "hardening off").  If you give them too much sunlight, they'll die very fast !!


Once you get them outside, the water in the soil will evaporate quickly,  even in Venezuela  :P  . Keep an eye on them for sure !


Good Luck !



#1510257 Time to start over

Posted by MNXR250R on 10 December 2017 - 03:43 PM

Wow !   45 Watts  :party:    I never would have thought that you'd get peppers.  I guess I can cut way back on my electric bill !!!



#1509268 Reaper flavor.... fruity or floral.... new peppers

Posted by MNXR250R on 05 December 2017 - 09:08 PM

need pics.


Pics are linked in the post.... keep reading.


Definitely don't look like reapers to me


I agree. Not sure what I have here.... I will say that I have one "new" pepper emerging from this plant that "is starting to look"... like a Reaper. I'll give it a week or two.


I would say they are not reapers. I'm not sure if this will make you feel better or not, but I find the reaper to be overrated. I'm not a big fan of the flavor, and there are plenty of other superhots that can deliver some pain. The reaper takes forever to mature and start producing pods.


The reason for me to grow the Reaper is for the "status". Nice thing to have to boast about during lunch...  "Look at this folks... this is the Carolina Reaper ! The HOTTEST Pepper in the world !!!!!  I grew it myself too !"...  (He added,... "sometimes it's the hottest in the world" )...   :dance:


Thanks for the replies !



#1509129 Reaper flavor.... fruity or floral.... new peppers

Posted by MNXR250R on 05 December 2017 - 09:49 AM

Hey All,


I have a Reaper plant (hydro) that has been a challenge for me for many reason. Wouldn't stop growing; would set fruit (flower drop); and now aphids galore.


I have over two dozen peppers on the plant now, and none of the (except for the newest one) look anything like a Reaper. They are all green at this point too.


I picked one of the oldest and most mature green pepper off of the plant for a taste. Even though it was still green, it was pretty hot (had Jalapenos that were nearly as hot though... in my opinion).


Since these peppers do not look like Reapers, I suspect that the plant that I've been eagerly awaiting to sample Reapers from.... is not a Reaper after all.


The pepper had an intense floral flavor... not sweet like I have read that a Reaper would be. It was hot, but the heat came on slowly. The heat didn't last very long either.


You can see the peppers here (top of the page) http://thehotpepper....tup-hots/page-3


Would also like to know if the "first" peppers on a plant are representative of the peppers to come ?





#1508162 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 30 November 2017 - 11:19 PM

Update...  I let these peppers grow for a couple weeks hoping that they would start to look like "Reapers".   They don't at all look like the typical Reaper.  Wondering if I got  jipped or if the hybrid is just unstable.  Pepper Joes seeds.


Here is a pic of the peppers. Most of them look similar. These are the "first" peppers from the plant.





#1507935 Aphids... remove leaves or just smash the Bast@rds

Posted by MNXR250R on 29 November 2017 - 09:51 PM

This question is about mechanical control of Aphids (no Neem or soap) Just wondering if anyone takes the time to physically smash those little pests, or do you remove the infested tops.


I personally have a somewhat concerning infestation of the Aphids on a Reaper plant. So far I have been removing the infested leaves/tops, but I can see that this will eventually lead to a plants that has no leaves !  SO I want to know if Aphid control can be accomplished simply by squishing those little (bad words).


Indoor Hydro grow.


Thanks All,



#1507747 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 28 November 2017 - 11:34 PM

Good to hear things are coming along for ya Jeff, and best of luck with the aphids. I hate those damn :censored:


Hey Blond, no doubt those little bast@rds are ruining my grow.  I appreciate the interest  ;) !



#1507435 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 27 November 2017 - 11:21 PM

Another update....


I have about 2 dozen peppers growing now. A couple of them are nearly full size. Still green but looking healthy.


The more that I observe the plant and think about what I did right and did wrong, the more I think that I gave this Reaper way too much nitrogen during the grow. It grew faster than I could keep up with it.


Once the flowers came along, I think that it was a combination of too much nitrogen and too much heat that cause the failures to produce fruit.  Perhaps one day I will know for sure whether too much nitrogen or too much heat was the cause of the continuous flower drop.


I also have an infestation of Aphids in my indoor grow (story elsewhere). So far I have been able to keep them under control (mechanical removal of infested leaves). I just know that one of these days those little pests are going to explode in growth inside of my tent.  I am hoping that I can get a few good peppers before I have to terminate this project and start over.


I won't post anymore pics since everyone knows what a Hot Pepper looks like  :party:


Good luck everyone. Happy Growing !