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#1492665 Karoo 2017/2018 glog

Posted by MNXR250R on Yesterday, 09:52 PM

Impressive :drooling:    If I'm correct, you are getting into your "summer" in the next months. I don't know where you are exactly... somewhere in South Africa  :P


Anyway, I looked up some weather info on Johannesburg SA. The summer time high temps don't get much above 80 degF (26degC).


You said you will use a shade cloth.  Can you tell me why ?  Are you in a different climate that Johannesburg ?


Just curious and interested !





#1492147 DWC Bhut and Reaper... pH dropping very fast

Posted by MNXR250R on 17 September 2017 - 09:09 PM

I'd check ph at the same time each day. In my aquarium the ph drifts drastically  at lights out, During the day, I inject CO2,  that drives ph down. At night the PH goes up from the plants



D3monic.... I can't disagree with measuring at the same time every day. Make sense.


But I am seeing that the pH is dropping consistently. I add pH DOWN every day, and then again every day after that.


I'm hoping that sooner or later the pH will stabilize ... but hoping isn't knowing.


On a side note, I used to keep live plant aquariums (1996 to 2010ish. I had two 55 gallon tanks with T-8 grow lights. It was fantastic !  I had one plant that I loved more than any because of its color. It was a Hygrophila. Don't know the exact species but it would produce the most fantastic Fuchsia and Purple new growth. I had more than 50 fish per tank. I do miss changing the water over week or so ( or NO.... I don't  :party: )... I still love aquariums !


Thanks for the reply and Happy Growing !



#1491758 AD's are killing me

Posted by MNXR250R on 15 September 2017 - 09:26 PM

Hey Hot Pepper. I appreciate the effort. Thank you !


However, Ads help pay for the site. I'm willing to tolerate Ads... totally understand the need for revenue.... it is the Ads that repeat every 30 seconds or so that completely block me that I don't like. Maybe I can live with those too if it keeps the site up and running. There are ways to post "offline".


I'm not leaving the site  :P , Love this place !!!


Happy Growing,





#1491311 Year end and disappointed with yield

Posted by MNXR250R on 13 September 2017 - 10:36 PM


The black muck they call the Red River Valley (de la Norte ;) ) is arguably the richest soil in the world. I live right on the inside edge of that valley, a half mile to my east is a sandy brown dirt shoved out of Canada by glaciers some 15,000 years ago. Stuff still grows there, just not with the plesiosaur shit laden nute content.


I'd love me an extra month of grow season....


I've read of the Great Lake Agassiz. The lake that flooded our lands after that last Ice Age melt. In fact some argue that the Red River Valley, and what is now the Minnesota River to the South of the Red River is the true source of the Mississippi River. I'll leave that determination to the experts :)


I've hiked and camped along the Minnesota River and seen the soil. Lots of clay mixed with age old organics. Didn't know it would be a great soil for peppers. Maybe next time I canoe on the Minnesota, I'll bag a few gallons of the soil to take back home  :dance:


Happy Growing  !



#1490969 Year end and disappointed with yield

Posted by MNXR250R on 12 September 2017 - 06:44 PM

Same thing happened with my soil but in containers. Had to fertilize regularly. I found out this year that soil is HUGE. The plants I put in the ground here have huge pods with 4 hrs of sun a day and the container plants varied big-time based on how regular I was with giving them food. Turns out the topsoil here is magical and the mix I thought would be great actually sucked. Reshaping next year's grow accordingly but it sounds like you think things through. You learn something every year and then down the road, you're a pro like the people on here that make it look easy.


BHS, One other thing I found out this season is that my container plants (first years for those too) got VERY HOT in the direct sunlight (why are the bags black anyway ??). I put burlap around the pots and that helps a lot, but too late.


More than a couple people have said this has been a not so great season.  We've done OK but not for the blessings of the weather.  I think it has just been too cool when it should be warm, too dry when it should be wet, too wet when it should be dry and like that.  Like the weather is just ignoring its normal patterns.

How's your year been doing?


AJ, We had a warm spring and a cool summer.  It wasn't cold, plenty of days in the 80's.  I still suspect the garden mix maturity. Good Luck to ya!


plants staying small can be if you didn't break up roots on root bound transplants.


Plants roots grow fine in inert media(coco coir, rockwool) with no microbes so  


i figure it's best to go all in on 1 method of growing.


if you are going to do soil building. go all in and get lots of ammendments. 

you've seen cableguy's videos? he posted a how to make his soilmix and he does great every time.. lots of videos to prove it to you. copy what works, don't take shortcuts.


juanitos, thanks for the info.  I'll check out the videos but the truth is... I don't have a lot of time to mix up soils. Maybe don't have the interest either  :rolleyes: .  I do have a barrel full of leaf/grass compost I'll be adding to the garden in a few weeks.




Wow Jeff, what part of Minnesnowta are you in? I'm about 45 miles northeast of Fargo ND, right on the Zone 3 line, and if my hundreds upon hundreds of pepper pods would just ripen, I'm having a fantastic first year with the exotics, deer attacks and all. My soil is a primordial ooze that was the bottom of Lake Agassiz some 10,000 years ago, but my clay layer is like yours, about a foot deep. Drainage is non-existant, I recently found that the alkalinity is off the scale, but my plants are growing like nuckin' futs out there.


Tomatoes too, even with a fungus I got a bumper crop of Amish Paste. The corn was perfect, the carrots (Nelsons) are perfect, the onions are perfect, it's been really great for a guy with one foot in the Arctic.


One thing I did do since signing on to THP was to listen to these guys and try what they suggest. I actually killed a couple plants, one of them I thought I killed several times, and these guys and gals really came through with the support. Almost like professionals! Those plants are producing yet today!


...Just watch out for the guys hawking diesel and kerosene fertilizers. :shame:


Sorry about your low yield. I have had them and they are discouraging. Try some Anaheims next year. Minnesota LOVES Anaheim chiles!




stettoman, those Anaheims look amazing !  My Anaheim had a total of 5 fruits and NONE of them looked like yours.... Awesome !!  I live about 30 NW of Minneapolis. I was up at Itasca State Park this last week... not exactly in your back yard but to be honest, I couldn't see how anything would grow in the soil up there :)  Kidding... you're further West so your zone is different.  Maybe next year.......... :)




I'll be setting up a GLOG for my indoor grow this winter.  I've got two hydro (Reaper and Bhut) under a 315W LEC.  They look great so far.  Also, I have two of the same plants in small Kratky jugs.  I will add a few more plants to fill the space just to experiment but the Hydro Hots are my project this winter.


I'm playing with re-creating the 80degF and 80 percent RH that are natural for these two plants.  I've had other on this forum say that the humidity doesn't matter for the chilies... maybe so, but I like to tinker. So far I have been able to keep the heat under 85 and the humidity between 65-75 percent.


Thanks All,



#1490706 Year end and disappointed with yield

Posted by MNXR250R on 11 September 2017 - 08:54 PM

Summer is almost gone here in Minnesota. Forecast for the next week is highs in the 80's (F), but the last few weeks have been lower than the average. 


I completely rebuilt the outdoor garden this year. I dug out the old soil which I had installed a few years ago. The old soil was supposed to be a "garden mix".  Perhaps it was. I know I have over watered my plants in the past... and more or less killed them all. Tomatoes mostly. None of the plant I had in the garden did well so I thought it was a time for change.


I removed the 8 inches of old soil, and dug deeper into the clay (removing some fantastically large tree roots from the neighbors trees)(4 years and the tree roots are HUGE).


I dug the new bed to 12 inches, and broke up the clay undersoil for another 6 to 8 inches. Then I added "Kellogs Farms" raised bet mix. Technically by bed is raised... not that that really matters.


I even went so far as to cover the garden with a "tunnel". Just enough green house plastic to keep the rain out (so I could control the water), but allow the wind in blow the plants.


I thought that this new soil would be excellent for my first year of peppers... as it turns out, that was not the case.


I have read a lot about soil in the past six months, and in my amateur opinion my "new" soil didn't have the microbial activity that is normally present in a mature soil. I had to add liquid ferts on a regular interval (yellow leaves).


So to the point> 


I have one tomato (cherry) that grew like crazy. I'm still getting fruit from this on every day ( hundreds so far)

I have a few varieties of tomatoes that really didn't produce. Some nice fruit but...

Jalapenos. None of the plants (3) grew more than 1 foot tall. Got two dozen or so very hot peppers (high HOT for Jalapenos)... Delicious but expected higher production.

Super Chilis were very productive, but the plants are less than 1 foot tall. Going to have a hot pepper flake for the winter !!

Chi-Chien were good, as were the Shishito and Corno De Toro, but again these plants are very small.


The most disappointing of all were the Sarrano and Ploblanos.  I got no more than 8 peppers from the two Serranos, and only two fruits from the Poblonao !!


 Minnesota isn't exactly a hot place for sure. This year has been cooler than normal to boot.  All in all, my pepper production has been disappointing.


Happy Growing.



#1488347 AD's are killing me

Posted by MNXR250R on 02 September 2017 - 01:06 AM

While I understand that making money to support the web sit is important...... allowing adds (Comcast) that completely overtake the site and interfere with my efforts to reply or post is very disconcerting.


If this continues I will move on.  I spent too much time scrolling and adjusting the text cursor to reply to texts.



#1488337 Posting this here because I guess it falls under "greenhouses"

Posted by MNXR250R on 01 September 2017 - 11:51 PM

This post could be placed in a "Grow Log" (glog)...  That is if you keep us posted as to the progress of your peppers.


Beside that, what a beautiful place to live !  I wish that I could stand on my patio and see what you see  :party: !!


I've looked up the average weather in Sarajevo before. Like you said it isn't warm.... more on the cool side.  You also have the winters.... It freezes in January just like it does here in Minnesota !! (we're colder in winter and warmer in summer).


Your plants look great.  Nothing to do for them now besides let them grow. When it starts to get cold, you could make a greenhouse-like tent or bag around the plants. Open the tent or bag in the day (so it doesn't get too hot), and close it at nigh (keep the heat in)t. Tedious (meaning... Pain-In-The-Ass) for sure but you could get more time on the plants.  From what I see in the pictures.... no flowers. Flower to fruit can take a long time with HOTS.


When did you start (germinate) you plants ?


Please keep in contact... I would like to know how your plants turn out.



#1487903 Leaf curling problem.

Posted by MNXR250R on 30 August 2017 - 10:57 PM

Did you checked the pH of your system when your had the plants in the Dutch Bucket system ?


Can you explain what you mean when you say you didn't rinse the Perlite and the soil was too sandy ? Why do you think that ? Seriously not trying to be assy... I am truly interested. 


So you took them out of them out of the Dutch system... to a place where the rain can't get them.  Was the rain getting to them while they were in the Ducth system ?


As for the leaf curl, it's tough for me to say for sure.  You have moved the plants and the root system could be stressed out. I have tomatoes that have had leaf curl for the entire summer. I don't think it's a disease. I suspect that in my case I have underdeveloped root system and ferts were too high. Don't know. I have NOT solved my problem, but it seems to me that this is a place to look.


Good luck to ya !



#1487337 Sun Systems LEC 315.... ballast is internal.... Heat ??

Posted by MNXR250R on 28 August 2017 - 04:47 PM

Here in Minnesota we get the Siberia weather for about two months a year. Not something to rely on though :)


Discovered today that the LEC 315 comes in a "remote" version... Ballast is external.  Might look at that.


Then there is LED.  Not sure if I trust the LED... unless I spend a grand on it  I try to find reviews on LEDs for peppers. Tough to sort through all the LED for cannabis reviews :rolleyes: 


 Maybe I'll try the LEDs when weed is legal here in MN.





#1487305 Soil maturity time

Posted by MNXR250R on 28 August 2017 - 02:36 PM

Thanks stickman.  So then if I poop in the garden it should reach an equilibrium :party:   Kidding of course.


 I have seen soil amendments that have active microbiology. Maybe I should consider adding some of that to the next garden expansion.  I don't have a lot of room to be able compost enough for the entire system.  That's next years project :)



#1484195 Habanada Pepper looks sick

Posted by MNXR250R on 16 August 2017 - 10:50 PM

Did you fertilize this plant in the small pot ?  Looks like you have some leaf tip burn. Could be too much fert... could be over watering too.


Looks like a lot of leaves have dropped too. Not a lot of yellow... so over watering may not be the prob.


Since you moved the plant to a 5 Gal.... you'll have to wait and see now.


Like Edmick said.... I think it'll bounce back....... in time.






#1484193 At this point I'm ashamed of the topic: What is wrong with this plant?

Posted by MNXR250R on 16 August 2017 - 10:30 PM

I looked up some weather details for Sarajevo.  Your average summer high temps (23-26 deg C) are not exactly hot.  Pretty warm is a better description. The average summer LOWS (12-13 deg C) are actually quite low for a Bhut.


The Bhut Jolokia and most Super Hots are very slow growing. They need a full 4 months of warm days and nights to grow and mature. From what I have researched , the native environment for the Bhut is... an average daytime temp of 30 deg C, and the night time temps are 21 deg C.  Humidity is around 80 percent !


So then, since you can't give the plant the ideal conditions for growth, it will be a very slow grow. The plants in the pictures look healthy enough... just need time :) I would expect that they will produce eventually... but it will take a long time for them to adapt to any changes in environment. You put them in bigger pots, and it will take time for them to adjust to the new pots. Just keep them happy and healthy and you will rewarded..... eventually :)







#1483725 Nute burn, or just deformed leaf?

Posted by MNXR250R on 14 August 2017 - 07:13 PM

Elscott... tell me that those plants are older than one year... please !  They are huge !


All of my new plants in the outdoor garden are not even half the size of yours... Awesome !  Just Awesome !!



#1483617 Nute burn, or just deformed leaf?

Posted by MNXR250R on 14 August 2017 - 01:38 PM

I've seen this on my plants as well.  I've read that the severely crinkled leaves could be cause my excessive nutes. I've also had deformed leaves where it look like something took a bite out of the side of the leaf. Since my grows have been indoors, and I couldn't find/identify and bugs on my plants, I have to conclude that it was either nutes, the oil from my fingers when I handled the plant when it was young, an E-cig smoke particle combining with a hyper charged space photon that impacted the edge of the leaf during early afternoon in Feb.... or aliens (wife included)!


In my case, none of the deformed leaves have cause any problems with the plant.  If it's green and growing, I'm good :)