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#1505938 What pest or condition does this look like.

Posted by MNXR250R on 19 November 2017 - 09:57 PM

Wow.... those are some nice macro shots of the flies !!  I don't know what they are other than.... flies  ;)


Are you growing indoors or outdoors ?  If outdoors, have you had a lot of rain lately ? 


It looks like a fungus has found a home on the bottom of the leaves.  Probably from the leaves being too wet for a period of time. That fungus can cause the damage you see.


As for the flies, maybe they just stopped by for a drink of water ?  I really don't know. I don't see a lot of mechanical damage on the leaves.  A fly that large should cause a lot of damage if it was feeding on the leaves.  You could keep an eye out for the larvae though... maybe the flies are planting their own seed on your plants.


Just my thoughts,







#1505937 Hot Pepper Space

Posted by MNXR250R on 19 November 2017 - 09:19 PM

PepperMan16... Welcome !


Are you growing indoors ?  If you have them outdoors then just keep them far enough apart to let the sun hit all of the leaves.  Life is good in that case !   Indoors under a grow light is a different story.


If you are growing indoors under a grow light, then the issue of spacing becomes an important consideration. When the plants mature, they can get very big and bushy. I have indoor plants that have canopies that are close to 2ft x 2ft.  So two plants in a grow room would have to be 4ft. apart if you want to get the most out of the plants.


Since you have pots, you're already in a good spot. Just move them apart as they get bigger, or trim them as others have already said. You don't have to have huge plants to get peppers. If you look to have lots and lots of peppers, then you'll need to have a lot of space to let them grow.... and really good lighting.


Good Luck and Happy Growing !





#1505931 Habanero plant stunted and leaves curling up

Posted by MNXR250R on 19 November 2017 - 08:23 PM

Seggaeman, :welcome:


Looks like you have something that likes to chomp your leaves, but it doesn't look to me that this is the main problem.  I can't tell from the leaves (pictures) what the problem is.


What kind of soil are you using ?  Native soil with amendments ?  From the pictures it looks to me that the soil should have enough nutrients, so adding ferts shouldn't be necessary. This is not absolute though.


How bout temperatures ?  How has the weather been lately ?  


Peppers don't need a lot of fertilizer, and they take a long time to grow. Adding too much nitrogen to the soil can cause the curling leaves. But then again there are many things that will cause the eaves to curl.


Whatever you try to do to address your problem, just keep in mind that any change you make can take a while (weeks?) before you see a change. Try one thing and let that run for a while.


If I were in your shoes and had your plant, I would cut way back on watering for a while. Let the plant beg you for water (don't kill it of course).  I am suspecting that your roots are too wet, or are not developed.  Peppers do not like to have wet soil and from the pictures it looks like your soil can hold TONS of water...especially down deep.


My opinion is just that... MY opinion  :liar:  LOL


Good Luck,





#1505929 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 19 November 2017 - 07:56 PM

Update.  Today I found at least 6 tiny peppers growing on the Reaper plant !!!  Today is a very, very happy day indeed :dance:  


For a while I thought I would have to start this project over since I was running out of grow space (vertical). But after cutting back the nitrogen I think the plant stopped growing upward, and started growing peppers instead.  I had also changed the light cycle and the temperature (which killed the humidity), so in the end I can't say what I did to force the plants to flower and produce. I suspect it was the nutes.... too much nitrogen for too long. From what other have commented on, I'm certain that the light cycle had nothing at all to do with the transition to fruiting, but I can't say so absolutely since I don't have data.


I have at least 150-200 flowers on this plant. Most are at the very early stages of development, and many dozen are fully open now. Pollen galore  :party:


I'll update once more when I get ripe peppers, or if SHTF.  Changing nutes again today after all !!!


Happy Jeff !!!





#1505661 Sad day... Aphids win this time

Posted by MNXR250R on 17 November 2017 - 11:58 PM

Today I did it.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I killed my Tasmanian Habanero.  I had to.


I spayed the ever living Neem Oil SH!T out onto that plant. I literally used a full liter of spray every other day for a week. Over a gallon of Neem Oil solution and every day that I looked at the plant I could find live aphids !!!  I wasn't being nice the the plant either...  I drowned that plant with Neem Oil.  My Hydro system was pumping Neem Oil onto the roots because I used so much.


Anyway.  There is a time when the pests truly to win.  When the environment for them is perfect, there is no way to get rid of them. They've had millions of years to develop strategies for survival.


Did you know that a female Aphid gives birth only to females (when conditions are perfect, like mine), and that the daughter is ALREADY PREGNANT when she is borne !!!!  How can you compete with that Grandpa !!!





#1505658 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 17 November 2017 - 11:45 PM

Update on the Reapers and the Ghost peppers in my grow tent.


I had a major malfunction with my other grow tent due to my loving and generous wife ( I still love her... mostly ). See http://thehotpepper....-win-this-time/


The Aphid infestation has NOT found its way to my Reaper/ Ghost tent !!  At lease not yet.


But the good news of the day is that after all the fussing with trying different methods to get the Reapers/Ghost to produce quality flowers (let alone pollinate them), I witnessed a couple dozen really nice looking flowers spit out a cloud of pollen when I agitated them !!!!!  I have not seen this before in this tent so I am very, very hopeful that the future will be good to me.


Keeping it short,



#1504923 Sad day... Aphids win this time

Posted by MNXR250R on 13 November 2017 - 06:52 PM

My indoor hydro grow has had some success, and some fails.  I had huge plants after only 6-7 weeks, but I could never get them to flower. 


The beginning of the end for my grow was the day my wife brought home a pepper plant that belongs to a co-worker of hers. She (wife) was also nice enough to drop the orphan plant inside of my main grow tent !!.. What a girl !!!


The orphan plant came in to my grow room FULL of Aphids. Once I noticed the aphids I snatched up that plant and threw it outside.  I was too late though and the aphids found a new home in my grow room.


I've been trying to get rid of those little bast@ards for weeks now, and today I gave up. I've been out of town for a few days and when I looked in the tent this afternoon, it was a very sad sight. Aphids everywhere, and white flies too.  So I am giving up on this grow. I can't take this anymore.


What I need a a suggestion for a "bug-bomb", or other method to completely eradicate the pests from my grow room. I have plenty of ventilation to clear the room after the treatment, and I don't have to worry about pets for kids. No food stuffs either.


Any recommendations ???




Sad Jeff. 





#1504918 Time to Relight

Posted by MNXR250R on 13 November 2017 - 05:38 PM

I've had good success with the 315W LEC.  Awesome growth on the peppers I have under them !  Stunning growth actually !!  The fixture that I have doesn't have the best canopy penetration though, so I use two fixtures.


Then there are the T5 fixtures (HO fluorescents).  The fixtures are great for seedlings and early growth.... Easy to use and doesn't overheat those sensitive little plants :)


But to be fair, LED is the future of lighting. It's difficult to cut through the specifications of some lamps though. Look for PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation)  and PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) ratings. Don't buy an LED based strictly on WATTS.  Just because it's bright doesn't mean a plant will respond to it.


Good luck to ya !





#1504910 soil runnoff ph too low?

Posted by MNXR250R on 13 November 2017 - 05:20 PM

I know that a lot of us (growers) tend to be very active in our approach to our grows. We like to tinker and test, tweak and try out new things. You seem to be one of those types !!


That said, sometimes the best advise is to just let things alone and let nature do its thing. Personally, I wouldn't worry about the runoff pH, unless you have some serious problems with your plants... like major nutrient deficiencies. Even in that case, you could simply flush the soil with RO/distilled water to wash out the excess. If a good flush doesn't work, well I'd say that you have some epic problems with your growing conditions... and testing the runoff isn't going to help you.


But hey, if your just curious and want to learn more about soil... then test away !!!







#1504091 Hydro Grow.... never any fruit. Need advise

Posted by MNXR250R on 09 November 2017 - 09:47 AM

What hours have you got your lighting on/off ?


Currently running the 18 on and 6 off.


Hello, I have not been on in a few months but this post was the second one I reviewed.


I understand your frustration,  but don't give up...things can turn around with a simple change in time of lighting, nutrients used and timing, temperature of the soil, etc. 


My first question to you is what nutrients are you using for your hydro grow and what schedule for adding ferts to you water are you using .  I, personally, use Botanicare products (not affiliated with the company at all) and have had great results using Progrow, ProBloom, Liquid Karma, and Cal-Mag....the back of the containers of these products indicates how much and when to use these products during the growth cycle.  


With that being said, let it be known I am NOT a hydro gardener, the way I grow is in container gardens that are on drip fertigation continually...each time they get water, they get food...only makes sense to me....but in hydro, the nutrients are everpresent so I can not speak to hydro.


sorry to ramble...




Nutes are General Hydro Flora series.  I have a feeding schedule that I downloaded from the GH site. Been using a "late bloom" mix for a few weeks now. Low N and high P,K.


I change the nutes every 12-14 days. It depends on my schedule and the pH shift.  I have to add pH DOWN for a weeks or so, the the pH shift will change directions as the nutes get used up. I'll stop adding DOWN and add a little Micro and Bloom for a couple days to keep the pH stable at around 6. Then when I get the chance I'll change out the entire reservoir. Never gone more than 14 days though.


I've been toying with the idea of adding nutes every day to keep the PPM and the pH in range.  Perhaps I can work out a schedule to do just that..........after I get some peppers.


So the two replies that indicate that light's-on time could be significant. Everything that I have read is that peppers are not photo-period sensitive. I've even read a tale where peppers were grown with a 24/7 light schedule. But then I've read that with the right magic bean, one can travel between realms.


SO for the sake of science, I'll cut the lights back to a 12-12 cycle and see what happens.


Thanks for the replies,



#1503673 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 06 November 2017 - 05:16 PM

Just a quick update.  I found that my pH meters (two of them) were off by 0.7 (readings were higher than they should be).  So when I kept my pH at 6.0, I was actually keeping at 5.3.  Not sure if that had anything to do with my "flowering" problem, but what do I know for sure.


I've taken the advice of some and reduced the nute PPM and dropped the temperatures.  Some of the newer flower look much better now.  I'm hopeful that in the next weeks I will get some fruit.


Will post some new pics in a week or so.



#1503157 Aphids vs. me

Posted by MNXR250R on 03 November 2017 - 10:42 PM

I had a perfect indoor environment for my grow until I brought a favorite pepper plant inside to "over winter" it. The outdoor pepper had Aphids (couldn't see them on the plant when I brought it indoors). Now I have those little Aphids infesting my entire indoor grow !!!


I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of those things.  Once my grow is done, I'll prolly start a small fire in the grow room. Raise the temperature to 2-300 degF to kill every last one of them.....  but then there is the house. My house. The same house that the grow room is in.  I hate those damn things !!!!!



#1503154 Outdoor Growing In My Climate

Posted by MNXR250R on 03 November 2017 - 10:28 PM



In your growing zone, one thing you have going for you is a very long summer daytime. This would be very,very good for your pepper plants !


But, like you say, the temperature is a concern. 20degC is on the low side of the natural environment of Hot Peppers. I don't think that this should keep you from growing outdoors  :P .


As already stated, you should have mostly mature plants to move outside. Buy them from a local market (already started), or grow them from seeds indoor very early in the season. You need to have a pretty good head start.


If your start your seeds indoors, be cautious when bringing them outdoors. Make the transition slowly. I have had pepper plants that got "zapped" by the direct sunlight... killing them in two days !


You could also build a greenhouse. It doesn't have to be large, fancy or expensive.  The idea of the greenhouse is to help control temperature. Open the greenhouse during the daytime to prevent over heating of the plants, then close the greenhouse during the night to keep the heat in.  It would involve some extra effort and work on your part.... but it would make for happy peppers  :dance: 



Good luck and Happy Growing !



#1502725 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 01 November 2017 - 08:29 PM

Just a stab in the dark , you still have 11 inches to go , you want to harvest a few Reapers , don't cut back just yet.

Try to cut back on your light cycle, a lot. Something like 4 on, 8 off ,4 on ,8 off.


Eleven inches from the lights now, and I'm seeing what I think is sunburn. Maybe it isn't... I don't know for sure.


I'm going to give the plants another week or so, then I may try to cut back on the lights (time).


Thanks Karoo !


According to a few articles I've found, temps above 86f as far back as 15 days before the flowers open can cause pollen sterility. Once the fruit is set the plants can again tolerate more heat. I'd try to reduce temps a bit and see what happens over a couple weeks. Cycling the light as suggested might just be enough temp control to get them fruiting.

Very nice growth, there's no doubt the plants should be able to support some good yields.

Are you using net cups with hydroton, and what size?


These two plants were germinated in Gro-Dan cubes. They are now in Hydroton clay pebbles.


If you are correct about the temperatures, I can easily correct that. I think I'll give that a shot. Could be a big part of my problem.


Thanks Hafners !!

#1502543 New Setup... Hots

Posted by MNXR250R on 31 October 2017 - 10:35 PM

Update on the project.  I'm running out of vertical space to grow. The Reaper is 42 inches tall, and only 11 inches from the HydroFarm CMh 315W.  I can't raise the light any more in this small tent.... run out of room.


The Bhut is 28 inches tall, and is 25 inches from the lamp. The Bhut is being shaded to some extent by the Reaper but is growing. It has a bunch of new flower pods and I'm hopeful that they will mature an produce.


Two weeks ago I was suffering from "flower drop" on the Reaper. Nutes too high ? Temps too high ?  Don't know. Today I have many new flowers, but I can't say that they are fully formed and will produce fruit.  I hate to say it, but I may have to cut down the Reaper since I've seen some "sunburn" on the upper leaves. I will let it grow until it suffers too much from the intense light.


I thought that Hydroponics would be the "easy" way to go.  I don't think that anymore !  Hydro is a fast system, and you have to watch it closely.... every day.




Interested in your thoughts,