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In Topic: Buy seeds from ukchilliseeds.co.uk ?

19 April 2018 - 02:02 AM

Thanks a lot , will try seeds from them on the next year...i am curious about the super hot specimens . 

In Topic: Buy seeds from ukchilliseeds.co.uk ?

19 April 2018 - 01:47 AM

I bought seeds ukchillieseeds but never again. Had zero germination rates with different varieties and contacted them
Numerous times for a response but got no comments. Using a vitopod heated propagator with growlights ans got near 100% germination rates with seeds from other companiea. Cowboys and jokers seemingly as they dont even respond to complaints.

Yes, i decided to buy and i got some peppers but some varieties didn't germinate at all. Other germinated, I had a germination rate at about 65% and i used propagators and had perfect conditions. But i don't know why they didn't germinated...I will try speak to them see what they say. Do you have other good suppliers from Europe???? Ca you recommend some of them?




In Topic: Buy seeds from ukchilliseeds.co.uk ?

20 September 2017 - 01:33 AM

I already ordered from ukshiliseeds.co.uk last year. Everything was ok. 

Yes my seeds came yesterday , delivery was pretty quick i order in 7 Sept and received them in 19 Sept. So i believe is pretty good delivery time, i am from Romania. Do your seed germinated good ? After germination when the peppers were fully grown they were the peppers that you bought? Not some regular pepper seeds? I will come back here with a reply after i plant some of them and see what i got. Cheers to all of you.

In Topic: Buy seeds from ukchilliseeds.co.uk ?

12 September 2017 - 02:22 AM

Trashing on Aleixpress and Ebay is kind of like trashing on the Internet itself.  Same for Amazon and even Walmart online now a days.  They are market places where vendors sell their goods.  You can find good merchants and not so good merchants.  Not sure about Ebay, but have seen Refining Fire chili on Amazon and a whole bunch of other market places.  No clue how Mr. Duffy keeps things right in his head.  Lots of organization there.  Have seen Pepper Joe stuff on Ebay.

Not saying they are great places to buy, but no worse than the Internet in general.  Maybe even a bit better because they usually have complaint departments.


    I know , and i bought from a reputable seller who had over 2k+ 5 stars reviews. But i didn't pay attention that the reviews were reffering to the quality of the shipping . In the case of seeds you can review them in a good manner after a few monts after they grow bigger and they produce fruit. But in ALiexpress case after few months you cannot leave additional feedback as they disable this feature after a while. And you cannot leave feedback for others to see if what you bought is actually original or is another kind of plant and so on.. I think they should improve this system and let you rate in some cases after more time has passed. This way we will be able to see who sells original stuff and who is a scammer.

    I saw a lot of  people complaining on ALiexpress and Ebay Seeds ...but i saw this after i saw my peppers that are not what i bought...i was kinda disappointed by this, i really like growing peppers so i was only upset on the seller that he did this thing but i was kinda reliefed that i grow some beautiful Thai peppers in the end. Instead of reapers or scorpions...But shame the seller for this, anyway i made complaint to Aliexpress and hope to solve this case so no more people will be scammed by those kind of people. It is a bit hard after so many months has passed but I will figure it out somehow.


As for the ukchilliseeds.co.uk i made an order and see what i got and come with a reply them for anybody to know. But as i read through comments here i see is a good seller and there were some people who bought seeds from them and were satisfied that they were 100% original seeds. So i think will be fine this time .


Thanks Guys.

In Topic: buying seeds uk/europe

11 September 2017 - 09:39 AM

Hello Guys,

Just wanted to ask you if anyone bought seeds from ukchilliseeds.co.uk ? And if so, are they original 100%? I mean what you buy is what you get? I got some seeds from aliexpress and after 4 months i thought i grow Carolina Reaper and i got some Thai peppers instead...I don't want this to happen again and wanted to ask if anyone bought seeds from here and if they grow with a good germination rate and also if product is original and trustworthy . Thank you so much