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#1638365 Legal question

Posted by WarrantMan on Yesterday, 05:29 PM

#1637951 Legal question

Posted by WarrantMan on 17 June 2019 - 08:58 AM

Wow. This is intriguing.

I actually have a large pepper plant growing on my front porch, wouldn’t even think to move it for fear of a lawsuit.  Are you kidding? Really? A perfectly legal thing (growing food) a practice done throughout the ages, now impacted because someone who has no right to it may experience discomfort?  I’m not buying into that at all.  Different if it were somehow “lethal” and folks could die. Great discomfort, well then it’s a self-correcting problem.


Sure, you can hire an attorney to try and sue anybody for anything. They will happily take your money as long as you pay – win or lose.


Extrapolate the scenario onto peanut farmers. We certainly all know about the “nut allergy” phenomenon. Seems as though I hear about it every day, or see the signs, menus etc..  So precisely what do you think would be the requirements under this line of reasoning concerning lawsuits? Fence in the entire area? Place warning placards on all the tractors and equipment? What if some kid climbs the fence and gets inside and eats the peanuts? How tall should the fence be? Maybe he couldn’t read the signs due to age, illiteracy or perhaps not the language the signs were written in. How many different languages should the signs be? What about birds, rodents etc. who may scatter the nuts outside the “fenced in,” “roped off,” “locked down” hazardous production areas, are the farmers responsible for this as well?  The possibilities and scenarios are endless.  Blah blah blah.


Cower in fear if you choose, as for me,  my "rights" will not be impacted by such absurdities. :violin:    




#1637873 Armadillo Eggs????

Posted by WarrantMan on 16 June 2019 - 08:00 PM

The 7 pots I think would eclipse my palate, but as far as the jalapenos go, I've had them six-ways from Sunday. To date, my favorite is -  stuffed with pimento cheese and a slice of anchovy. 

Awesome!  :cheers:

#1637870 Legal question

Posted by WarrantMan on 16 June 2019 - 07:29 PM

Off the cuff, I'd say no problem at all. You growing a natural food in your yard is not an act of "negligence" for which you could be sued. Peppers are grown around the world for human consumption. You have no legal obligation to "warn" anyone of what you are growing no more than you need label any other plants in your yard. I am certain that there may be many different plants, bushes, flowers that could actually be poisonous if eaten. You've no obligation to research those and label them as such. I've never seen it, nor heard of any legal cases as such.


I will say that my personal legal counsel "advised" me against displaying "superhots" at my sales events on tables where they might be accessible by kids. I think this to be sound advice and would not want "sales" to be interrupted by any such drama. Your "home" is a different story altogether. Your domicile, not a place of business. Have at it. 

#1636424 Vinegar blends

Posted by WarrantMan on 08 June 2019 - 07:46 PM

I played around with a few for years before settling on recipes for commercial purposes. They all have qualities that when used in combination with other ingredients can have great results. I'm a southerner and true to certain uses of vinegars. Particularly, I'm a big fan of paring tomatoes (high acidity) with vinegar as is common with many BBQ sauces. They all achieve a certain "pickling" effect if used in the right quantity and can impart a subtle flavor of difference in reaction to the other ingredients. Just gotta experiment and find out what suits your palate. White vinegar to me is akin to using white paint for a picture, a blank baseline. Other vinegars already have "color" added to begin with in this sense. Some things (or colors) mix better with those vinegars already having a "color" or unique "flavor." 


Not sure I've answered your question but would just say "experiment."

#1636214 A day in the life

Posted by WarrantMan on 07 June 2019 - 12:45 PM

#1636113 Favorite apples

Posted by WarrantMan on 06 June 2019 - 10:40 PM

Love Honey Crisps no doubt. Granny Smith is my "go-to" fav, but must admit that last year I bought some apples from a North Carolina vendor at a farmer's market. They were kinda small (red-white-yellowish) uglier than homemade sin, but the best apples I've ever had. Wished I knew what they were, I really have no idea. He offered one as a sample, I tried one and bought a basket. Hope the dude is here again this year so I can learn what they were and this time maybe save some seed.

#1635913 Smoke Somethin

Posted by WarrantMan on 05 June 2019 - 09:43 PM

 Maybe use more than one pack for a big butt.


I like big butts... ha ha.. Someone had to go there ha ha  :cheers:  Reckon I will....


#1635584 AJDrew - Not doing well

Posted by WarrantMan on 03 June 2019 - 11:01 PM

Could be any one of us. Got a little extra, give a little... https://www.gofundme...h-save-our-home

#1635569 MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

Posted by WarrantMan on 03 June 2019 - 09:21 PM

Great job Mike! Oh man how cool. Some folks think about things, some folks talk about other people doing things, but apparently you are one of those special few who "do things."  In this instance, you "killed it." Do your thing and leave others to talk about it. I tip my hat dude.... leave your mark and become the source of great story. Wished I'd been there....  :cheers:

#1635376 June is Mod Appreciation Month

Posted by WarrantMan on 02 June 2019 - 10:58 PM

Well said on all counts. You guys do a wonderful job here. I can only suppose what it must entail. In absolute sincerity, "thank you." I have gained much here in more ways than I can presently recollect.


THP and Mods, I will be here til the walls crumble or a "cease and desist" order gets served.


Thanks again to all and keep on trucking!   :cheers:



#1631473 Smoke Somethin

Posted by WarrantMan on 11 May 2019 - 11:56 PM

From a real cop, to re-enforce the stereotype, Krispy Kreme rocks! Just saying... "hot now."  I'm with the kids... a thing of beauty... Watching them get covered in the glaze... a feat to behold.  :cheers:

#1629104 Pepper People are the Best

Posted by WarrantMan on 29 April 2019 - 08:19 AM



What a great display of diplomacy, I am impressed and offer salute. :clap:  Perhaps it may be divisive to make such claims or titles. Twenty-four hours have passed and the required number of votes fell short. So I withdraw my motion and I believe point was made nonetheless. There are some really cool people here to be sure.


I guess no harm in showing what "would have" went along with the title -  a 1974 AMC Gremlin, with dual Holley carbs, Thrush exhaust, bored Vertex pistons, Hurst shift kit and Coon skin covered bucket seats. Every man's dream.....


gremlin 1974.jpg


One really cool Chilihead hat/crown




A chili keychain to keep the key of your dream car!




Well Shorerider, you're still tops in my book. Kinda glad this idea fell through, the shipping costs would've been horrible!!


#1628841 Pepper People are the Best

Posted by WarrantMan on 27 April 2019 - 08:59 PM

Mike USMC,

I’ve been a member here (THP) for a year or so. Had absolutely no idea on what impact it would have on me professionally or personally. Didn’t initially think it would impact either  … just an exercise in entertainment really.


Man, did I call it wrong.


Gathered here are some of the coolest people from all over the world. All walks of life, every ethnicity. Some, rise to the top in their generosity. I am sure others would do likewise if it were within their means to do so.  Just indicative of the caliber of people here.


So, I refer to this thread as a “club” of sorts. Selfless gifts shared, oft times incurring expenses greater than the value of the gifts given to make it happen. In doing so, the gifts gain greater value and the expense is moot.


There are many here who have been kind and generous to me (yourself included) but I hasten to name all, for fear I might accidently exclude someone and cause offense. So here I abstain.


Having said all that, just to lay groundwork to say this, Shorerider is an exceptional dude. On this forum and otherwise.  Halfway around the world from me (and others here) he stands as testament to true generosity. Indeed, I would count him a friend I’ve not yet had the pleasure to meet.


PPATB Pepper People Are The Best, but there are BPP Best Pepper People.


I make motion:


By the power vested in me, know all ye present who may read or have knowledge thereof, that on this day, the Twenty-Seventh of April, the year of our Lord Two-Thousand Nineteen, that Shorerider is deemed to be a Best Pepper Person and afforded all rights and privileges attained thereto.



As is customary for these proceedings, in accordance to “Robert’s Rules of Order” there must be at least 10 votes of affirmation (or likes) for this motion to pass.


What say ye?  Yea or nay?





#1628476 Spiciest Dish You've Had At a Restaurant

Posted by WarrantMan on 25 April 2019 - 09:31 PM

It was the late 1990s. Working as a Deputy Sheriff in Charleston county, SC.  Early days as “The Warrant Man.” True and a bit personal.  I've had a great run at life and don't mind sharing.. ;)


It was a longstanding tradition that on “payday Fridays” those who could, would meet and have lunch together. My assignment as well as my colleagues at the time, allowed for great choices on where to eat. “Anywhere” in Charleston county or the adjoining counties was fair game. So, it went for many months. One particular instance, when deciding where to eat, it seems that every suggestion went foul. No one could agree, “been there done that” sort of thing. One Deputy pipes up “let’s go eat Thai food.” Well that was different, and I had never eaten Thai food before, so I gave it a thumbs up and others quickly followed. Off we went to eat Thai.


We got a big table at the place and the menus were handed out. I looked at the offerings that had names, but not much explanation otherwise as to what they were. I was at a loss. Had absolutely no clue on what to order. When the waitress came around to me, I suddenly recalled some TV show where someone was in Thailand and was eating “Larb.” I didn’t know what it was, only remembered how funny I thought the name was from the TV show. So, being the “only” thing I knew of Thai food, I asked if they had “Larb?” She acted surprised and asked “you like Larb?” To save face and act like I knew what the deal was, I played it off. “I love it” I said. “You want chicken or pork?” She asked. “Pork” I replied. “You like it spicy?” she asked. Playing the big man now, I laid it on thick.  “Of course, is there any other way?” She gave me a nod of affirmation and my buds were impressed.


Some time later, the dishes came out. I had no idea what the hell I had ordered.  It was chopped meat on a bed of lettuce. It was great! It was so hot, to the threshold of great discomfort, but no way I was gonna balk and not eat it. It truly was amazing, but hotter than hell. Some discussions followed the meal, but I was top dog, being the only guy there who knew what to order. I thought that I would indeed have the dish again, just not so hot.


Some hours later, I was working an off-duty gig doing security at a bingo parlor. Off-duty gigs pay well for cops. This was mine. Shuffle out the drunks or crackheads and make sure the “big winners” made it to their cars unmolested. Aside from cigarette smoke, not a bad gig.


I’m walking the parking lot. Early December, not horribly cold but chilly enough to wear a coat. I began to sweat profusely. Didn’t know why exactly, but as cold as it was, I’m sweating like a whore in church. I assumed I was getting sick. Well in short order, my body betrayed me by what I thought to be “gas.” Not so. Man, I was in a jam. Quite embarrassed (no one else knew) but still I had to do the walk of shame to tell the management I had to leave. I got just inside the place, caught the attention of the manager and pointed to my walkie-talkie and signaled I had to respond to an emergency. (It was understood and indeed part of the contract that should some emergency arise nearby during an off-duty assignment, that we had to respond.) So, all was well. I figured to go home, clean up, come back and no one would be the wiser…. That was the “plan” anyways.


I got to my cruiser and began the ride home. For a few minutes, all was well. Then the terror hit. From deep inside my body came a pain I’d never before known. Like the scene in the movie Alien. There was a monster inside my body clawing to force its way out. I floored the accelerator. I’m a cop and driving a police car, this is an emergency, so I hit the lights. Sweat is pouring from my brow, can barely see and my body is convulsing. What agony. I hit mach 10 about the time I reached the bridge to the “North area” and began to weigh my options. Left to go home, right to go to my office only several blocks away. No brainer, office it was.  I took the turn true “Starsky and Hutch” (drifting style) and headed for the office that I knew would be vacant that time of night. I got to the fence and had to activate a remote device for it to open. It seemed to take hours for the gate to open. I’m writhing and my eyes are burning from the sweat. Finally, the gate opens and I pull inside.  I had to climb a flight of stairs while clinching my body in the process. All the while, the monster inside is raking its claws, harder and more painful.  When I made it to the door, I had to punch in an access code. It was dark, my eyes are bleeding and I can barely see. After several tries I get in. I began to shed my clothes. Gun, nightstick and all to the floor in a mad rush. A trail of stuff all the way to the bathroom. I entered backside first. I almost made it.


My life flashed before my eyes. I figured I would be found dead Monday morning and would forever be remembered as “that guy” who died on the toilet. The horror that ensued I can barely put to words. The absolute worst night of my life. I thought it was dysentery - it just wouldn’t stop. Finally, after what seemed hours, it quit. I assumed my intestines were dangling from my body and I was still gonna die there before I could phone for help. Luckily, no intestines were protruding. I finally got up, looked into the mirror and was white as a ghost. Cold, clammy, “well covered” and wearing a single sock. I was truly a broken man.


I had to call for help. No getting around that. So, I made a call, asked for a set of sweats and some cleaning gear to be delivered. Sworn to secrecy, the delivery was made. Took 2 hours for clean-up. As bad as any crime scene I’d encountered. Ever seen the ancient cave paintings where they would blow paint on their hands and leave behind a picture where the hand was? Now imagine bathroom fixtures…


That horrible night cost me $150 as well as my dignity.


It was indeed the hottest dish I’d ever eaten and it was 12 years before I ever ate Larb again. I was better situated when I did, and specifically asked for it to be “mild.” No problems. I’ve tried several other Thai dishes since, but this one is my favorite. Not ever again, under any circumstance will I eat a Thai meal prepared by real Thais that they would call “spicy.”  Word to the wise.