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#1612798 Large Scale Fermentation Gear & Mash vs Chopped

Posted by emanphoto on 11 February 2019 - 11:26 PM

while brewing may be illegal and hard to get equipment for, fermenting equipment should be very easy to get supplies for.  What about some fermenting crocks with the water moat or some of the new tubs with the lids that press down?

 this one is 2 gallons-



Pottery crock-




I definitely would not go with a narrow mouth carboy.  PITA to get stuff in, out and cleaned.

good luck,



PS- I have a 6 gallon plastic bubbler with the blue lid and airlock.  also the lifting harness because, well, it's heavy and I'm inherently lazy~  ;)...been pretty happy with it.




Thank you for that info salsalady!  I am lazy as well. :)  The fermenters you linked might be available here but my initial search is turning up nothing yet.


In looking at the kimchi tank and the German style fermenter, how important is it to be able to look at a chili ferment to check it's progress?  I assume the plastic containers you use are opaque?  Presently I can check for mold etc easily through the glass of my lock lid bottles, which are inadequate for fermenting in the long run as they let air in.  I'm leaning towards the widemouth at this point.  https://www.thaibrew...ment/Fermenting


There are a few online stores that carry brew supplies here but not the range of stores you will have in the US.  The widemouth and narrow mouth carboy are available here.  The widemouth is around $55 US for the 3.5 gallon.  


Thai people do ferment things like fish (play ra, very stinky) and sausages (nam)  but I'm not sure if they make containers to do it.  We have Japanese groceries here but not Korean.  I will have to get the Thai spelling of "fermentation jars" as I'm getting nothing in my searches, although plenty of recipes. :)

#1612644 Fermentation period ?

Posted by emanphoto on 11 February 2019 - 08:46 AM

lol ok.  i thot there was some processing issue such as mold that made a blended mash disadvantageous. :)


I meant having a hard time keeping myself from processing it!


#1612624 Large Scale Fermentation Gear & Mash vs Chopped

Posted by emanphoto on 11 February 2019 - 06:07 AM

I have been wondering about the mash vs chopped veg choice especially after 2 large ferment bottles developed some mold on top just recently.  

Once smoked and blended to a mash, I add x amount of water with 4% salt of the total veg weight and stir it up and cap it with lock top jars with no gasket so they don't blow up overnight.  The mash is NOT covered by brine.  One batch went bad so I scooped out the mold as best I could and added 2% boiled brine to cover what was left of the mash.  THAT grew mold on top so I tossed it. :(
Do I need to cover my mash with brine?
Would it be better to use chopped veg and keep it submerged to prevent mold?
Is 4% of the total veg weight the correct way to calculate the amount of salt?


I now have air lock bubblers so perhaps my mold issues will be behind me, and I'm searching for someone to sway me to either 1 gallon narrow mouth carboys or 3 gallon widemouth glass bubblers such as in these photos.  
Pictured are a .7 gallon narrow mouth carboy and a 3 gallon wide mouth.  These are what are available here so I don't have PET choices and 5 gallons is more sauce than I want to get into for now.


Points I'm interested in are the air tightness of the lids for the wide mouths as I've heard of issues for brewers with them, and the obvious cleaning issues that will come with the narrow mouths.  


Anyone of you who have been there and done that care to weigh in on this?   :)


Here in Thailand we don't have a lot of choices as brewing is technically illegal here, so the gear is hard to come by.  Fortunately there are enough home brewers making it possible to make inroads against these %$#%$ laws so there is at least one supplier.  


Me, I just wanna make chili sauce! ;)
Thanks for any comments and suggestions!

#1612620 Fermentation period ?

Posted by emanphoto on 11 February 2019 - 05:46 AM

I do 30 days of fermentation for all my sauces.  I need fast turnaround so longer ferments won't work so well.  Perhaps when I get more fermenting bottles I can try longer.

#1609994 Caranx's ThailandGrow

Posted by emanphoto on 31 January 2019 - 11:09 AM

I never ever, ever, ever ever travel here without cipro and immodium. ;)  I can't imagine the horror of being on some long haul bus and having that hit me lol!

Good to see plants are doing well despite it all!   :P


Here in BKK if the bugs don't get you the cats will and we have a major cat infestation that has befouled almost every inch of soil I have.  In pots, in planters, and the small garden we have all all filled with cat poo.  The smell is horrid and bad for humans since it has Toxoplasma gondii parasites.   :sick: We clean it up and they keep coming back.  :censored:  

Did you have to do a visa run to Lao?

#1609888 Back From the US With Ghosts :)

Posted by emanphoto on 30 January 2019 - 10:15 PM


There is no declaration forms either.  "Everyone knows" you can only bring 2 bottles of booze and 2 cartons of cigs into TH but other than that, I know of nothing.  We came in from Japan once with a case or 2 of fresh persimmons.  It was the first time I was called aside at customs.  They xrayed the boxes and sent me on my way. :)  My guess is that, because of the cardboard boxes they were packed in, I was singled out.  

#1609872 Back From the US With Ghosts :)

Posted by emanphoto on 30 January 2019 - 09:31 PM

Aye yes I know.  I tried another piece of Frieda's after getting an email from them saying no salt is added to their chilies.  I call BS on that.  I took another small piece pictured here, bigger than the first one, immediately tasted salt again.  That's a TV remote and kitchen scissors.  

Then I began to regret it! LOL.

Presently I have 3 batches of sauce fermenting.  I started with these quantities before smoking and cleaning.

Red Bell 2400gms

Prik Chee Fa 4 Kilos/4000gms

Thai Chilies 6.7 kilos

20 heads of garlic 675gms

Shallots 255gms

3 onions 544gms

Distributed amongst the 3 varieties of sauce are 107 ghost chilies, the most hot having 60 pods in 4 liters of the above mix. :)


So for whatever reason Frieda's DOES taste salty from the one bag I tried.  I can't say that it is certainly salt in there.  Perhaps soaking a piece to get it into solution and then adding to a solution of silver nitrate would tell me if salt is present.  https://youtu.be/k9EmnTBibLY?t=76


#1606551 Caranx's ThailandGrow

Posted by emanphoto on 18 January 2019 - 04:31 AM

Geng mak! ;)

#1605891 Back From the US With Ghosts :)

Posted by emanphoto on 16 January 2019 - 12:12 AM

We were in Chicago and St. Louis it was 17° when we landed in Chicago coming from 90° in Bangkok so not so pleasant for us.  

I don't think that http://ghostpepperstore.com has a retail store and there's no direct phone number.  They do respond to emails but are out of fresh peppers for now.  


We didn't have a car and $#%$$#ing Uber was $2 a kilometer.   A trip to downtown st. louis cost $40 and the same distance in Bangkok would cost you $12 using Grab app which is our Uber.  I could get another 1/2lb of dried ghosts for that price!  Effen expensive there and glad to be back here despite the crappy air.  

Today we're washing and smoking the thai chilies and bells.  You can see how excited our maid is about having to help today. ;)  6+kilos of thai chilies, 4+kilos bell, 4+kilos of prik chee fa.  Gonna be a busy day!




Holy crap, that's awesome, both for you and me. You for getting the peppers you wanted, but I had no idea that they had a store so close to where I grew up/where my parents still live! (About 20 minutes drive east of Alton, IL.)

I hope you enjoyed Illinois.
Lots of corn... that's about it.

Keep us up to date, I'm planning on doing some ghost pepper ferments.


#1605629 Year of the Ghost 2019

Posted by emanphoto on 15 January 2019 - 01:20 AM


So after trials & tribulations of last years grow this year will be a year of pirates because of all the Bhuty
Aerogarden seed starter and seedling kratky area cleaned and ready. Seeds hit the 3% peroxide soak before tomorrows introduction to seed start

So here is my list and will get updated as I go:

Chilli red Sri Lanka grow down
PDN x BMJ community grow
Aji Fantasy
Aji Charpita
Bishops crown
P. Dreadie
Jamaican Hot Chocolate

Purple Bhut Jolokia
White Bhut Jolokia
Caramel Bhut Jolokia
Solid Gold Bhut Jolokia
Peach WM Bhut Jolokia
Yaki blue (only if I can find proper pheno)
Yellow Bhut Jolokia
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Orange Bhut Jolokia
Red Bhut Jolokia
Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion X Bhut Orange Copenhagen
Bhut wrecker (maybe)
attachicon.gif 398C863A-4C57-4D82-A6C6-5A4E0947632D.jpeg


#1605626 Back From the US With Ghosts :)

Posted by emanphoto on 15 January 2019 - 01:11 AM

Just back from freezin' my butt in the US for a month and glad to be back in BKK with high temps and VERY high pollution! It's like freakin' Beijing here.   :mad:


While in the US I was excited to get lots of dried ghost chilies as well as bubblers and dried Mexican chilies (chipotle etc) that I can't find here in TH.  So I'm ready to start my next ferment!


I bought 2 different brands of ghosts while there.  Freida's, which are in most grocery stores now it seems, and I also ordered a 1/2 lb of dry ghosts from the ghostpepperstore.com since they are located in Alton, Ill near where I was staying in St. Louis.  


I took a taste of Freida's and found them to be distinctly salty tasting.  I wrote the company and eventually heard back that nothing is added to them.  My tastebuds say otherwise but OK.  


I just tried the tip of a ghost from ghostpepperstore.com and there was no saltiness to it.  Spicy but not lingering and building as I had worried.  Does anyone have any experience with either of these chili brands?





My first and only experience with a ghost sauce previously was Mad Dog Inferno which, with a small drop on a tortilla chip, set me on  :fireball: and kept building.  I eventually went to the sink to rinse my mouth!  Subsequent research into that sauce showed that they use extract which is cheating in my book.


Thanks for any comments on these 2 brands of chilies!  I'll be following up with my sauce recipe questions in a separate post.   :onfire:  I'm off to the store to get my fresh chiles etc to get these ferments cookin'!




#1605045 Caranx's ThailandGrow

Posted by emanphoto on 13 January 2019 - 10:12 AM

Thanks for the pesticide tips!  

Sounds like you have much better supply of fertilizer than is being offered and I'd stick with that. :) 


Will check that out even if I'm not really lacking ferts. My coco plants get fed with hydro nutrients and I have a never ending free flow of chicken and cow manure since my gf's parents produces manures for the local farmers in Satun

Regarding pests, unless you enjoy experimenting then just buy some pyrethroids and abamecitin/avid. Just make sure you stop using the abamectin about 2 months before fruit production and the pyrethroids about a month before. The abamectin will 100 wipe out any bugs and eggs on the plants, then use the pyrethroids as a safe card to control any potential newcomers from outside your garden.

It's dirt cheap to buy in Thailand and super effective, but the abamectin is pretty nasty stuff so wear a mask, gloves and full covering clothes when you spray it


#1604790 Ferments don't require cooking?

Posted by emanphoto on 12 January 2019 - 02:55 AM

If you add it to the brine it won't ferment.  It will age but AFAIK no fermentation is possible after you add vinegar.



Useful info on this thread.


Do I add the Vinegar to the brine during fermentation or after I'm done with fermenting ?


#1600911 Caranx's ThailandGrow

Posted by emanphoto on 27 December 2018 - 03:03 PM

Looking good. Spider mites did all my plants in and I will have to start over. I think your chemical approach is the way to go in TH as the insects are really hard to impossible to get rid of via neem.

#1588656 Various Degrees of Separation

Posted by emanphoto on 20 October 2018 - 11:12 PM

Yes I'd agree as this has never occurred until adding mango which is a very moist fruit.  I've never seen a sauce do this, or certainly not my own anyway, and have been looking at this result as a defect.  

Perhaps it's not?

In any case, once the mango is blended, I'm thinking a low simmer of just the mango before adding to the mash to reduce the water in there might prevent this.


I did 2 tests with mango at the same time.  My other batch of mango/thai chili I added the smoked mango as part of the 30 day ferment.

I got tired of battling yeast etc with that batch so I pulled it early at around 20 days maybe.  Because of the doggone yeast etc, I used an abundance of caution and did a HFH with this batch.  I still got some slight separation, plus of course the red oily globules endemic to thai chilies when heated. Perhaps during the heating, enough water evaporated to lessen the separation.

These are some pix of that batch.




That's water. If it was oil it would be at the top.