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Posted by violentglitter on 20 June 2018 - 08:44 PM

Now, clearly I'm in the lead:


And the aphids are gone to boot! :rofl:

The plant DID look like this:



See, what had happened was... I got tired of it sitting on my porch, and tough love worked for the first YBS that I kicked into raw sunlight, and it went from one of the smallest to probably the biggest in no time after a few sad looking days. So I kicked them ALL out. This one ended up losing all of it's leaves slowly over the course of a week or so. It has little baby leaves starting to grow, at least.


Here is day 2 or 3 in the sun (~2 weeks ago):


And the others given the same treatment, same day:


(nope, the tiny one didn't make it)


It's a little hard to make out (thanks to my stellar photo skills and lack of grass cutting), but the one in my homemade fabric pot got a little chewed on, but has exploded in new growth, and the pre-existing leaves started to get much bigger:


The one in solo cup is doing okay, though I didn't bother getting any better pic of it.



This one is probably my front runner, and the first one kicked into the sun. Sure, it's still way behind everyone else, but I can't get over how big the leaves are.

I could nearly hide my hand under one, and that's with stretching my hand in the pic: :party:



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Posted by violentglitter on 04 June 2018 - 02:14 PM

This mystery pepper seems to need something. New growth is fine:


It looks somewhat like the spider mite damage I had on my morning glories last year maybe. It's only this one.


However, I found these on my solo cup YBS


Checked nearby plants and found them on the YBS in the bigger pot too


It also has maybe some calcium deficiency?


I do need to fill the pot the rest of the way.


My hab (or maybe hab anyway) is pumping out some pods, and some have a pretty cool shape to them. It lost a few leaves in the heat the other day, but it's filling itself out again from the bottom up.







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Posted by violentglitter on 04 June 2018 - 01:56 PM

Somehow I had completely deluded myself that I got some decent pics with my phone today. A lot of the individual pics ended up... out of focus and cut off?


I was somehow convinced a bunch of pics like this looked great at the time :rolleyes: (One of my medium-sized YBS and my original runt YBS that was the first transplanted to solo cup and hasn't left) 


Little guys are getting leaves. I'm not sure how much I'll get from them this year, but we will see:




A couple of weeks ago, I also decided it was sink-or swim time for my most mediocre YBS. It got kicked outside along the back porch. It was probably 2/3 the size of my largest.

To reuse a photo:

yCbcvLam.jpgIt's on the bottom right, pic was probably a week or so before I kicked it out for more than a pic.


Here it is today:


It has caught up to the biggest, getting the same nutes and watering routine as the ones inside the porch.

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Posted by violentglitter on 02 June 2018 - 10:20 AM

I apparently cancelled (or never hit post) on what I thought was my last update about three weeks ago.


Seedlings went into solo cups:





I had a few varieties that didn't germinate. I wanted to try the Fatalli, but those suffered at my hands by over-wetting after getting too dry when they were just coming out of the seed casing. :mope:

Part of me wants to throw a couple more seeds right into a solo cup and see what they do, since it's a variety that I want to try, though it's pretty late.


Having 3 younger boys I cook a LOT of mac and cheese. I'm also looking for ways to sneak new flavors in that kids will still like and give me and hubby something different.


I didn't take a pic til the next day's leftovers, so it's looking a bit dry, but it was awesome! Velveeta, cheddar, sour cream, fresh cilantro and a few random seasonings (and a bit of smoke flavor). My bowl got one of my fresh habs from first mini-harvest sliced and mixed in.


Now I need to get the current pics up and going, and maybe stop updating this thing weeks behind :rofl: :shh:

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Posted by violentglitter on 16 May 2018 - 11:09 AM

Looks like you are doing well.  Curious if you have a local source for grow bags in this area?  I am in Gainesville.  Running short on 3-gal. pots and wanting to go larger.




I don't. The couple I have I just threw together with landscape fabric. The first couple were even just stapled together out of curiosity.

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Posted by violentglitter on 13 May 2018 - 12:29 PM

Here are current YBS:





And the runt that was kept in Jiffy Pod until a little over two weeks ago that I nearly killed:



The babies:





A mystery:



And current of the hab:




... ... ... guess I should water it. But only days after pulling the ripe pods off, there are around 20 more set and growing, and tons of flowers and buds.

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Posted by violentglitter on 13 May 2018 - 12:28 PM

Hi Liz, Welcome to the wonderful world of soil growing, and +1 on #7 and #8. Rich'll see you right if you take his advice. As sandy as your soil is, you're going to need to amend your soil with compost to help it retain water and nutrients at soil surface. If money is an issue, you can make your own compost from kitchen scraps and yard waste.  Some reading for you if you can squeeze in the time... "The Intelligent Gardener - Growing Nutrient Dense Food" by Steve Solomon with Erica Reinheimer. I found a copy at my local library, and you might as well.



A quick question Liz... are you a reader of Lois McMaster Bujold? I came across the term "violent glitter" in her book Barrayar.

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 Thanks! I've read a bit of your glog and greatly appreciate the reading advice! I will certainly look into it!

It also probably sounds a little crazy, but I'm not 100% certain I've read her books, but a little research tells me they plot sounds pretty familiar, and it's entirely possible that I found the name there. I started using the name around the interwebs as a teenager some 15ish years ago, and at that time I read sci-fi and fantasy novels at an alarmingly furious rate (less busy times I would average at least 2 novels a day) and so now my memory fails me on a lot of specifics.


I really appreciate your advice as well, Rich! You guys are awesome, and from lurking around, you all know your stuff!


Walchit, I really wish I had the grow-stuff bug back when I lived in South Florida. My mom managed a 22-stall stable of show horses. We had an entire round pen filled with manure that local farmers would pick up, as well as one of the big nurseries on occasion. I would've never had to buy any,


But anyway, here's a little bit of back updates!


I planted some seeds I got from Rob (Bicycle808) as well as some more of my mystery seeds, and tried to keep it at a couple of each because I'm sure I will make every effort to find a spot for them inside come winter, because I don't have the heart to let them die off, and my family wouldn't be amused. :shh:


These are what I started seeds in last year, so I cleaned up a few to use again. I had gotten some Jiffy organic seed starting mix to use for some microgreens that I still haven't gotten to, so decided to try it out for these guys.


I also used a bunch of those trays on the bottom from Dollar Tree. They hold a dozen solo cups perfectly.


But trying to wet them all down in the cells was not as easy, and I had a big "duh" moment and dumped it in the tray to wet and mix first.


And make a mess. Because holes.



That's better!




I had a helper ignorantly climbing over my YBS before checking out all the nifty little things I had laid out not realizing she was out there with me :rolleyes:



One of my mystery peppers enjoying some sun while I repot one of the YBS plants



Whooooops, too much sun. This is the least wilted of them all, and the only one I had the guts to take a pic of. The others I was too afraid and thinking they were done for.



The blurry pic of mostly YBS, and a mystery pepper in the middle left before extreme outdoor-assisted suicide attempt. (Or was it more 2nd degree murder on my part?)



My little undernourished habanero from last year, pumping out flowers and pods...




That about two weeks later had lost many leaves after a bit of cold mornings and storms, but ripening pods!


Leading to...


My first harvest of little peppers this year! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

#1552867 Growdown Throwdown 2018 Yellow Brain Strain!

Posted by violentglitter on 13 May 2018 - 10:49 AM

So I've been having a hell of a time hardening off. My first attempt killed 2 non-YBS that were planted same time, etc. YBS were all troopers and kept going. Then we hit more 40 and below night temps, and they just were restrained to the screened in back porch with ceiling fan running during the day. Now we've had an instant jump to low 50s in the AM and daytime temps in low 90s. I started to pot up one of my better looking plants to a 7-gal while trying to harden off, and everyone went hopelessly limp on me, I panicked, threw the YBS into the pot that I was still in the process of filling, leaving it in probably only 5gal of mix.


I thought it was done for sure, and that I'd killed 3 of my best looking plants. They sprung back up, though, with the one I repotted taking what seemed like an eternity to look somewhat normal again.


Yep, incredibly under-filled. And now it's growing at a funny angle. I thought I had taken a pic of it before moving, as well as in it's totally limp state, but I apparently didn't. This was taken today.




These are the other YBS, with exception to the runt in the middle-left that is a mystery pepper. Top left is the runt YBS that had sat in a Jiffy pellet until that day. This pic is from about 2 weeks ago, before I nearly killed them all.



This perhaps is the best looking, though, taken earlier today also, and is the biggest of them from the previous pic. The runt on the left is the evidence of me nearly killing them, with it's single leaf.



Same from nearly the same angle (because I didn't think much), with my hand for some reference. Because I can't find my tape measure. Because my son took it to space his random veggie seeds. :confused: Not that my hand is the greatest reference. I wear a size 4 wedding band, so I have small hands.  I am a giant with giant hands, everyone watch out, these things are hee-yooogge! (I do love how huge these leaves are, though) :onfire: :onfire: :P


I'm near giving up and letting them be porch peppers. I don't know how my patience or nerves will hold up to trying to harden off again, as hot as it is getting already. (I mean they are being kept in my fancy shade house. Yeah.)

#1545788 Violentglitter Stumbles Thru 2018

Posted by violentglitter on 16 April 2018 - 05:14 AM

Hah, sorry guys, I've ended up drowning in work! Hopefully I can get some pics up within the next day or so.


I don't have any amazing progress, other than a serious need to transplant some stuff that is being stunted (like I didn't want to do this year) by my leaving stuff in pots they are outgrowing. (I have 2'-3' tomato plants sitting in Jiffy pods still :shh: ) And I have a bunch of stuff I wanted to start ages ago that I'm running way late on. :tear:


#1535548 Growdown Throwdown 2018 Yellow Brain Strain!

Posted by violentglitter on 07 March 2018 - 08:15 AM

You sewed those yourself? I was thinking about doing that for mine when I move outdoors, has to be about the cheapest you could get pots for


I did. I didn't measure anything, just eyeballed random lengths of the fabric, folded over and seamed up two sides, then folded the corners of the sack inward and let the soil hold it for now.


I will probably invest a little more time into measuring exact sizes for bigger pots, but I didn't think I needed to worry so much about how exact or even uniform these "step-up" pots were. I suppose I would if I were setting up any true experiment, though.

#1535212 Growdown Throwdown 2018 Yellow Brain Strain!

Posted by violentglitter on 06 March 2018 - 08:31 AM

I've been pretty busy and neglecting to update, but here are some more recent pics of my YBS. I have them in a few different environments atm to see how differently they grow. I have been somewhat handicapping them, because I have been having a hard time finding the time to eat, much less for potting up plants. I did, however make a couple DIY grow bags from cheap landscape fabric that I would estimate to be around .75 gal. Three of my YBS are in those with a mix of the cheap pennington soil mixed with a healthy amount of perlite and worm castings. The one I previously moved to a solo cup is still in the solo cup and has been on the screened-in back porch for a bit, and was recently joined by the ones in my grow bags. I have one that I am torturing, still sitting under the 45w LED in it's "jiffy-7" or whatever it is pellet. They've all been getting the Epsoma organic start at intervals that I can't quite recall.


Blurry pic from about 5 days ago, when they FINALLY came out of the jiffy pellets straight to these:





The solo cup:


The tortured just in case my grow bags failed me:



All but the solo cup and one of the ones in the grow bags look like they are showing signs of a calcium deficiency.

I need to find time to give these guys the attention they deserve!

#1524157 Growdown Throwdown 2018 Yellow Brain Strain!

Posted by violentglitter on 03 February 2018 - 12:17 PM

I suppose it's better than nothing... I had bought a few bags of the cheap pennington potting soil from walmart a while back as a generic for growing some stuff I didn't take too seriously. Since it is probably a little more nutritious than a jiffy pellet, I took my runt YBS and threw it in a solo cup filled with the pennington to see how it does.


It looks so very tiny in it's new home. The soil isn't nearly as drenched and muddy as the light makes it look.

#1522125 Growdown Throwdown 2018 Yellow Brain Strain!

Posted by violentglitter on 28 January 2018 - 02:05 PM




Maybe temperature / airflow?  I used jiffy pellets without a problem.  +1 for potting them up in soil or in a car battery.  :)


There is a ceiling fan in the room that I had hoped would work well enough, but being secluded in a corner and semi-surrounded by other various things the airflow may be a problem. The room temp is on avg 75.

#1522123 Growdown Throwdown 2018 Yellow Brain Strain!

Posted by violentglitter on 28 January 2018 - 02:02 PM

It isnt the strain or seeds. I would pot those up in some soil of your choice and keep the lights no closer than a foot if youre concerned there.


I didn't mean it as the strain or seeds. I assume my lack of experience and/or patience. On the contrary, they have started much better than any of my cheapy seeds I grew last year for sure! I measured the light, because I have them hung on a pre-existing point on a desk that in my excitement "looked good enough". (Yeesh, I'm just an impatient kid not putting forth the extra half of an effort to do it right. :mope: I somehow see this as I type it.) I just measured, and it is only about 8" above. Time to rig something better!

#1522121 Violentglitter Stumbles Thru 2018

Posted by violentglitter on 28 January 2018 - 01:54 PM

I saw a cheap soil testing kit at Lowes and thought I would give it a shot. I wanted to test the fenced area that would be generally kid and dog free that is currently unused. There are some wild blackberries that grow along the fence, a couple trees, but the rest is nothing. The grass had grown to about hip height until the frosts had flattened it back out. I don't think anyone has even opened the gate in months. I'm on the fence on whether I want to keep everything in containers or go in the ground.



I lazily took a pic as I walked by, so it is very vague and near useless, but the fenced in triangular section cutting through the middle is one corner of this area where plants will likely end up, in ground or otherwise.



A couple cups of the soil sand.



pH seems to be around 5.5 and acidic



.I took this while still waiting for everything to develop and forgot to take another after the fact. Looked like med-high on potash, med on phosphorus and nitrogen seems non-existent. I'm not sure if I should go for a more specific soil test kit, have it tested, or not worry about it for this year.


A few days ago I planted a few different things requested by my mom- sugar snap peas, sweet banana peppers, and a bunch of homestead tomatoes.


Yeah, that also a bit of a pointless pic, as you cant see much of the seedlings. My 3 year old helped plant the tomatoes, so I ended up with the entire pack going between 24 of the cells, and almost all of them have popped.


I finally had one of my mystery pepper seeds germ, and so it made its way into a jiffy pellet and I started another ziploc with 10 or so more of the mystery seeds.


I am also adding a few tomato varieties to my grow: pink and yellow brandywine, russian queen, and chocolate cherry. I eat a LOT of tomatoes, so I thought I would start to grow a larger amount of limited varieties, and let some of them suffer in the ground with hopefully minimal effort.


I'm still trying to narrow down what types of peppers I want to order, and am hoping I will have better germ rates with the next batch of mystery seeds for this smaller round.