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Violentglitter Stumbles Thru 2018

12 January 2018 - 08:27 PM

WARNING: I am seriously a newbie. I guarantee I have no clue what I'm doing, so you will probably see me do really stupid things.


Well, here I go.


A little background...

Fall of 2016, my then 3rd grade son brought home a cabbage with some school contest sponsored by Bonnie plants or something like that to grow the biggest head. I hadn't grown anything since I was a kid and my dad kept a small garden, and thought it could be fun. It didn't live long, and my son bugged me to let him grow something again to "help the Earth". Spring came, and he talked me into buying probably the cheap 4/$1 seeds of all kinds. Something about seeing those hooks pop up had me hooked, and I started growing a few pepper plants to support my love of heat. My couple tiny plants became my obsession, though only 3 ever made it into anything bigger than a solo cup. (One still lives in a solo cup in my kitchen window.)

My husband will eat jalapenos all day every day, but doesn't care for more than that. I was looking forward to sharing some pods with my dad, who is the only person in my family who shares my love of heat, and would jump at sharing any new hot sauces or salsas we could find.  Unfortunately, he passed away before my first habs ripened. I plan to continue the adventure of finding new and better fire. :hell:




I'm almost embarrassed to say that I haven't tried any pepper in it's raw form apart from the grocery store usuals, and want to expand my horizons. I really don't know where to start, and I want to try everything. I have budget of near zero to grow on, as we've recently had to move, get a new car, taking care of my 3 boys, etc mixed in with not the highest paying jobs ;) I'm not worried this season about maxing out potential, I just found that I thoroughly enjoy growing things, and if that means I end with nothing but a few teeny tiny plants, I'm okay with that. :party: Not to say that I don't want to try to push the limits with what I have and see what I can do. 


Last year I started seeds in ice cube trays with holes drilled in them, sitting on my back porch with relative shade and a bit late. This year I've picked up a cheap heat mat and light which arrived today. I know I could've done better with slightly more investment, but the slightly more I don't have right now.

Heat mat with thermostat: https://www.amazon.c...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Light: https://www.amazon.c...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1


For seeds, I was so very lost, and wanted to try *EVERYTHING*. I ordered the mystery pack of seeds from Tyler Farms. So right now my grow list is:



YBS for growdown


I like surprises, though I'm not exactly wanting to end up with an ebay'd mix of maybe peppers, so I'm hoping this will give me a good variety, though I may spend WAY too much time later trying to figure out what the hell I have.  :confused:



Randomly grabbed seeds to maybe germ. Some were slightly cracked, but figured I would try anyway.



The crappy pic of what I've set on an old desk. It had a nail already in the top from hanging something that seems to work okay for now with the light. I took pic as soon as I plugged in, and will make it all a bit more neat tomorrow.



It looks... like a light.



YBS in the expanded pellets with 4/5 hooks. 2 shed their seed coat while planting.


As I threw this all on my desk, I realized just how completely clueless I am at all of this.  :mope:  :shh: 

But what better way to learn, right? :dance: :dance:

Is this anything to worry about?

17 December 2017 - 01:18 PM

I have had some white streaks along the branches of my hab plant for a few months now. The leaves have never shown any problems, so I haven't bothered to worry. I brought it inside for a couple days where temps dropped below 32, and moved it back out a few days later for some sun. Now a few leaves have brown at the tips, but I'm not sure if that has to do with it sitting in some lowish temps (I believe it did get down to 39 or so while it was out). 


This poor plant spent a few months too long in a solo cup, so it has been very limited, but I thought I might overwinter it since the first few pods were red and quite flavorful. They were cheapy seeds from Dollar Tree, so I'm sure there is plenty of room for genetic problems and more. I only water when I notice soil is drying out, and with the rain we've had I haven't really bothered. I last fertilized with fish emulsion about 2.5 weeks ago, and time in between ferts has been sporatic at best. 


Sorry pics are extremely bright and big. I don't think the leaves are looking as overly yellow as in the pics. 




Hello from North Central Florida!

17 December 2017 - 10:29 AM

Hello all,


I've been a lurker around here for nearly a year, and figured it is about time I registered.

I found you all around the beginning of the year when my oldest son (9 then, now 10) wanted to start a garden. I decided I like salsas and can never quite have enough heat in store-bought stuff, I'll grow peppers as "my" part of the garden. I refused to make an investment that was likely to go nowhere, and we grew different seeds from the 4/$1 section. I held no expectations. We only had a 22'x22' back yard to grow in, and most of it was taken up by a 16' pool.


Something about seeing those seedlings pop up had me hooked. Suddenly I had about a dozen ice cube trays with holes drilled, a mega pack of solo cups, and 40ish baby pepper plants, and wanted to give them their best chance. I came here for ideas, and became obsessed with comparing my progress (with reason, again 4/$1 seeds in mediocre at best growing conditions) to those in the Glog section, and seeing what I have to look forward to.


This seems like an amazing community with a lot of amazing people and good humor. I look forward to joining in on the fun this year with my somewhat more serious attempt number 2. I am a complete newbie to growing as well as the varieties of peppers. I have a near-zero budget, but now live on 4 acres, with about a quarter acre separately fenced and completely unused that is screaming to become my grow space. My husband asked me not to grow anything hotter than a habanero in case our smaller kids decided to "be like mommy" and tried to eat a pod, but having that fenced space may will be my excuse to adventure into hotter territory.


Sorry for being long-winded, but again, hello!