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#1518726 Another First Masher Here

Posted by amfarms17 on 17 January 2018 - 10:38 AM

Brine Mash sounds right. Its all I do, a 5% brine. Ready is when the bubbles stop but not really if that makes sense. We ferment all stuff AT LEAST a month, some longer but have made some stuff after a week when trying a new recipe.

#1516474 Hot popcorn using Yellow Chiltepin flakes

Posted by amfarms17 on 07 January 2018 - 05:54 AM

I used to have a bar and learned a little trick from a bar in Louisiana and used it in my bar. Free snacks and all right. I would put the popcorn in the pot with the oil and pop as normal, however watching the corn, it starts to change color a little right before it pops. At this stage, I would take Tabasco and douse the hell out of the oil. Warning though the fumes are BRUTAL, but more sauce, the hotter the corn. Looked normal, couldn't tell i had done anything to it. Put bowls on bar for free. Bout the second handful, ordering another beer was GUARANTEED .  :fire:  :cheers:

#1515095 Do you have a web site and ...

Posted by amfarms17 on 01 January 2018 - 09:06 AM

My take on it all and just my opinions. yes I have a website  pretty much a business must in this age, just as are business cards. Thing is, business cards get lost and web address get forgot. Key is building CUSTOMERS , a SALE is NOT a Customer. Its just a sale and really does no good if it can be repeated.  Lots of businesses fail and close not because of lack of sales, but lack of CUSTOMERS. Sales alone will run out if its not repeated. 


Our web site is a free, I like the options for what we do right now, upgrade options are nice as well, not promoting them, just saying. Our goal is to build a customer base.When a person needs some more seeds, they will remember the SERVICE they got and return.Just about everything out there (products) has someone selling them, not real hard to get seeds or sauces, or gadgets and gizmos. 


At  a market I had rather buy from a seller that can answer "what kind is this and what can i do with it" when the answer is " its _____ pretty hot but not to bad, good for a sauce or salsa etc... than to buy from a guy that says "its a hot pepper"


Anyway, yes I have a web site, business cards to, part of doing business,i do the website SEO just has I hand out cards but in my opinion , Im seeking CUSTOMERS, not just sales.


I was raised in retail, and my father always made that point known to take care of the CUSTOMER and the SALES will keep coming.

Currently work for man with the same attitude and is a good mentor as well. His store has been open since 1968, started by his father and still open to this day as many just like it have come and gone, opened and closed. They all had SALES but most couldn't keep the CUSTOMERS .


Just my thoughts, Happy New Year to all.





#1515090 Hello from Alabama

Posted by amfarms17 on 01 January 2018 - 07:11 AM

Thanks all and Happy New Year

#1514675 Hello from Alabama

Posted by amfarms17 on 31 December 2017 - 07:33 AM

Just wanted say hello from Alabama, My wife and I have a small farm in LA (lower Alabama). We dont grow a large verity so we can keep our quality. Hobbyist sauce makers as well. We decided to turn our hobby into a business, Small business to sell and share what we enjoy. Small time and have no desire to get into the seed and plant wars, lol. Our main crop is Dragon Cayenne cause we like this little pepper and do alot with it. Branching out into super hots this year, though not gonna try and grow every form know to man as alot do. We keep our plants isolated.


We still grow majority Cayenne as its well known and simple, seems always a new "SUPER HOT" or "HOTTEST" and they come and go. We grow what we like :) not whats the hippest of the day.


Anyway, just wanted to say hello and introduce ourselves.