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18 September 2018 - 11:49 PM

Awesome post!

I thought that I would kind of go through a load of freeze dryed peppers. This will be fairly photo heavy. OK, starting with a bunch of my Red Morugas
attachicon.gif ED6515A2-25D9-4CB3-8EA6-B0BF43F4A0AD.jpeg

I put the colander on the scale and zeroed it. Looks like 1418 grams.

attachicon.gif 96F4AC5D-1048-439B-B419-85026ACCD9C4.jpeg

I pureed these

attachicon.gif 43B5D252-2D5E-4A8D-93A4-DAC5636282AB.jpeg

They fit into these molds. These will be prefrozen untill I have a full load.

attachicon.gif 8476302B-6B36-4AF6-8C68-A915245D4828.jpeg

Then a bunch of mixed red superhots, mixed yellow superhots, and Madbalz Brown, all prefrozen and molded.

attachicon.gif C113BD7F-754B-469C-8845-1101B504767B.jpeg

attachicon.gif 0D3FECAB-7E0E-4185-8FF9-BC342D577DA1.jpeg

attachicon.gif 686565C2-0BC0-44E2-9C3F-A5F49F3A8EA9.jpeg

And five trays of prefrozen molded plus some Jalapenos and Cherry Bombs plus placentas for both. Thats a full load for my freeze dryer.

attachicon.gif BEC9D2CA-82F9-40CB-AD4C-4B4D28AA910E.jpeg

Here is the machine loaded up.

attachicon.gif 87BF93BE-5743-4405-9563-12516FB87942.jpeg

Then place the door insulator in and set to freeze and dry. I usually freeze to -62F, but always at least -50F.

attachicon.gif 4CA4EE80-3E79-4D87-AE2C-3B9970027850.jpeg

attachicon.gif DC61FBEA-2F1E-4526-B662-3BB7A5383905.jpeg

But, iI have taken it as cold as this.

attachicon.gif 425EAE83-E958-4ABA-9E1C-9230F7CB550D.jpeg

Then, after 24 hours or more, they are done.

attachicon.gif FB4892FB-4917-45EC-B54F-ABA1766E7305.jpeg

attachicon.gif B2DB3451-60AB-49A6-8C7E-B2B7D5D3510B.jpeg

attachicon.gif 284C4DBF-C73A-4501-AFC3-53D68FFBBAAF.jpeg

If anyone is following the Fastest Pepper thread, these Madbalz Brown ones would be perfect for The Hott Dude as suppositories. Pop em in, let them rehydrate, then Hershey squirt out hot and high pressure!
attachicon.gif 71E02837-B04E-452F-9BB7-D7F74E2DBF6C.jpeg

Vacuum sealed in bags and jars. If sealed in mylar bags with a food safe oxygen absorber they would be good for 20+ years.

attachicon.gif 07049317-94FA-4764-BD19-7F0BB1680CEF.jpeg

The ice inside of the chamber is the moisture from those 5 trays.

attachicon.gif 4A009664-C020-402B-A3D4-0DA686113A55.jpeg

That ice after defrost/drain out was this much water, just over 1 gallon or 4 litres.

attachicon.gif 94304042-CCE8-41E3-A9BC-D67B83AA8D75.jpeg

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In Topic: Preservation thread

18 September 2018 - 11:47 PM

I read the same thing about how it imparts the smoke in relation to freshness and heat of the item in the grill.. Makes sense! I didn't get any bitterness on anything I did including the boneless Boston butt but I kept it on the first half of snake for that and it went well over 8 hours with still a couple coals left to burn! Was thoroughly impressed as I am a charcoal grill aficionado haha in regards to the Weber and was always under the impression I couldn't keep smoking Temps while cooking with flammable wood but where there's a will there's a way.... Or a google search! I wanted to try Apple maybe I will get to find some.

Pretty cool. Just an observation,that seems like an excessive amount of smoking wood in your snake. Especially pecan which can impart bitterness if you oversmoke with it. Personally I would set up with 2 maybe 3 pieces in the first half of the snake for heavy woods like pecan mesquite. 3 or 4 for fruit Woods or sugar maple. For meat smoke uptake tails off after the meat hits about 140 f so the back half of your snake really doesn't need any. Same goes for peppers. Once the pods go leathery, wrinkly and start changing colour you really aren't getting a lot of smoke uptake. Burning the pecan won't hurt unless it spikes the temp but why bother when less expensive charcoal will do. Of course as always YMMV and everyone has their personal taste preferences. .

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In Topic: Preservation thread

18 September 2018 - 11:43 PM

Snake it up and get shwifty with it! Just keep the top choke 180 degrees from the point of fire on the snake as to draw air across the item(s) on grate! Adulterated FTW! LOL.

What's your procedure for smoking them?  I dry and grind a lot of peppers, but never smoked 'em first.  
Maybe I should practice some adulteration with my peppers before I get to dehydrating them.
EDIT:  Wow, did I totally miss your post just above.  I happen to have the exact same grill and chimney on my back deck.  Adulteration by "snake method" it will be.

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In Topic: Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

18 September 2018 - 08:42 PM

Well I still got 2months of good temps so I will rock em out as long as possible and let u know.. Love the taste already though of the purples!! Some weird hybrid of smelling dangerous like Chinese, with half the heat, and lots of floral notes!

That's a good question. I hope some grower somewhere has a long
enough grow season to test it.  So far, some of the pods on the F6W
plants look like the pods from last years F5P It may be the color is
trending towards a more violet ripe stage.  We have to wait and see
what the rest of the growers are getting, and how the white and
purple varieties turn out.
That being said, I am loving the color and pod variations I am seeing
across the seven plants. looks like 10 days of decent growing weather
here in the forecast, barring changes, of course.
:fireball: Can't wait to see the rest of the growers' big late-season pods  :drooling:

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In Topic: YAMracer754 work in progress GLOG

18 September 2018 - 08:37 PM

Ill post pics of the garden and containers tomorrow as I just got done harvesting pounds of peps! Didn't even get to an 8th of my plants but, oh well.. Tomorrow.. Got 174 deep red ripe reapers off this one 3-branched smaller plant in a 3 gallon fabric pot not even 2/3 full after decomposition in the coco! 6ft aji cito gave me 2lbs I didn't even count as it would be way too many and a pound of aji charapitas filling up a cool whip container-once again many hundreds!
Garden is in desperate need of some harvesting in order to produce some more peps as all the nodes are full with ripe peppers! Things going good just struggling at how to process now and to come the giant bounty of pounds and pounds of peppers! The 2 PDN/BMJ are about 5.5ft tall and are truly beastly and still have a solid 2months growing season. Also planting fall crops at the moment like rare purple carrots and radishes, broccoli, Brussel sprout, and looking for some wild bean seeds! Attached File  1534976714102.jpeg   104.67KB   8 downloads8c0bb8d66348fc4de814ee922268bbc3.jpgb5bf714cee5d068bab73f27fdf64d25e.jpg848dfb7ce5e4e30a759693f699eb8a82.jpg

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