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Good bbq sauce mix

13 November 2018 - 01:29 PM

Ok so I have a bunch of peppers from the final collective harvest that need to get used or froze/dried/preserved or they're gonna go bad, I'm finally in the cooking phase of a 3 day pork project of Boston butt and 2.racks baby back (brined, homemade rub with 1/2cup dried chiles various) and am smoking them right now on Weber with snake.

What's a good bbq sauce I can rig up? Put it on at the end. Foil or no foil? Your thoughts are appreciated community!

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Removing seeds from placenta after dry/mostly dry

08 November 2018 - 07:56 PM

Hello there, figured I'd drop a line in here to ask about how to go about isolating seeds after all removed and dried out? I have trays and trays of cores where I just popped the whole placenta out of the peppers seeds and all intact, but how to separate the seeds effectively at this point? Wish I had went and fermented the cores at this point instead of being stuck with these seeds bound the to placenta in large numbers.. They've sat weeks btw. I also have a dehydrator if that would help at 95deg or so to crisp up the gummy placenta that binds the seeds.. b9d0126964798160369e499982fa0b45.jpga41ce0886f190fc1a4b9b82599f0a6d9.jpg

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Storing sauces and canned products temperature

27 October 2018 - 06:31 PM

Hello, I have been meaning to ask this question for some time but kept forgetting-but is it less than ideal or more ideal to keep our products like sauces, purees, canned/jarred stuff, and bottles exposed to the colder winter Temps vs indoors? I have a shed outside that's not insulated but stays warmer at night than outdoor I suppose but say lows right now are 40s but can get as cold as freezing in the winter.
Was thinking this to save space indoors but if I can't I will have to store them under the beds or something.. Have lots of stuff "put away" for the season and the jars take up lots of space and are heavy to have to unstack them every time I need something!

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Cover or pull plants?

20 October 2018 - 12:16 PM

So it's finally expected to have a low of 30 tonight and 32 tomorrow with Temps expected to come up to 60/40s all next week and sunny. Have had an amazing yield this season but still have green pods on some that would like to make happen if possible. Anyone have any experience with coverings, sheets, tarps, or anything of the like and some insights? Don't want to risk it if it doesn't help and risk losing lots of peppers, but I can hang them upside down or throw the whole plants in a building after ripping em from the ground. How should I go about this? We're talking quite a few plants btw..

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What to do with used expensive media

07 August 2018 - 04:30 PM

So, I have spent many $$ and hours creating all these badass custom medias for my containers and looking to retire some plants in order to create room for other stuff more priority, and wondering how to repurpose or reuse the media that I know has tons of life left.. Got coir, castings, composted+sifted PBF, etc, etc basically the works and the bombdiggity! But would feel a shame to just throw it out or even to the garden.. Any ideas /experiences /tips?

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