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What to do with used expensive media

07 August 2018 - 04:30 PM

So, I have spent many $$ and hours creating all these badass custom medias for my containers and looking to retire some plants in order to create room for other stuff more priority, and wondering how to repurpose or reuse the media that I know has tons of life left.. Got coir, castings, composted+sifted PBF, etc, etc basically the works and the bombdiggity! But would feel a shame to just throw it out or even to the garden.. Any ideas /experiences /tips?

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Pepper rinsing

06 August 2018 - 07:10 PM

Should hot peppers and regular peppers (as well as other typical veggies growing in our gardens) be rinsed/dried prior to fridge or countertop storage, and then processed or is it best to leave them in their picked state up until the point of usage or processing? Seems debatable as I know lots of stuff like squash and okra it's recommended to wait to rinse them until using (aside from obvious dirt and stuff etc that's obvious). Just trying to do this right!

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Preservation thread

20 July 2018 - 03:42 PM

Anyone that can post or outline their favorite methods and good "old standbys" for preserving peppers (and/or tomatoes) this time of year would be greatly appreciated and would like to see what everyone has in their bag of tricks! This includes pickling, drying, canning, freezing, and anything else you guys/girls might know that I'm not aware of...

I spent so much time, $, blood, sweat, tears on growing not to mention the hundreds of hours of research on perfecting the grow and nutes/techniques, all that-I didn't anticipate that I would have tons and tons of peppers that I actually had to use and boy was that a fatal mistake! I have so much and would like to bulk preserve some things in all different ways as I see no slowing down on the production and that way I can preserve and save everything but what I'm currently using for foods and hot sauces etc.. If it helps I have a kitchenaid. Maybe they got some wicked attachment that would truly aid me? I've been using an old school food mill on the tomatoes for tomato sauce but really need to get the kitchenaid parts for that as it takes forever!

All I have right now for a dehydrator is one of those cheap garage sale ones with all the racks, a heating element, but no fan-junk? Big into the grill as well and would like to smoke some varieties as well..

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Megacrop, J. R. Peter's, and other dry nutes

09 July 2018 - 04:25 PM

Just wanted to let everyone know that's been at the mercy of all the bottled nutrients and getting forked over a ton of money on different products such as calmag, silicon, part a, b, c etc to give these dry nutes a shot.. I did and haven't looked back at dynagro or GH or any of em. Unfortunately I've spent and used a lot on and of em but just felt compelled to make a post to anyone that wasn't aware that some of these complete dry nutes are great, and you can still add your homemade calmag with Cal nitrate and mag nitrate, kelp meal, etc, but for a fraction of the price! Totally happy with Megacrop [emoji769] after trying Jack's classic (j. R. Peter's [emoji769]) but still had good success with their products, namely their bloom booster. 22lb bag for $55! Makes 2000-4000 gallons depending on concentration and ph's with no additives, 18 amino acids, kelp, silicon, a true complete 1 part! Cal and mag (6.5%cal and 1.9%mag),as well as all the trace elements! This is not an ad, I'm just overwhelmed at finally finding an affordable and complete solution! 10-5.5-14.5,which if you look at nutrient uptake curve for pepper and tomato actually matches the proportions on point! Even includes b-vitamins and chitosan which is derived from crab shell and such and repels certain pests! Not to mention they offer free 230g samples which is how I got started, $3 and change for shipping.

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Beneficial microbes and fungi solutions

18 May 2018 - 01:22 PM

Hello, I am trying to make a once per week tea to flush out my nute salts after my feed feed feed water schedule and to add beneficial microbes and fungi in addition to the salts flush. I have hi-brix sugarcane hydro/soil molasses, an air pump with stones, and EWC and a few other amendments I will get my hands on today.

What is a cheap/cheaper way to add the microbial and fungal innoculants besides paying an arm and a leg for specially prepared products for canna ($$ growers), and keep things affordable? I've already spent an arm and a leg and don't have the funds nor the will to keep giving my $ away for things like fungi and bacteria! This is for my DTW coco, and my 5-1-1 plants if it matters. 94f2cd2d48d6ca33612dbb27e5e5bf15.jpg

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