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Raspberry Chocolate Cacao ferment

13 January 2019 - 03:37 PM

I finally got my random fruit ferment going on a whim! Did a mash of a +/-lb or so of choc habs, some of them lightly smoked before freezing with pecan, a 12oz pack of frozen raspberries, and a good portion of the almond/dk chocolate snacking chocolate. Also used a couple Tbs of active brine from Tabasco ferment. Not sure at this point if I should add anything else to it.. Used 1/2qt amount of 3% pink salt brine too. Made an overloaded quart and a pint jar. I do have some dried mango... Raspberry mango chocolate cacao sauce lol!


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Ferments sauces purees and homogeneity

06 January 2019 - 12:37 PM

What is the process that combines liquids and puree in sauces and pepper ferments? Is it the cooking that does this and length of time part of the equation? I've never paid attention to this until recently as I lots of times add a smidge of xanthan gum to combine the ferments at the end, but how is homogeneity achieved in this process, even when making other types of sauces or liquids where this is a problem? Is emulsifying the answer? All my cooked sauces have never had a problem, no separation, even without xanthan gum and 4:1 even 4:2 sauce:vinegar.. But they were cooked and blended at high rpm. Haven't tried it on ferment yet without xanthan gum

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Purple sauce?

21 November 2018 - 04:50 PM

I have these carrots from the final harvest that are purple/dk red, and one called a black nebula. How would I make a purple sauce to use them so it doesn't muddy up normal colors of yellow, orange, etc colored peppers and additional ingredients? Was thinking maybe if I use lightest color peppers it would keep the purple better? Red onion to "dye it", instead of white onion?

Trying to organize the super random mix of bits of everything from the final harvest so I can put up these peppers in some form so they don't go bad! Will freeze/dehydrate most all but if there's something I can use freshies in its gotta taste a little better.. Would also be another sauce I could ferment or do it both ways.

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Become a chef?

21 November 2018 - 12:04 AM

Wasn't sure where this would be best to post so I posted it in a couple spots. I am wondering what it would take to become a chef without much prior "formal" training, other than H.S., but very much self-educated as well as pursuing information, techniques, practice, etc. vigorously.
Have never been on the cooking side of things but have worked in a restaurant for 1.5yr as busboy, dishwasher when needed/short, and understand from a perspective how it all works. College grad in public health and minor in bios/Chem, still have not used it and been in a bad spot for few years.

HOW would I go about getting into this as a good means to make a living or is it not there? Also learning on how to market this garden grown stuff with recipes of spice powders, hot sauce, etc. Maybe I'm just dreaming but curious how it works out for lot of you people that are IN the field as far as cheffing it up or prepping/preparing for catering, etc..?

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Good bbq sauce mix

13 November 2018 - 01:29 PM

Ok so I have a bunch of peppers from the final collective harvest that need to get used or froze/dried/preserved or they're gonna go bad, I'm finally in the cooking phase of a 3 day pork project of Boston butt and 2.racks baby back (brined, homemade rub with 1/2cup dried chiles various) and am smoking them right now on Weber with snake.

What's a good bbq sauce I can rig up? Put it on at the end. Foil or no foil? Your thoughts are appreciated community!

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