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What is causing this yellowing?

22 June 2018 - 08:08 AM

Sorry if it is a noob question, or has been answered elsewhere before.


I have started growing some plants in a grow tent (is winter here) and over the last couple of days have noticed that some of the lower leaves of one type have started going yellow.


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I am not sure what is causing it.


I water them 2 or 3 times a week and feed them half strength Charlie Carp once a week.


Am I doing something wrong? What should I do to fix it?


All input appreciated.

Bob65 2018 GLOG

02 June 2018 - 10:56 AM

I thought I would give this grow log thing a go.


It is winter here now, so I have bought a grow tent and some lights and will try and keep some plants alive until I can get them outside once it warms up again. Keeping them alive may be a big ask because inside my house has historically been where plants go to die.


Anyway, a while ago I bought some seeds from ebay, before I had any idea about ebay seed sellers. Since then I have done some searching on this seller, and he seems legit. Also sells through a website. I guess only time will tell if the seeds I got are the ones that I wanted.


So, I decided to plant some chilli cha cha (from the ebay seller) and some orange habs harvested from my plants last season. I chose these because I figured it would be no great loss if they didn't survive, the ebay seeds because they are ebay seeds, and the habs because I have heaps of them. I will be planting some Aji Cito later in the month as well.


So I put some seeds in jiffy pellets and had 100% germination rate. The cha cha within days, but the habs took a little longer.


They have since been transplanted into small pots.


They are only little at the moment but they look pretty healthy to me.


Chilli cha cha.


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Orange Habs


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Should I cut it back more or not? - Over wintering

18 May 2018 - 12:13 AM

With the weather here getting colder my plants have stopped producing pods, so I have cut them back to put them into a dormant state to over winter them.


More of an experiment than anything to see if they will survive out doors over winter.


I have put them under a shade cloth area in the yard to try to keep the frost off of them, but they still get probably 12 hours of filtered sunlight through the shade cloth each day.


The temps here at the moment are around 15 - 25°C during most days, and around 5°C at night. They will drop from that during winter to 10 - 15°C days and down to 0°c nights, possibly but not often they will drop below 0 overnight.



The thing is, that of the 3 plants that I cut back, 2 x orange habs and a Hungarian wax pepper, 2 seem to be dormant but one of the habs has started growing again.


All 3 are kept in the same conditions.


The hab that is growing has all new leaf growth, even has flowers and some stunted little pods on it.


Should I cut this one back again to effectively over winter it, or should I just let it go and see what happens?


Will letting it grow affect it in the colder weather, or will it be fine without interference?

Advice for a noob for an indoor grow

13 April 2018 - 09:52 PM

Even though we are now having unseasonably warm temps downunder, the summer here has ended.


I would have left my plants to the mercy of the elements over winter before I joined this forum and read about all the indoor grows.


So, I have decided to try and grow some plants indoors just for S&Gs. I would like advice because I don't really know what I am doing. Inside my home is where plants usually go to die.


I am going to keep it simple, and cheap.


So, I have bought a cheap ass grow tent, a cheap ass light, and a fan (slow night shifts and ebay have a lot to answer for).


Not interested in hydroponics at this stage, going to grow in soil.



My questions are


Have I missed anything? Don't really want to overthink things.


What about stuff like fertilizer? Slow release type ok or should I be using liquid type?


Temps inside the tent. What should I be aiming for?


How do I know how far to put the light from the plants, or is that more of a reactive thing, ie if needs more light then move it closer?




Yaki Blue?

04 April 2018 - 09:34 PM



I bought this plant as an adolescent from the hardware store months ago, took ages to first grow any pods and then ages again for them to start to ripen.


The tag on the plant says Yaki Blue, all pictures I have seen of the same type of plant, flowers and pods look the same as this one.


Except for now that some of them have started getting ripe.


All pics of ripe yaki blue that I have seen are reddish, mine seems to have gone brown.


Is this normal for Yaki Blue? Will it go red? Is it something else? Is this an aberration? Is it possessed by a demon?


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