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Today, 01:00 PM



Are these the price lists on your FB pages you were referring to?







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Yesterday, 06:36 PM

Looks delicious.  :clap:

Aesthetically, would it have been better to add the basil and oregano after roasting to avoid the black specks?

Thanks! Probably, I suppose you could, but I'm a lazy cook. Plus, I tell myself it tastes better with. LOL 😂  Maybe you could pull the cooked basil and add fresh before freezing or canning it?  But, it would turn dark then, too. Maybe just put it back in when you use the sauce.


 I take it you are freezing those vac-packed portions for later use? 


That's correct!  I don't like canning my red sauce, simply because I don't care for the flavor of the extra citric acid you need to add to make it safe for water bath canning.  I bought a good pressure canner last year, but I'm not confident using it yet.  I can't get a handle on how to maintain the pressure.  I either set my heat too high or too low.

In Topic: Oven-Roasted Red Sauce

12 August 2018 - 11:46 AM

It is! Massive flavor from such simple ingredients & prep.

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12 August 2018 - 11:31 AM

Yeah, and on top of the stink bugs, my nephew sent me this photo yesterday, from the Easton, PA area.  Spotted Lanternflies.  Another truly destructive non-native pest.


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12 August 2018 - 09:16 AM

It was getting a bit late last evening and I was too tired to post the rest of the harvest then, so here it is.


Here are the rest of the "Gourmet" bells, destined to be marinated and canned.

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Clockwise, from right:  "Elephant Ear," from Uprising Seeds.  These need to ripen up a bit more before processing, but there's a Farmers' Market every Sunday next to the Community Gardens and, inevitably, there's always some pilferage over the weekend.  There are still a few "Gypsy" on the plants there, and fingers are crossed they are still there this evening when I head back to the Gardens.  The Elephant Ears will also be peeled, marinated & canned with Aleppo.  Next are a few "Padron,"  one "Tam" jalapeno, a San Marzano, a couple of "Diva" cucumbers, some "Amish Finger" heirloom hot peppers, the "NuMex Sauve Orange" from the previous post, and in the center, another San Marzano.  For those who are interested, I'll post photos of the grill, marinate & canning process in an appropriate thread somewhere else on the site.


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A group shot, along with the "Northeaster" pole beans.