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14 May 2018 - 03:22 AM

My plants have been repotted up for a few weeks now, they don't seem to be growing but some of them have flowers growing.....

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04 May 2018 - 06:01 PM



I'm from Szeged, Hungary, and i grow chilies (40-50) plants / year.

I love extreme hot chilies, but my girls prefer the mild ones, so i grow jalapenos mostly, and a few plant of above the level of habaneros for myslelf,




Welcome to the forum, I have a friend who is also from Szeged in Hungary :)

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01 May 2018 - 07:30 AM

Updates; new soil arrived, new pots also as well as Chilli Focus, so I have potted up 4 plants from 1 litre to 8, the soil looks a lot better too.






I think that looks fluffly/lighter and overall better than my previous soil.




Definitely time to pot up.




Hopefully it will be happy in its new soil and pot.




Old pots.




New pots.

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29 April 2018 - 02:03 PM

Yeah I water using a jug and it's hard to get in there, I guess that was probably the cause of the holes, I need to be more careful.

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29 April 2018 - 01:35 PM

I'd like to see a better pic of the whole plant that you're worried about, so I have a better idea of what's going on.


Here's how I water:


I only bottom water the plants until they hit their final destination. I started my seeds in 3.5" pots with the top Inch (25mm) filled in with a mix of 5 parts coir, 1 part perlite, 1 part potting soil. This went on top of regular potting soil. I used Miracle Grow this year. I set them in a tray and filled it with 2.5"s of water. Once the top was wet I planted the seeds. Then I just made sure the top never dried out. Once the plants came up I watered depending on the weight of the pot. When they got light I put them back in the tray with 1" of water. You have to be careful to NOT let the the water wick back up into the coir, which could cause a plant to "damp off". The next pot they saw when the plants were around 5-6"s tall was a #1 pot. I filled it with potting soil and soaked that really well too. I had already let the 3.5 pots "get light", I placed the plants in the pot on top of the wet potting soil and filled the rest with dry soil. When those got light I put them in 2.5's of water.


I feel this method really helps keep the plants disease free, AND no fungus gnats to speak of.


As for topping. Some people prefer to top, others don't ;) I don't top my plants, but that's me. I do pinch off the early flowers if they come on way to soon. I don't need pods when they're still under the lights. Once in the dirt or containers I let mother nature take over and just hope she's liking me ;)


Here's a better pic;




Some of my plants (smaller ones) are way greener than my taller ones, but I am feeding them all the same.