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In Topic: Year of the Ghost 2019

Today, 08:55 PM

Your plants have really come on strong, Gipper!

Glad you came home to good times in the growing
department. Sometimes its good to be away for a
little while just to get over obsessing over the plants
all the time 😉


I know right


how recent is this pic ?

looks like Violet Sparkle got its top munched off by somethin ? 
is that the same pod ? really taking that long to ripen ?
:think:  I remember them takin forever but seems like there should be a bit more progress, no?
everything else is looking good :cheers:

The pic is couple weeks old and the pod and its top was getting munched by something too. Looking to try it tomorrow

In Topic: Yelanfam Farms 2019 GLOG

Today, 08:52 PM

Looking good, the sauce was good too. Smoked Jalapeño is my fav lol

In Topic: PaulG 2019

Today, 07:55 PM

Cant say I am sorry to see the weather change for
the cooler at the moment. Plants survived. About I
could do was give them a lot of water and smile!
The intense sun did start some of the plants back
on the road to green, so that is a plus.

The MoA is already starting to show more rapid
growth at the nodes.

Thanks, Mr. Joe 😎

Indeed they are, GPR.

Very nice :cheers:

In Topic: PaulG 2019

Today, 12:56 PM

Got candy?
attachicon.gif IMG_1782.JPG

Good looking pods, are those the white & violet Bmj x pdn?

In Topic: Growdown Throwdown 2019 Sri Lanka - Chilli Red!

Today, 12:53 PM

I've met a lot of people who think being near a tornado would be exciting.... until it happens. That attitude disappears quickly.

Makes sense, obviously I want to see one from a safe distance and no one suffers loss.