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In Topic: Reaper problems

Today, 07:00 AM

Did you reduce water/feed? Did you notice a difference in the one reaper you sprayed with epsom salt?

The first picture, there's still nutrient burn on the leaf tips, and it still shows Mg deficiency.

MgSO4 is meant to provide a quick supplemental dose to the leaves, but the source of the problem is still in the roots.

The fertilizer has a (22.5):1 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium. That's totally out of balance, and the Sodium content is also too high.

In Topic: Growdown Throwdown 2019 Sri Lanka - Chilli Red!

Yesterday, 02:44 PM

Think I'm going to use mykos instead.

In Topic: Growdown Throwdown 2019 Sri Lanka - Chilli Red!

Yesterday, 11:11 AM

Got the seeds from Walchit. Thank you and thanks Guru. A quick dip in embalming fluid and watch nature's miracle take place.

In Topic: Insect frass

17 January 2019 - 12:27 PM

Good call. I remember that thread. Black soldier fly larvae. Thats the same type as the product I was looking at. 

In Topic: Insect frass

17 January 2019 - 07:08 AM

I have heard of people using it, its supposed to make the plant think it is infested with bugs so it builds up its immune system.

I sprayed neem oil and castil soap on the plants a couple times last summer. Still had a few bugs but nothing major.

Ya that makes sense. I'm a little paranoid about protecting the plants, because of the aphid, whitefly, and broad mite that came in late last season. I'm seeing mixed reviews about the frass. I'll probably put a pin in it until later.


I remember reading this article somewhere, maybe on here. I guess chitinase, an enzyme that the plant produces, can impair bugs' digestion.