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In Topic: saiias 2019 - one small step, one giant step Glog

Yesterday, 11:41 AM

Hey saiias.  Some great pics and most of those guys look super green and healthy.  Must be nice to come home to that!  Looks like a few have some minor water issues, but nothing serious.

Thanks CD. Hopefully that is all it is. I am bottom feeding them nutes from today. lets see if they will recover.


Yeah weird leaves seem hard to avoid, plants look really good.

Thank you. I am not worried about their looks. Hopefully there is not deficiency or something.


Your plants are doing great with you away.  :party:

It took a lot of detailed instructions on when/how to/ and what to feed the seedlings when I was away and also phone consulting every evening. lol.

In Topic: Secret Satan 2018

Yesterday, 12:01 AM


WOW!! Just peeked at that recipe, it's off the chain!! Bet it's awesome!


It is! Boss man can validate it.

It is my favorite Indian pickle.

In Topic: saiias 2019 - one small step, one giant step Glog

18 February 2019 - 11:58 PM

Just came back from a long and tiresome 10 day work trip.

I missed my seedlings. 


Most of the seedlings look good and healthy. They have roots into the second cup. Started bottom feeding them just water for today.

Will give them some nutes tomorrow.




However,  Some of the seedlings have bubble like textures on the new leaves. I am not able to explain it but it looks like the leaves are very fragile and they are folding/bubbling. Attached images will tell you what I am not able to say. lol.


Please guide this noob as to whats happening and what to do.









Gurus, please help me.

In Topic: Year of the Ghost 2019

18 February 2019 - 11:29 PM

I wish I was GIP [emoji317] Id have way more seed stock. [emoji12]
Id probably go the basic 3 (NPK), Ive made sure the soil has the iron, calcium and other macros. Im still playing around with quantitys myself. Im just trying to keep em alive until adulthood [emoji38] like any parent

Tomorrows update: pics of the transplanted although some barely got the roots in the 2 cup and new AeroGarden seedlings peach Bhut, Major Yaki pain and Chiltepin woohoo. :cheers:

Thank you. Do you want me to continue calling you GIP? Lol.

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In Topic: Hello from Tastin' Jamaican Salsa in North Carolina

18 February 2019 - 09:49 AM

Welcome to THP fellow Carolinian and Congratulations.