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Need advice for my Scorpion

11 July 2018 - 03:17 PM

Here are some pics of it. I got this from a nursery like 2 weeks ago and the leaves have always been light green yellow. Its growing in a 2:1 mix potting mix and chicken fert. It has never looked healthy but I finally found this forum and I wanna ask whats wrong with the leaves for it to have brown spots like those. 


I see new growth on the stalk which im excited for because the current leaves look like theyre dead soon. 


I live in a very sunny area in northern california. nearly 12hrs of daylight everyday.



New hobby

11 July 2018 - 03:14 PM

Hey guys, I was walking around the nursery and saw some hot peppers. I love to eat spicy foods so I decided to try growing some.


Currently have carolina reaper, scorpion, scotch bonnet, pepper florentine.