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Mattys first ever Glog "Into the fire" 2019 season

17 December 2018 - 11:05 AM

Hello everyone and thanks for looking at my "Into the Fire" Glog!!


So I started my gardening hobby in my early 20's about 16 years ago now, and though I have played around with many types of flowers/vegis  tomato's is what most of my energy was put into. I loved alll the different colors and types that could be grown which really reminds me of all the exciting Chilli variety's that exist today. A couple seasons ago while looking for some info on a particular type of sweet pepper I stumbled onto a few videos of some people eating super hots (Ghost,Reapers ect..).  After looking into it a little more I figured this would be a very interesting thing to grow even just as a novelty since really no one in my area grows much if anything at all.


Last Winter I went and bought some seeds from Ebay..one was a mixed bag Ghost/Reaper/Scorpion...another was the Peter Pepper and the third was some type of Thai i believe. Only the Thai ended up growing true to type and the other 2 was a Cayenne and Ornamental. I was pretty disappointed when they did finally start putting out pods. It was around that time I started looking for a group or forum dedicated to Chillis, and luck would have it I found THP and all of you fantastic peoples.


Anyways with the boring back story outta the way I really planned ahead for this years grow....I built a 6'Hx6'Lx2'D grow box (not exact mesurments) which has 3 shelves and the middle one able to come out if I wnated to grow larger plants from the bottom tier. I went overkill on seed types making 3 decent size buys, 2 of which were 30+ from Garth at TexasHotPeppers and a smaller one from a fella in Arz.


I do not plan to grow all of these as my wife would kill me, but 20 or so might not be so bad.


The list:


Trinidad X strain

Pimenta Chris fat

Bonda Mahala

7 Pot Lava (Red)

Jays Choc Ghost Scorpion


Yaki Blue Fawn

BB7 Bhut Choc

Tobago Treasure

Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion

Peach Bhut WM

Borg 9 Yellow

Arseclown Jolokia

Red Savina X Fatalii (Yellow)

Tobago Seasoning


Peachgum Tiger MAMP V1

Uraguay Seasoning

Reaper X SRTSL

Aji Charapita

MOA Scotch Bonnet

Reaper X BOC F3

7 Pot Moruga Scorpion

Choc Primo

BB7 Jobito Choc

Bad Brains

White Naga

7 Pot Pink

Tepin X Lemon Drop

Big Caramel Mama

Brainstrain X Reaper

Scotch Bonnet Long


Tangerine Hab

Big Yellow Mama

Monster Apocallise

Kraken Peach

Devils Tongue White

Bhutlah Lime X

Peach Bleeder

Jumbo Naga smooth

Jonahs Orange Nipple

Tiger bibi

Orange ghost Jami

Purple Reaper

Monkey Face yellow

Mustard reaper X

Peach Bonnet Scorpion

Naga Viper

Naga Viper Choc

BBG 7 white

BBG7 midnight

komodo Dragon

Red Mazano

Bad Brains pepper


Jonahs Yellow

Sepia Reaper



Fialga Roxa

Sugar Rush x Mango

white lightening Bolt

PDN x douglah 2.3

7 pot burgendy

Bleeding Heart yellow

Nagabon X Yellow Primo (yellow)

Orange Yaky

Orange Fatlli Scorpion


That was my 2 buys from Garth (The above list)


This is the smaller buy from Negroni


Chocolate Reapers

Red Ghost Peppers

Butch Taylor Reaper

Chocolate Scorpion Pepper

Red and Yellow 7 Pot Chaguanas

7 Pot Brain Strain

Bahamian Goat Pepper

Yellow Reaper


So would like to see some favorites and suggestions from the fine people here at THP so I can kinda get it down to a much much smaller grow list. Will also get some pics up shortly here of my grow box which still has one more shelf I need to wire up just waiting on a few more strip lights to arrive in the mail, but will still give an idea of what it will all look like when its done.


In final: This is a new hobby for me within the hobby I already enjoy...I am going to try some new things (new for me) and even the much earlier starts then normal will be interesting to see how it all comes out at the end.  I look forward to the input from the community and keeping this glog updated as much as I can.


Here is too success in 2019!!





"Mystery" seed giveaway

14 December 2018 - 04:26 PM

So folks back in October I bought a bunch of seeds from Aliexpress to giveaway once I hit my 100th post, and though they took much longer to get here they arrived earlier this week. So since they are from an Asian seller chances are they may not grow true hence the "Mystery" part.


I ordered several different types (link at bottom to see orig thread) but chances are good they may not grow true, and possibly could be a handful of cayennes ect.  Soooooo this will essentially be open to anyone who wants to try and grow the "Mystery" seed but think it would be fun that anyone who does adds the odd entry to the glog created for theses bad boys. Would be cool to see how everyone does and what grows (if anyone has interest that is).


For now just post here if your interested and in a week or so I will try and figure out how I can get them distributed. If their does happen to be a bunch it may come down to some putting up the cost of postage and picking whatever they want but wont worry about that till we see who is in.


You can look at the potential types here starting at post 12 -http://thehotpepper....stone-100-post/    


This is just for fun guys so please do not expect big things outta these seeds.


Thanks for looking!!

Fabric Pots/Grow Bags

12 October 2018 - 09:49 AM

So in the last couple years the price of fabric pots/grow bags have really started to come down in price and I have noticed in some of the glogs I have read through that they seem to be a common type of pot being used. So just a couple quick questions on these if I may...


Firstly - Has anyone done a side by side grow any noticed that they work any better then a regular plastic pot or buckets that some people use?


Also as far as sizes go I see most are using at least 5 gallons or larger but would I be able to get away with using say a 3 gallon fabric pot for chillis?


Those Air pots are pretty cool but I badly need to limit my budget since for me chillis has become a whole other hobby besides my regular summer gardens. I have probably put out a bit more money then my wife would like the past year so I really need to limit myself for awhile.


Any advice and information would be grateful.

First Painful Mistake.....

09 August 2018 - 12:27 PM

So my wife and I took the kids to the city (Winnipeg) for most of last week which was alot of fun and even going home was abit of a downer knowing we had to get back to our daily grind. On our way home we stopped at a small farmers market and bought some fresh veggies that we dont have in our own garden. Just as we were about to pay I noticed some peppers out of the corner of my eye....being a noob I asked what they were and the fella behind the table replied that they were Scotch Bonnets. This was kind of exciting and new for me so I bought some with plans to take any seed I could and freeze the pods for future use. This is certainly where it got bad for me...I got home and dove right into cutting out the seed and just quartered up the 10 pods I had...after I went and washed my hands really good then proceeded to the couch to watch the ball game. within a couple mins my hands started to tingle....within 5-10 mins it really started to burn...not just my hands but my hair line where I had wiped away some sweat....about 25-30 mins the pain on both my hands was almost unbearable...About 10 years ago I had burnt my hands with gasoline...this certainly was a reminder of how that felt. Next time I will be wearing gloves when working with any pepper that is of the "spicey" type. Honestly I wasnt sure if I was just a wuss or if this would be a normal thingwith that type of pepper ? I knew the super hots could do this type of thing I def was not expecting this from the bonnet. Anyways lesson learned..the hard way.....my hands are nice and soft at least now from soaking them in butter milk for the better part of 9 hours..haha

Next Season Grow Group

26 July 2018 - 01:53 PM

So after about 10 days or so of reading as much content on this forum as I could and trying to find some ideas about next seasons grow I got to thinking that there were others like me in the first year or first couple years of growing chillis. So this year isprobably a write off for me as far as trading goes since I did not buy from a reputable source and did not receive the seeds I thought I was buying.That said I have already purchased about 10 different sets of seeds from a grower here in Canada so the hope is I will have much better results next season.


I was wondering if some people would be interested in starting a grow group which would include keeping track of each others progress from start to finish...do some seed trading at the end of the season and all the fun stuff that comes with growing together. I would hope for at least 5 people growing at least 2 or so different types of chillis on top of the similar ones we may be growing at the same time. I live in Canada but anyone would be welcome no matter your location but would be interesting to have the same type of climates for comparison.


This what i will be growing next season:

Chocolate Reapers

Red Ghost Peppers

Butch Taylor Reaper

Chocolate Scorpion Pepper

Red and Yellow 7 Pot Chaguanas

7 Pot Brain Strain

Bahamian Goat Pepper

Yellow Reaper


So I figure this would probably get more interest from people like myself since these seem to be common grows from what I have read but anyone who would like to tag along regardless of experience would be more then welcome. So again this would be more for next season starting in the Jan/Feb.

Anyone interested feel free to send me a msg or even leave suggestions would be great as well.

Everyone have a great day!!