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#1613626 Curling Leaf Tips

Posted by Pledger on 15 February 2019 - 05:14 PM

What does it mean when the tips of leaves curl like this? I'm guessing too much light / Not enough water? 




I recently dealt with a major aphid issue. I realized that immediate total war (and relocation of mature plants) was the only way to save the seedlings. After moving the big boys, I vacuumed the grow area as well as possible. Then inspected every seedling twice a day for aphids for 4 days straight. Haven't found a single one in 2 days. I think I've won the battle for my seedlings. 


Then my dumbass blasted them with way too much light for ~9 hours. Got home from work and half were dead. Most others look rough, three days later. Hopefully, I'll be better with the next group (already sprouting!)




I had too much going on in the grow area. Cleared it out a bit 



Found a new home for the big boys that'll go in the ground after the last frost. 


#1613621 broken branch -- will it heal after lashing?

Posted by Pledger on 15 February 2019 - 04:54 PM

Look good to me. Maybe tie some more up higher (I'm looking at the two fat nodes); you'd get better leverage on the weight of the branch if there was a higher point of contact. Recall moment-arms! 


As an aside, some plants do well when a split like this happens (not peppers lol). Hedges used to be made using splits like that one.

#1612504 Leggy Seedilings - and aphids

Posted by Pledger on 10 February 2019 - 05:10 PM

tall seedlings are lack of light in my opinion i would drop light down to the plants or raise plants to light


I've got an adjustable intensity LED light, so I just turned it up to ~80% from ~20%. Do you have any experience seeing the line of too much / not enough light? I'd imagine they'de be toppling over with too much light as well, wouldn't they? 

#1612498 Leggy Seedilings - and aphids

Posted by Pledger on 10 February 2019 - 04:58 PM

I personally would never toss a live plant, let them do what they do.


this one was my only chocolate hab to gemintate :(  1/15 seeds even came up. Any guess what may have caused it? It did come from a rotten pepper...




Dunking the plants in a bucket of soapy water works great, but its something you need to do every three days, even with the neem, you still have to sprey them regularly since the Aphids ( should be a swear word) always come back.


So do you think that using need oil semi regularly indoors is a bad thing i spring is right around the corner? I'm hoping to let nature do it's thing and hope the aphids get eaten outside in the garden.

This is as bad as it got... I didn't notice them for a while (first time overwitering) and they had quite a time




#1589969 Overwinter Grow - Keep'in 'em going

Posted by Pledger on 27 October 2018 - 05:01 PM

Prune back most of the pods first. Surface area of the leafs will be helpful with over wintering indoors. Be sure to have proper bulbs and keep the at the correct distance as to not crisp up the plant.


I thought crisping the plant would only be an issue with HID bulbs. I've got 5W LEDs; can these still damage foliage if positioned too close? I'd think metal halides / sodium vapor would roast them, not LEDs. Is this thought incorrect? These LEDs put off negligible heat. 


So for the Hab, which is my favorite, I've done no pruning. I've espaliered (just learned that word), the branches it's entire life, so It's got a LOT of surface area and seems to be doing reel güd. Think I should hit it with a haircut? 



On the topic of surface area, what would the plant do if I were to prune back all fruit and flowers? 

#1589962 Overwinter Grow - Keep'in 'em going

Posted by Pledger on 27 October 2018 - 04:02 PM

it could do with a harvest and a trim .

      How substantial of a trim to do?


With your setup they should not go into full dormancy, but will still be shocked enough to look sad.

     Can you put them into a briefer dormancy toward the end of winter? What's the best way to begin the spring, with a good pruning done a           few months before? 


#1589688 Overwinter Grow - Keep'in 'em going

Posted by Pledger on 25 October 2018 - 09:44 PM

So I've set up a basic grow area to [hopefully] keep my peps going through winter. IMG_3105.jpg




I've got a few Aji Limons, a Chocolate Habanero, Fish Pepper, and a haba'nada! I recently pruned the Aji Limons fairly heavily. I've got a specific question about energy allocation. Aji Limon (baccatum) has pods emerge at the Y split, as well as a single [large] leaf. Is THAT large leaf contributing mostly to THAT pepper? I pruned back both sides of the Ys, leaving only the large leaf and pods to develop, presumably supplied by energy from the large leaf. 


Here's what it looked like before I pruned it. IMG_3083.jpg


Here it is a few days later. IMG_3104.jpg


It looks a bit droopy and weak; as though it's struggling. Many leaves are turning yellow as well. Is this the onset of dormancy? I've got them in 80%+ humidity, ~68 deg F, 12 hrs of high energy LED light. 


The chocolate hab is my favorite, and most compact (planted later), so I didn't prune it at all. 


Any advice? Comments? What do yall think about this setup? 

#1584273 Low Stress Training - pointers?

Posted by Pledger on 27 September 2018 - 08:55 PM

Hello everyone! I've been a'lurking this forum for quite some time now... I LOVE this corner of the internet. This is my first post, and I'll have a few other questions coming soon! 


I've been experimenting a bit with LST on a Chocolate Habanero. IMG_2843.jpg   


As you can hopefully see (not sure of pics yet), it's pretty basic. I've just wired down branches as they try to go vertical. Most major branches have gotten pretty strong, and the plant seems to have become fairly well compact. IMG_2846.jpg


I'm a bit concerned about fruit weight, but that's a tomorrow-problem. I've done basically the same thing on a red hab, but one of them got away when I was out of town for work. IMG_2800.jpg  

I figured that top branch may look cool later; plus it'll be poppin with pods. The same thing happened with the other hab, but I cut it off before it became too dominant. Which brings me to another [more basic biological] question. I made a clone with the other hab cutting, and I'm wondering if it'll follow the branching growth structure that one from seed will (like that first Y split..?). 


So, where do I go from here? Any recommendations on this setup? Has anyone tried something similar with chinense? I've got a few Aji Limons going as well (baccatum), and didn't touch them. I didn't really know how to tame them with wires... I guess heavy pinching/pruning would have done the trick. 


#1584244 Howdy all!

Posted by Pledger on 27 September 2018 - 06:01 PM

I've been a'lurkin for quite some time now. Finally ready to dive into this community. Looking forward to talking with everyone in the days/years to come!