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Rob's First Grow 2019

27 January 2019 - 03:40 PM

This is my first grow of any plant ever. I have never had a reason to grow any and usually not enough space to as well. Now I have space and can't find super hot peppers in my area.


-The Plan

>Soak in tea

>Germinate stored in tuperware with damp paper towels in the over with the light on

   >I am doing this so that they stay warm. This is how I normally proof bread

>Plant germinated seeds in double dixie cups

   >Might trying crossing here

>Plant in ~3gal pots(3gals still in question might go 2 or 3.5gal)

> Keep roughly 10 plants inside, give ~5-10 plants to freinds, and put the rest outside

>Keep as many alive as I can

>Make food spicy


 So far I soaked the seeds in black tea for 24hrs and just put them in the oven to germinate. Now I have some time to get the inside area ready. Probably gonna start the them on a coffee table and line the ground with cardboard since it will be in a carpeted room.

Light for 29"x29" in front of a window

20 January 2019 - 06:17 PM

I am planning on hanging a light over the space I plan to grow reapers, scotch bonnets, and jalapenos. The space is a spare bedroom that has a western facing window. I want to use the light to make up for low sunlight due to living in Oregon and my neighbor's house. 


Here are the lights I am looking at. I am leaning towards the LED light due to low cost of ownership.






Does anyone have any input for lights that may be better or problems I may encounter?


Greetings from Oregon

18 January 2019 - 01:04 PM



I am starting my first batch of peppers soon, and am planning to split my plants between indoor only and indoor for winter & outside for "warm weather". Let's see where this wild ride goes.