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Chicago folks, where to find hot peppers/plants?

14 June 2019 - 11:25 AM

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Just curious how many people on here live in Chicago and if there are any locations for picking up hot peppers or pepper plants in the 400K+ Scoville range?


I've been eating orange habaneros and recently got a hold of some of these from Ted's Fresh Market on Devon Ave from a Mexican worker who kept them in the back. he said they were red habs, but in a different light they actually look more orangish red. I tried one last night and handled it much easier than I expected.


The hottest plants I've found are Caribbean Reds from Gethsemane on Clark, which I'm currently growing. I've yet to grow from seed, so I'll probably try that next year if I can't find hotter pepper plants anywhere. I'm still new to this. Last year, I went from jalapeños and serranos to habaneros during the summer. This year I'm growing Thai peppers, orange and red habs.


Looking for chocolate habaneros or something in that range to add this year and maybe by next year jump to the ghost pepper+ range. 


Any supermarkets or locations I don't know about where I can get something hotter than red habs? Thanks in advance!

Hello from Chicago

12 June 2019 - 09:13 PM

New to this site, so apologies in advance as I figure out forum decorum. I've seen some great threads on here, so thought I'd join. I love hot peppers. I currently eat orange habaneros regularly, am growing some Caribbean Reds and look forward to climbing the ladder.