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In Topic: Steve Foster (Scotch Bonnet Steve) Yellow SB

09 May 2018 - 04:18 PM

No problem. Happy to help a good cause!


Viva La SBS Area51  :cool:


In Topic: Steve Foster (Scotch Bonnet Steve) Yellow SB

21 April 2018 - 09:52 AM

Micca ... Smoke from C2C chilli forum sent me some seed but they were old, unviable and failed to germinate. I would be truly grateful if I could have the seeds as it would be a shame to let his SB variety disappear. Will send you a PM


Happy to send them to you  :cool:

Hi Micca, nice to see ya! And thank you John for your attempts to keep these important varieties going.

A bit of PepperHead history. Some of these early icons of pepper lore got their start at GW Hot Pepper Forum (Some of which can be viewed here.> WaybackMachine We were a rollicking group that fell to Spikes wrath and were Disneyed by the owner/webmaster Robert Stewart (AKA Spike Hernandez) and migrated to the now defunct MSN Forums. There we picked up our moniker of Rogue's when one member bragged to his wife that we were banned from posting and she replied, "You and your friends were banned from posting on a garden forum? Yea, you're a bunch of rogues!" In 2004 many of us met at Open Fields in Indiana where below pix were taken. MSN closed it's forum doors in 2008 and one of the Rogues who works in CA as an IT specialist started the Coast2Coast Pepper Forum that while it's had it's ups & downs in postings over the years is still frequented by some. We chose C2C because we shared seeds and advice just like here. 

SBS is standing 6th from left, kneeling from left - 1st is Beth Boyd - I'm 3rd and that's ButchT next to me.
Better picture of SBS & the AjiQueen as Beth was known for her love of C. baccatum
A couple of edits... We learned of Open Fields at The Chile-Heads Forum - Open Fields 2003 and decided to meet... And John, you grew these, right?...




Nice my friend :P  . from what ive seen "the fields" were where many many people got burnt by the then little unknown scorpions and witches tit by people like butch.t and of course SBS wild creations.

thanks for sharing!

In Topic: Steve Foster (Scotch Bonnet Steve) Yellow SB

15 April 2018 - 12:24 AM

Hey Mate did you have any luck getting hold of some of Steves SBS Scotch Bonnet Yellow seeds? Just stumbled across your post and havent been too active on here for a while.

I had a look thru my SBS seed collection that he sent me and have 3 seeds sitting there. Your most welcome to them specially if its for a growout to keep his varieties going.

The Man was a bloody legend and will always remember him, his rockin varieties and Area 51  :cool:



In Topic: How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

17 March 2017 - 07:07 AM


Hi Micca,

Sorry to hear about your Mum.


Dont worry once things settle a bit you will get the growing urge again.Its in your blood.


Have you heard of the"gourmet jigsaw' chilli? I know there are many new ones each year but this one looks scary.





Cheers Pete


Thanks for the kind words Mate.

It has been a hard road but I am keeping positive and trying to move forward.

I am getting back into it but having a late start means my plants are still a bit small but some are starting to flower so should hopefully get some fruit set.

I'll overwinter this season and will give me a jump on next season.


Also the Jigsaw is pretty scary looking. I did grow a couple plants last season but did not get any fruit.

It is Fatalii's (Jukka) creation and a great looking hybrid Chilli



In Topic: How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

14 March 2017 - 06:36 AM

Mate that sauce I recommended used to be amazing but when I tasted it at the Chilli festival this time round I nearly threw up! Don't know wtf they did to it but I used to love it now it's like really chemically taste.. I ended up getting some Dr Paul's smokey Hab as well as the Dingo hot sauce. ALL of the Gringos stuff was great but I don't like the big open top bottles, besides I was nearly out of cash lol

Micca was great to catch up and have a chat. Those chillies you gave me are quite nice, not too strong or floral but very usable. Do you know what they are called? Btw I was waiting you to react after eating a chunk of that pink 7pot but nothing! Lol was pretty impressive either it had no heat or your tolerance is pretty high.


Na Mate I did a homer and drank some candle wax before haha. Nah not really I have actually been out of touch a bit lately as i havent had fresh Chilli for a while. After my Mum passed away I wasnt up for looking after my overwintering plants and didnt start seeds till late so mine are only just starting to flower now.

Trying to get my tolerance back up though just in the middle of making some vindaloo to do just that!

The Chilli I gave you is from Brazil and is called CGN21566. From the CGN seedbank.


With Phils sauces they have to have a wide mouth or otherwise alot would not come out of the bottle. Alot are pretty thick sauces.

I used to have the vinigar based and pepper mash based like tabasco when I was younger but over the years I have found the vinigar to be too strong and sauces too runny.

Love tomatoe based and Mango based sauces :-) . Saying that Dingo hot sauce does do a killer Mash :-)