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Free Seasoning Pepper Seeds (Aussies only)

11 June 2013 - 09:22 PM

Hi Chilliheads,


Well I have been on a search to find C. Chinense Seasoning Peppers that have great aroma and taste but little heat.
It has been a long road with lot's of dissapointment growing these so called Seasoning Peppers.
They either have little heat with no Chinense aroma/taste or have the aroma/taste and too much heat.
Finally, I have found one that has a great aroma, taste and very little heat(around 3 out of 10).
So I have decided to give away some seed of this variety(Aussies only for now) in hope other people can enjoy the flavour without killing themselves!
Here is a piccy-


Don't get me wrong I love the hot ones but if you put 3 or 4 7-Pots in your dish you don't tend to taste anything else!
I gave a friend a plant of this to grow and he has given back lots of Chilli, so I will be giving some seed away.
The plant was grown in isolation so the seeds will grow true too.
Anyway Aussies just drop me a line with your address and will send some through. If I have enough seed I will think about sending some out to our overseas bretheren.


Happy Chilli Growing,

Importing Chilli seeds into Australia

03 June 2013 - 11:38 PM

Hi Chilliheads,


Has anyone tried importing Chilli seeds into australia recently?
Just wandering if anyone has had any success after they have changed the import laws and stopped the Import of Chilli seeds.
It's this time of year when I look to do my ordering for next season and most of what i'm looking for is outside Aussieland.
If I read the import laws right it sounds like if they get confiscated you might be up for the cost of destroying them!
It is a real pain in the bum for us people trying to find the unusual/rare ones.


Happy Chilli Growing,

Perths Araluen Chilli Festival

27 February 2013 - 09:25 PM

Hi Perth Chilliheads,

Well it's that time of year again. The Araluen's Chilli Festival has been running for many years now and is getting bigger and stronger every year.
March 9th and 10th will showcase a barrage of Chilli products, tasting and of course HOT Chilli that will blow away all your senses and leave you mind blowing numb!
There will be cooking demonstrations, roaming entertainment and of course the Beer garden where you can relax with a Chilli Beer, Vodka etc and listen to some music.
Again this year it is being held at the Esplande in Freo.
Here is a bit of info-

In 2013 the festival will be held on Saturday March 9 and Sunday March 10 from 10am to 5pm on the Fremantle Esplanade.

Over 80 stallholders will be participating in a celebration of everything Chilli, including fresh foods, plants, pickles, chutneys, olives, cheese, chocolate, wine, beers and much more. This year we have a great mix of stallholders all offering a diverse range of interesting and unusual products.

In co-operation with the Australian Meat Industry Council the Butchers beef burger and pie competition will take place on centre stage from 12pm to 2pm both days. Tastings of these products will be on offer for the audience to sample. Kids in the Kitchen is a new concept to the festival. Children will be invited to take part in sausage-making and create some interesting fruit and vegetables skewers. Kids in the Kitchen is open to children from 9 years to 12 years of age attending the festival and a large range of fruit and vegetables will available so they can test their creative skills. These classes are free to children attending the festival and will take place near on centre stage at various times during the day.

Another first for the festival is 3 performances by Dance Workshop on Sunday. A number of dances will dance a variety of styles from Latin, Bollywood, Jazz and Flamenco. Once again we will have a number of roving acts from stilt walkers to a very colourful Mariachi Band. Tabas.Co are a Fremantle based group with no shortage of influences with members from France, Zimbabwe, Australian and the USA. They will be on stage Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 11am great mix of toe tapping and hip swinging music.

For the many people attending the festival that like the cooking demonstrations we have Chef Dale showing you just how easy it is to cook with fresh produce. The popular ‘Sow-a-seed’ and Beyond Gardens will also be back so kids can plant a seed, take it home and watch it grow.

The 2013 festival will have something for everyone.

Entry Fee: Adults $15 (children 0 – 16 free when accompanied by an adult)
Times: 10am to 5pm both days
Venue: The Esplanade, Fremantle WA

Well I hope to see all Chilliheads(and even the non-chilliheads) getting down for some great fun!
I definately will be there giving those sauce makers a run for their money.

Happy Chilli Growing,

Supermarket score

01 March 2011 - 11:42 PM

Look at what I managed to score at Coles supermarket last week.
Posted Image
Orange Habs :woohoo: and they look like they are on Steroids!

I know to a lot of people you would find this normal, but over here in West Aussie land scoring these from Coles Supermarkets is nearly unheard of. All that we usually get over here is Cherry Peppers, Jalapeno, Birdseye etc so it is really good to see some Habs show up.


Hey Aussies, what ya Growing?

11 August 2010 - 11:43 PM

Howdy Pepperheads,

Well it is a pretty open ended title, but just wandering what Chilli's are on the list for planting this season?

I have started pretty late, but have finally put down 39 Varieties and maybe look at around 10 more to go. This time I am trying to keep the Varieties down(around 90 Varieties sown last season), but you know how it goes "sounds interesting, will have to try this".

Anyway here is what I have sown so far-
C. Chinense-
7-Pod White
7-Pod Brain Strain
7-Pod Barrackpore
Trinidad Scorp- Moruga Yellow
Trinidad Scorp- Chock
Arabian Scorpion
Fidalga Laranja
Fidalga Amarela
Fidalga Roxa
Cheiro Luna
Arriba Saia
Pimenta De Cheiro Do Para
Pimenta Cafe
Pimenta Cabacinha
Pimenta Vermelha
Chupetino- Orange
Maraba- Pod A
Aji Dulce Amarillo
Aji Dulce Long(PI543188)
Aji Dulce #2(Red)
Amazon Chile Roma
Harold St Barts Hab
Mulo De Tiro
Scotch Bonnet- Peach
Hab- Yellow Bumpy
Wiri Wiri
Super Datil
TC07070 (AVRDC)
TC07077 (AVRDC)
TC07078 (AVRDC)
C04536 (AVRDC)
Grif 9281

Wild Cumari Bolinha

Can't wait now to get home from work to see what has sprouted :cool:

So what have you planted guys and gals, are you getting germination yet?

Good luck Pepperheads and have a good season,